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David Koresh, The Branch Davidians & The Waco Siege [1993]

Impressive first episode - lots of footage and opinions I wasn't aware of before.
Koresh was clearly a sinister and exploitative character and several of his followers seemed to be relishing an apocalyptic shoot-out.
The motives of the rather gung-ho and trigger-happy federal ATF agents though are also very strange.
The footage of the agents running at the compound and propping up a ladder so they could scale the walls struck me as reminiscent of medieval castle sieges.
What turned out to be the largest armed battle in the US since the Civil War remains an utterly surreal event.
Can't say I'm particularly enjoying this series, but it certainly is compelling.

Just watching episode 1, concur with your opinion. Not one to enjoy but it's fascinating.
There are a good number of retrospectives on Waco available on YouTube (heavily culled from the recent documentaries for the most part), but I enjoyed this from George Knapp on Coast to Coast A.M. last year (I think).

Stephan Talty, the interviewee, recently published a book on Koresh and sketches Koresh's character, the struggles in the sect, and the febrile character of 90s Texas pretty well.

It is positively reviewed: