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Comfortably Numb

Aug 7, 2018
Joshua Blu Buhs, author of 'Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend', has an eponymous website:


Contained therein, is a collection of detailed biographies pertaining to preeminent Fortean and 'non-Fortean' figures.

Publications are located on top, left-hand side, drop-down menu under, 'The Forteans' and' 'Blog'.

The biographies include:

Martin Gardner as a(n anti-?) Fortean
Charles Hutchins Hapgood as a Fortean
Eric Frank Russell as a Fortean
Raymond A. Palmer as a Fortean
P. E. Cleator and H. L. Mencken as anti-Forteans
Ivan Terence Sanderson as a Fortean
Benjamin DeCasseres as a Fortean
Joseph Henry Jackson as a Fortean
Sam Moskowitz as an anti-Fortean
John W. Campbell, Jr., as a Fortean
(note to click on, '

Seperately, there is one other biography:

H. Allen Smith as an (Anti-) Fortean


As I can't locate any previous references to this, wondered if it might be of interest.

I'm finding the content fascinating - shall keep myself occupied for a while.
I happened upon the following and wondered if it might be of interest.

It assuredly was to myself, being Glasgow born and I knew absolutely nothing about this remarkable fellow Fortean.

‘Behind the Tartan Curtain’: Edwin Morgan in the University of Glasgow Archive
by Catriona Perry, Graduate Trainee, Archives &Special Collections

16 January, 2015

Edwin Morgan (1920-2010) was Glasgow’s first Poet Laureate and Scotland’s first National Poet (The Scots Makar), and had a long association with the University of Glasgow. To mark the centenary year of Morgan’s birth, we decided to trace him through the University Archive, as a student, tutor and contributor to campus publications.



Edwin Morgan & The Fortean Society
by Kerry Patterson

Looking through Edwin Morgan’s series of 16 Scrapbooks, it is apparent that he had a keen eye for unusual news stories. The cuttings include reports of UFO, ghost and Loch Ness Monster sightings as well as quirky tales of all kinds. For example, Scrapbook 9 includes stories about a man growing a horn out of his arm, a brutal wrestling match where men kick each other in the shins with clogs, an unusual blue moon seen over Glasgow and a toad reportedly living inside a block of chalk for over 30 years.



Edwin Morgan Scrapbooks Project
by Kerry Patterson

Amongst Morgan’s extensive archive in Special Collections, are sixteen scrapbooks which he sought to have published in 1953 and in the late 1980s but the high costs of printing and copyright clearance made it too difficult. He was meticulous in his organisation of the books, with each page numbered and the sources of many newspaper and magazine cuttings noted. However most of the vast number of images are uncredited, making the scrapbooks particularly appropriate to use in a project of this kind.