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Gone But Not Forgotten
May 22, 2007
Hi guys this is my first time writing so help me out? i'm 16 and have had many paranormal experiences as of a few of my friends in the past, including seeing a "monk" in the old church yard off broad street, i was wondering if anyone from crewe and the area around it would like to share their experiences as i'm hoping to write a book on ghosts and paranormal experiences on crewe and the area around here.

many thanks

p.s i'll post other experiences i've had all of which are 100% genuine if anyone's interested

Yes, we'd like to hear all about your Crewe experiences!
well, a lot of these accounts have been in the church yard funilly enough, (me and my friends see ourselves as some amatuar ghost hunters)

anywho... once while walking my ex home past the churchyard (middle of winter and a bit foggy may be accounted) we both saw a strange "thing" hunched over under a tree in the distance of the church yard it was in red(god knows what it was but it shook me up)

another at the church yard was what appeared to be mist in the shape of a woman hovering in the footpath in the church yard (middle of the summer last year very clear day)

this one constantyl happened, all of my friends were uneasy and wouldn't sleep in my room if this certain mirror wasn't covered up (you'd useually see stuff in the corner of your eye in it) but thankfully i got rid of the mirror now.

i'd also like to add one night while staying at my friend shauns. me and my other friend scott couldn't sleep while shaun was flat out (this is like 3 in the morning) we knew shauns house has an eary atmosphere and we've felt uneasy their before, so for some reason we decided to record some audio on my friend scotts phone, firsty this isn't possible and i can't think of an explanation for it, when we tried at first scotts phone got "thrown" off the bedside table and the battery came out somehow :S (this was a phone where the back locked in, not sure what type) anyway we were cacking oursleves and hid under the covers. quickly we recovered the phone and tried to record again, on the third attempt of recording audio we got quite a bit of white noise and the sound of a little girl what appeared to be saying "teddy teddy i want my teddy" there's no explanation for this as shauns little sister was staying at her nans and me shaun and scott were the only ones in.

me and another friend brad also once saw in the middle of the night (it started as brad pointing something out in the corner waking me up, for some reason it didn't move it just stayed there and faded out) which appeared to be a little girl in the corner of shauns bedroom in front of the wardrobe, perhaps this is the same little girl as heard on the recording but i have no idea, there's a a complete eary atmosphere to the house.

sorry if that was a little long winded, all the things i've mentioned are 100% genuine experiences.

they're just a few things off the top of my head what stood out
ah another thing, my friend scott now lives in winbury(nantwich) at his new house a heavy old fashioned candle stick was thrown across the room with no explantion (he just reminded me of this)
I hadn't heard of any hauntings in this particular churchyard before.

(However, a young gentleman of my acquaintance once 'kidnapped' the almost full-sized figure of Jesus from a crucifix there, for a laugh. :roll:

It was recovered by the police after a tip-off, being found reclining on Mr X's sofa, with a fag in one hand and a can of lager in the other.)

The cemetery is across the road from the church, as you'll know, making the area that much more spooky. I used to tell my kids, 'it has a big wall round it, because people are dying to get in!'
erm, are we talking about the same church yard? (this is saint michaels the church and the graves are all in one grounds) 1 quite famous ghost story from the church yard is that of brigit bostock (spelt like that?)(the white which) but that story doesn't perticularly make sense as she wasn't from crewe, but there are quite a few graves in there with bostock on so that might account for something.
As your friend Scott was present (or associated with) both the flying objects incidents you've listed, is it possible he has some sort of telekinetic ability that he is not even aware of??
And to think that I was about to go out and take photos! :lol:

There is a famous gravestone there, of two brothers who died at sea in the war as sailors on the same ship. After that, siblings were not allowed to serve on a ship together.
The part of the cemetery closest to the crematorium building, on the side closer to your gaff, is the oldest, and there are some lovely old stones there. One is a large memorial to a young lad who died on the annual Sunday school outing. I keep meaning to look into that.

You can take some beautifully atmospheric snaps there. I have some beauties. (I do it respectfully though, not least because I have family buried there.)
the 1 with the green spire and it says "teddy teddy, i want my teddy"
im looking forward to your posts
I can see the green spire from my bathroom window. 8)

There're loads of local ghost stories. Most don't make the books.
yeah, I've read about the dog headed men, seems a bit far fetched to be honest but hey if anyone wants to post anything from Crewe and the area around every little helps.
We had the Wrenbury book, it's still around here somewhere.

There isn't one about Crewe. Perhaps we could compile one! ;)
meh no worries, i would like to compile 1 but nobody seems to have anything to share lol
sorry for the lack of reply, but it's taken a couple of days to get my account activated.
OK, I'm from congleton and have seen enough ghosts and know of many more. What would you like to know? :D
Somewher in the back of my mind I do know one about one of the Crewe pubs, but I can't remember...
On an old thread hereabouts there is an account of my mate's dad's alleged card game with the devil in a Crewe pub. :shock:
were the Mummers in town? ;)

Okay, my memory is abit whack at the moment, so please forgive me.

What kind of ghosts have i personally come across. There's the good old recordings, mostly in schools where all of those hormones are whizzing around.
Marton CofE is haunted by a lovely little blonde haired boy, believed to have been murdered and dumped in the bog the school is built on. I never saw him but my mum who used to be a cleaner saw him most evenings. He was rather agressive until she scolded him up hill and down dale, then he just turned into a child who liked to play hide and seek.

Westlands Hgh School (Now demolished) again haunted by a young man. Believed he was killed in a building site accident when it was built. He haunted the gym/changing rooms/boiler house/hall area. I saw him once crossing the hall from the corner of my eye. I am told he had a rather sad atmosphere around him as he was trapped there. As i was only about 12 at the time i was just scared.

Dane Valley High had two ghosts, a young girl who died after an epileptic fit and swallowed her tongue. Seen sometimes in class in full uniform, other times you could hear the trampoline in use she died on, but the trampoline is folded away.
The other ghost is a young man (or was it a woman?) who hung himself from a tree in the fields before the school was built. His body hung in the area where the library was on the first floor. He used to take great delight in following the caretaker around last thing at night and turning all the ligths back on. She promptly lost her temper and told him to be useful. From then on he used to turn the lights off for her.

Daven Primary school had something, but so vague no-one could work out what it was, but toally harmless.

Marfields was another matter. That one was just nasty, but again no description was forthcoming. Just a plain nasty atmosphere.

Can't recall any more schools right now, but I am sure there is at least one other. And all of these schools, apart from Daven, were built from the 60's onward on fields.

Shall I go on? ;)
so good you said it twice ;)

Okey-dokey. Come on brain....

Congleton Library has a rather persitant spook who is somewhat volatile. He likes to throw things around and menace you, unless you lose your rag with him. Late 50's, male and in one of those old style brown coats workers and engineers used to wear. He terrorised a medium who came to speak to a society one night who claimed there were no ghosts in the building. The temperature instantly dropped and the caretaker knew they were in for it. Suffice to say he made everything very uncomfortable.

One of the food shops that used to be The Dun Cow pub is haunted by the old land lady, Again a very bad tempered and nasty spectre. Ask about her and the staff know they are in for poltergeist activity all day.

The day nursery across the road is haunted, but this used to be the site of the home of John Bradshaw, the first man to sign King Charles I's death warrant.

The Bulls Head has two halves of the same ghost. at the back of the pub used to be an undertakers, and they see either the torso or the head floating around, but never both at the same time :?

The black & white timber frame building on Little Street that seems to attract antique shops and dates from the 16th/17th centurey used to be the towns largest brothel. the madame is still there, wodedrfully warm laughter and the most lovely spirit to meet. She particularly likes men. ;) The last shopowners found that if they mentioned they needed to sell somethng they had had for months, a customer would walk in within the hour and buy it. I did get the madame's name, but for the life of me i cannot recall it now.

A murder victim still walks the public footpath from Astbury into Congleton, the area known as Priesty Fields.

A lovely man haunts the town hall. Seen all over the place wearing overalls. No one seems to know who he is.

And my memory has just shut down I'm afraid. i'll have to come back to you for more.
Our Techy comes from Congleton, where it is rumoured that, during particularly hard winters, residents are reduced to eating their young.

I posted some of his Congy stories on here a few years ago, before he joined. They may be worth digging out.

Nantwich is well-haunted too. I have posted about spooky pubs there on here in the past.

In fact, I seem to remember one day sitting outside the famously haunted Red Cow, looking at the bus station across the road, and seeing a Travelwise bus partially obscured so that the wording on the side read


escargot1 said:
Our Techy comes from Congleton, where it is rumoured that, during particularly hard winters, residents are reduced to eating their young.

I thought that was sleeping with their relatives
Oh, Congies do that all year round. ;)
Except for Great-Aunt Elsie who has a moustache fit for a hedgehog.

And eat our young? not enough meat on them bones yet. Teenagers now..... :twisted:
Yes, the land of the six-fingered people. Even we don't go there. ;)
About 30 years ago my parents were looking to move to somewhere handy for Crewe and were wondering about Congelton, one of my Dad's workmates said "You don't want to go there, they shoot arrers at strangers."
hmmm this area is quite strange :/ lol, erm anyone have anything to share? anything at all?