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Crystal Skulls

Aha, yup, the one on the telly today was the Mitchell Hedges Skull, escorted by Miss Mitchell Hedges herself. :D
By the Power of Crystal Skulls

My wife and I were watching a History Channel documentary on the Crystal Skulls that have been found all over the world.

How they all have magnetic and psychic properties. So they say there's 13 legitimate skulls found around the world and some still undiscovered, and they were speaking about the Mayan calendar and whether their significant to the 2012 doom day prophecies.

So my wife says to me, thats it! Those 13 skulls are all of Jesus' apostles, if you consider Judas an apostle. She said that maybe Jesus really was an alien who will come wage war on earth, to take back the 13 skulls of his apostles. Those that are holding the skulls must be the Jehovah's Witness, and this is why they only have that specific # of people only being taken to heaven with Jesus.

Hah I found it cute and funny but no means plausible :D

Figured I'd share it with everyone though as their is quite a big mystery surrounding these skulls, I found it very interesting they were taking pictures with a camera into the skull and were getting interesting pictures back showing symbols and pictures and images of old, however this may just be a mind trick of you seeing what you only want to see and not the fact that the picture you see is probably a reflection of the background being absorbed by the crystal
Ive seen them

Ive seen one program where one woman was given a skull by her adventurer/ maveric arcaologist father.
Where the woman claims that they have psycic powers and where made thousands of years ago can only be made by aliens and then the museum says well actualy it was made using dentists drills in about 1930.

It was a pretty funny program, the bit where her son then starts saying it must have been aliens armed with dentists drills, time travelling aliens in fact.

Sometimes the things that delusional people wish to believe in order to prop up their distorted world views get beyond being funny and move into the ludicrous.
There are I think 12 skulls which are not proven to be fake, nobody knows when the 'real' ones where made but sadly they have fallen into the hands of people who like to make ludicrous claims about them based as usual on a total of zero evidence and a very active imagination.
People who used to be called charlatans in fact.

By the way, the skull which was shown to be a fake was the one which the 'psycics' had been shouting into and using their psycic skills had been in communication with the planet zingo.
I'm not sure about the conspiratorial nature of Crystal Skulls. I'd file them under 'Hoax' or more generically under earth mysteries....where you'll find an ongoing thread.

http://www.forteantimes.com/forum/viewt ... sc&start=0

Link is dead. The linked thread has been merged into this one.

In order to go along with the theory laid out by the OP, you have to believe that Jesus existed in the first place and I'm not convinced at all on that one.
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Thanks for the link with the Skulls, provided much more information then I had before on them :D

KarlD, the one thing that interests me the most is the Mitchell Hedges Skull that looks like it was constructed out of glass

jimv, thanks as well for the ALT thread, I'll have to give it a read through for sure, as for the Jesus thing, you will always have people agree and disagree with you on this opinion :D I however will not, I just like to think that one day a man achieved enlightenment, and on this day he started to share with others how to become enlightened. Over years of doing this, people started to stop paying their taxes and the government started to lose control of their society. They figured if they illuminated the source of the problem they would be able to once again establish control.

I think the religious outlook of the word Jesus, constitutes a man in cloth with a halo above his head, when he was probably more like a guy who came from a mother and father like the rest of us, did his time and all the meanwhile knew there was something more to life then just living up to others expectations as well as his own.

Who knows for certain, but I tell you this, I always preferred Hey Zeus :D
No problem jubecrew.

If you're used to the vast prairies of infoshite, factoids, brilliant links, info you never knew was out there, I think you'll find posters on this site pretty unique not only in the ground they cover but the way they cover it.
for sure, I have been very lucky to get some really great links so far from people :D and I love it because I only have access at work, not at home and most my time is limited to working :D hah I love this site though its great and I'm happy to have found it

I've always been into Druidism and Earthy stuff, but what I have learned is not what others feels is correct, but magic has to deal with the individuality of what you attempt to do. As far as myself, its usually with white sage, sweet grass a feather I've collected and shell before meditation.

I have been contemplating creating a ritualistic ceremony complete with a mantra for good workings and blessings. I plan to construct this idea and perform it on what I feel is a great day of power, the night of halloween.

I am truly not sure of my own intent, but I feel that more meditation on this will eventually shed light on how it will unfold :D

Then again I may chicken out and keep procrastinating on it just like every libra would
The Crystal Skulls; Heart of all Paranormal?

Some time ago I placed a lengthy theory on my blog about the affects of the crystals skulls on human behavior. It appears that the greater the number of skulls that we can now create in mass production, the greater the number of human beings on the earth. So afeter two of the crystal skulls were discovered the human race bagan on its journey through the wireless age of computers. Silicon valley began mass production of computers based on quartz crystals, with television sets close behind. It appears that today we have began to make contact with the DreamTime or Wyrd. Our Internet global village of endless networks spin millions of dream catchers, casting nets into the occult, or Hidden realm of the collective unconscious mind. In my opinion the crystal skulls exist to tell us something about ourselves, that we are dreamers in a dream land, dreaming the dreams of crystal stone, and carbon based trees." Please visit my occult website at www.mystagogue1.com
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Mystagogue, it may be better if you were to publicise your site in the Announcements section, and maybe link over to your site via your profile? Otherwise the impact of your worthy posts may be diminished by what seems to be frequent advertising.

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I forgot this scene from Peep Show about crystal skulls

How could you possibly make one of these except by some type of magic?

In a factory...from glass.

Oh sure, c'mon! Could you make that?