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Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 2, 2001
So what do people think of the prague picture, on the FT Homepage?

If you can't see what is meant to be the ghost, zoom in on the fuzzy white cross shape in the middle of the bottom section of the picture above the pews, that I think is supposed to be the shield.

I looked at it using photoshop, and it looks suscpiciously like a computer game character without a head. The shape that I took to be the hilt of the sword looks like something from Final Fantasy, or the like.

What do you reckon?
Look at it in negative, if poss - it looks like (literally) a fuzzy Mr Potato Head attached to a chain link fence.

If you don't believe me, give it a go!

Verdict? Unless it's a ghostly Mr-Potato-Head-attached-to-a-chain-link-fence photograph, then it's a fake.

I think it is most defintely fake. Which bears the question,why then, would our beautiful FT try to befuddle us with a fake? Have they lost thier qualitiy to stoop low enought to post fakes on a legitamateistic website?

Have I been drinking too much coke?
Am I the only one who can only see an indistinct patch of stuff, no matter how much I mess around in photoshop?
All I can see is a white blob. Is that it? Doesn't look much like a Knight:)
I'm using a flatscreen monitor and Photoshop 7, and I can't see anything but a vague patch. How boring!
Orbyn said:
I'm using a flatscreen monitor and Photoshop 7, and I can't see anything but a vague patch. How boring!

same set-up here, can anyone point it out for me? the beast?
It's too dark for me to see anything. When I click on the 'close up' link, all I get is a black square!
There do seem to be two or three figures here (but not like what was described)... Wall paintings, or what?

Assuming I'm looking at the right part of the piccy, that is!

My fiddling produced the attached image. I simply cropped out the relevent bit, enlarged it, and then turned up the brightness and contrast. I didn't change the colours.
This is my version of the Blob. It was treated the same way as the previous attachment.

It doesn't have the spherical outline of an Orb of the type that Mike Legs and I investigated, but it could be produced by a similar mechanism, ie the camera flash illuminating a piece of dust or fluff floating in the air near the camera.

(Enhancing the wider view of the cathedral clearly reveals the pews, and the nearest seems to show a flash reflection.)

It would be interesting to see the other blob mentioned.
thanks for the effort rynner, its apreciated.

looking at the first pic i can see there is the fain outline of a cat, but it could just be anything, i certainly cant make head nor tale of it.

the blob is well, just a blob to me. could be dust or lense flair, and the last pic im still unsure of what im looking at.
The last pic is just to show why I think flash was used (and may have produced the Blob) - the reflection from the nearer pews looks like a flash effect.
umm, the blob is a water droplet :)

As for the shadowy figure, it's a reflection of the black whaddyacallit (thingy you put a bible on :eek:) off the back of the lense - if you look it's the same shape but mirrored (esp light bit) - look at it and imagine a mirrored version and you'll see what I mean.
Lectern is the word you're looking for, Schnor.

Not sure I can see what you mean, but the objects behind the rail could both be lecterns. Perhaps it would be simpler to go to Prague and check (or should that be Czeck - groan! I'll try a Google drekkly.)

Here's a negative version of my first image, with further small changes to brightness and contrast:
It could be the image from the stained glass window reflecting a diffused image onto a uv filter on the end of the camera. Or possibly a dust mote viewed through a zoom lens.

What is the shadowy figure to the left of the blob? Is it an eagle shaped lectern?

Is there a clearer image of the stained glass window, it may be possible to match the image to the blob. The image may also be the reflection from a stained glass window out of shot. Without decent shadows, it is difficult to tell the direction of the light source. With the effect of so much stained glass, the light in churches in quite diffused anyway.

Failing that, it could be a dirty lens!
i still cant see a thing :)

nice profile helen ...why cant my wife be more like that :0