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fortean books

  1. A

    The Owlman Of Mawnan

    This was posted in a thread in "It Happened To Me", but i thought it might be better to split it off into Cryptozoology so as not to distract from the original poster's sighting report... http://www.cfz.org.uk/features/owlman.htm The "Owlman" seems to have some similarities with the...
  2. Yithian

    Canal Ghosts & Water-Wights By Nick Ford (2023)

    As promised on the New & Soon To Be Published thread, I am providing a preview for the above named book. My first impressions are positive: it's quite a heavy paperback with modern (high-friction plastic coated) covers that runs to 232 pages despite the fairly large typeface. Although some of...
  3. F

    Cryptid Books: Loch Ness, Sea Serpents, Big Cats

    Nessie, sea and lake monster job lot of books: Search at Loch Ness - Dennis L Meredith Enigma of Loch Ness - Henry H Bauer Loch Ness Monster The Evidence - Steuart Campbell Nessie: The Surgeons Photo Exposed - David Martin and Alastair Boyd Sea Serpents, Sailors and Sceptics - Graham J...
  4. DrPaulLee

    Fortean Times Bookazine On Ghosts & Hauntings

    From the archives of FORTEAN TIMES, the world’s foremost journal of strange phenomena, comes a new collection exploring the world of ghosts, poltergeists and haunted houses. The perfect collection for would-be ghost hunters, this special edition from Fortean Times investigates classic cases...
  5. Paul_Exeter

    Paul Devereux: 'Encounters At ‘Spook Road’: Radioactivity & Paranormal Experiences At An Ancient Stone Circle'

    Encounters at ‘Spook Road’: Radioactivity and paranormal experiences at an ancient stone circle "I have come to the view that certain types of slightly heightened radiation environments can possibly help trigger a specific range of psycho-spiritual experiences in some people – hallucinations or...
  6. U

    The Books Of Charles Fort Edited By Bob Rickard

    Does anybody know when this might be released? It says it's in preparation on Ian James Kidd's webpage.
  7. Tempest63

    Fortean Books Etc, Ripe For TV?

    I see on the Higgy Pop web site that The Battersea Poltergeist is transitioning from a really good podcast to the small screen. https://www.higgypop.com/news/battersea-poltergeist-to-become-a-blumhouse-television-series/ That got me thinking...what Fortean/Paranormal books, podcasts or subjects...
  8. packshaud

    Trinity Crash (New Mexico; Padilla Ranch; August 1945)

    So, the release of this book came to my knowledge (it's on Amazon): I didn't know Vallée is now on the ETH side of the UFO debate. Since it is disclosure time, here is mine: I didn't read it, I won't read it, but this cover is enough to base my review on: Now with the review out of the...
  9. Comfortably Numb

    A Collection Of Fortean Biographies

    Joshua Blu Buhs, author of 'Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend', has an eponymous website: www.joshuablubuhs.com Contained therein, is a collection of detailed biographies pertaining to preeminent Fortean and 'non-Fortean' figures. Publications are located on top, left-hand side...
  10. G

    Fortean Books: Suggestions & Recommendations

    I've posted this question before in another forum so excuse me if I'm repeating myself, but I would dearly love recommendations of good fortean books/stories. I'm fairly new to forteana but I find it fascinating so far, and I enjoy reading stories of a supernatural/strange slant. I also don't...
  11. R

    Penguin Book Of Ghosts Reveals Most Haunted Places

    From screaming skulls and headless horsemen to murdered brides and phantom farmers, English folklore is full of spine-tingling ghost stories. By Peter Griffiths Reuters - Friday, May 9 11:24 am LONDON (Reuters) Terrified witnesses speak of seeing ghostly armies marching through the fog...
  12. A

    The Book(s) That First Got You Interested In Fortean / Strange Topics

    The Humanoids,FSR publications(1969) This book is still great reading,for its sheer strangeness and the diversity of the occupants/aliens reports. Mysterious America by Loren Coleman-something in there to satisfy any taste..brilliant:) Nick
  13. A

    Time Storms / Time Rifts

    Has anyone read a book called Time Storms, i'm not sure who the author is but i can find that out shortly. I've searched the board and nothing is returned, there seems to be nothing relating to this subject. Yet this book is packed with peoples expirences of Time Rips/Rifts. Any more...
  14. J

    Fortean Book Recommendations

    Amazon Listmania lists of fortean books http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/cm/member-fil/-/A38DJF55CZA3V7/104-8948726-7120728 After noticing that Loren Coleman has produced a bunch of fortean themed lists of books and videos I thought I would do a couple too: amazon.co.uk...
  15. A

    Old Moore's Almanac

    Did anyone buy Old Moores Almanac last year, if so perhaps you could tell us if any predictions came close to actuality. I heard a chap on the radio talking about it, I think he was the editor, and according to him it had a good success rate, what do you think?
  16. A

    Mothman (The Actual Incident(s): Point Pleasant, WV; 1966 / 1967)