Borley Rectory

Might as well add a personal memory. My wife used to work as a live-in carer, and once she had a client in Long Melford. Her usual rule was never work over Xmas, but the client's nephew (who had organised getting care for her) asked if she could work over Xmas for a change. My wife said she wanted to be at home with her husband over Xmas, and the nephew said, why not have him come here for Xmas? So I arrived a couple of days before the holiday, met the old lady (pleasant though not quite with it), and did some exploring. The gardener, Clive, turned up and it seemed he knew about hauntings and stuff (the local pub is well known) and I hadn't realised that Borley was just over the border from Suffolk, about a half hour walk. He told me that the local area is still active, and that recently some workmen repairing the wrought iron gate at Borley church found their welding equipment without power, because the plug they had just inserted in a socket inside the (empty) church had been pulled out and thrown across the floor.

So I just had to walk there one evening (Xmas Eve, I think) and as I got there the sun was just setting. It didn't seem terribly scary, but as the only road there had no street lamps I decided to turn back! (Many years later my wife experienced a similar incident with a plug being pulled from a socket, twice in a row. The third time she was getting angry and this time it stayed in!)
Surviving relics from Borley Rectory. I'd be happy with just one of the house bricks ..
Must have been back somewhere in the 1990's I read that the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, had been purchased and was going to be opened as a Bed and Breakfast.
I called because a friend and I were interested in booking rooms there overnight.
The person I spoke with was a man who was one of those who had purchased the house and was doing renovations at the time, among them replacing the brick chimney with a new one.
Being that I couldn't make reservations until the house was finished, he offered to send me one of the bricks from the chimney. I said yes, but never called him back with my address because I started to think that it would be creepy to have something from that murder house near me!