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the skies

  1. Yithian

    Rumbling In The Stratosphere

    Mysterious rumblings were recorded in Earth’s stratosphere By Ashley Strickland, CNN Updated 3:33 PM EDT, Thu May 11, 2023 Giant solar balloons were sent 70,000 feet up in the air to record sounds of Earth’s stratosphere — and the microphones picked up some unexpected sounds. The stratosphere...
  2. BS3

    Fenny Compton Lights, Warwickshire, 1922-1923

    I've mentioned this one previously, but thought I would open a separate thread as I find this a particularly interesting set of 'sightings', sitting as it does in the grey area between ufology and other types of Fortean phenomena. Also it took place almost exactly a hundred years ago, around the...
  3. maximus otter

    Nasa Says Flash Over Kyiv Was Not Its Satellite

    A mysterious flash that lit up the skies over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv generated much speculation. Officials in Kyiv said they suspected it was a Nasa satellite falling to Earth but the US space agency told the BBC it was still in orbit. The Ukrainian air force suggested the flash might...
  4. maximus otter

    Asteroid Explodes Over English Channel After Rare Early Detection

    An asteroid has exploded above the English Channel after entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The 1m (3ft) meteoroid - or small asteroid - was seen shortly before 03:00 GMT on Monday morning. The event, known as an "airburst", was just the seventh time in history that an asteroid impact has been...
  5. MrRING

    Make Sunsets: Climate Tweakers

    This seems a bold step into uncharted territories https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/12/24/1066041/a-startup-says-its-begun-releasing-particles-into-the-atmosphere-in-an-effort-to-tweak-the-climate/ They do have a website up: https://makesunsets.com/
  6. Austin Popper

    Blue (Laser?) Beam In Night Sky Pics (Crestone, Colorado)

    Here are some photos from Crestone, Colorado, cobbed from a Farcebook post to a local group. The photographer reported seeing a thin white beam, which the camera saw as blue. Odd. Some commenters reported seeing other strange lights recently. Crestone is an interesting place, for sure. These are...
  7. A

    The Cloud Appreciation Society: Rare & Unusual Formations

    Ok clouds are always strange but no as strange as this. Between 11:30pm and 00:15am there was a giant circle of cloud around the moon. The moon was quite high and it was a clear sky around it but then you saw a circle and behind that was a cloudy sky. I thought it was the circle of radiation...
  8. Ermintruder

    Rainbow Cloud Formation Visible Over British Isles

    Well, I could certainly see this, late today...did anyone else? My location was near Aviemore, and my view was nearly identical to Leicester's People across Leicester were left astounded this afternoon when an unusual cloud formation appeared in the sky. The formation, which looked like a...
  9. T

    Things That Are NOT UFOs

    I've just bunged some links here to some vids that are clearly NOT UFOs. Just in case anyone needs a comparison/reference point, for things that they can't identify. #1. Plane coming in to land at night. Not obvious to start with, but as it gets closer, well, you decide...
  10. Z

    The Real End Of A Rainbow?

    I have been searching the interweb for the end of the rainbow stories. Many folk appear to have found a rainbows end going into the ground, even though it is supoosedly impossible. Here is one pic that shows a rainbow going into a field. What do others think, and do you know of any more photo's...
  11. MrRING

    Yellow Skies Over Beijing

  12. M

    Light Pillars / Sun Pillars

    Sun Pillars bbc.co.uk/cornwall/weather/uppersunpillar.shtml Link is dead. The MIA webpage can be accessed via the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20040727025635/http://www.bbc.co.uk/cornwall/weather/uppersunpillar.shtml More stuff on light pillars...
  13. A

    Wild Winds: Twisters, Tornados, Dust Devils, Whirlwinds & Waterspouts

    I went upto dartmoor today, pulled into a carpark which was quite dusty, and i looked at this thing going up into the sky, and when i looked closer it was a mini twister, its the most strangest thing ive ever seen in my life, it was clear blue skies, hardly any wind at all, it was lifting dust...
  14. A

    Hail & Hailstorms

    Chinese Hail From the BBC: 'Freak hail stones the size of eggs have killed 22 people and injured 200 in China's central Henan province, local media reports say. Trees were uprooted, vehicles damaged and power supplies disrupted by winds gusting up to over 70 km/h in the central province...
  15. marion

    Sun / Solar Visual Phenomena (Halo, Ring, Sun Dog etc.)

    Anyway , a couple of years ago I saw a sun ring though the ring was further from the sun than the ring in the moon pics schnor mentioned . It was June or July with high bubbly/wispy clouds though I don't know if they were high enough to be ice clouds , I suppose they must have been ? Marion
  16. M

    Angel Hair (Stringy Material Falling From The Sky)

    Hmmmm... the last account there reminds me of "angel Hair". It'll be familiar to most as the long, thin hair-like strings that have been noted to fall from the sky during UFO activity. I remember once reading that one hypothesis for that as substances in the atmosphere forming crystal...
  17. A

    Meteors & Meteoric Fireballs (Observed Aloft)

    Has anyone seen a photo of this?