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Duke Of Edinburgh's Death: Somewhat Coincidental Sidenote In FT404 April 2021


The greatest risk is to risk nothing at all...
Jul 13, 2013
Whilst acknowledging that the now-departed phenomenon (HRH the late Duke of Edinburgh) wasn't a totally-unseen personage of mention within the pages of Fortean Times, I cannot help but notice the coincidental 'Strange Days' clippings paragraph in the April 2021 issue under the title "Royal Diversion".

This was quoting an article from the 25 Nov 2020 edition of that revered UK literary reference work 'The Sun' newspaper.

It was mentioning the Duke's reportedly 'large library on ufology, an interest kindled by his uncle Lord Mountbatten'.

I find it intriguing that the editorial decision to include this reference in the April edition (printed & published just a few short weeks prior to the Duke's death on 9 April 2021) happened exactly when it did. The coincidence could almost be quantified, to see if it happens to be a statistically-significant one (I suppose a notional subjective metric might be to say that if eg the Duke had been mentioned in FT on average once every two years up until 2018, then nothing about him up until this reference just a few weeks prior to his death...then this was a coincidence).

A month later, and it couldn't have been (easily) printed, perhaps even by FT. Eighteen months on, and it's probably still not considered within protocol for the UK media to print anything other than safe neutral facts about the Duke (especially after the passing of HM the late QE2).

This interesting HRH UFO interest factoid (previously-unbeknown to me) acts in my mind as a nice complimentary addendum to that sparse exclusive pantheon of royal (or noble) UFOlogists (cf Brinsley Le Poer Trench, op cit Mountbatten). And maybe I wonder if the fickle finger of Fortean fate hinted to us, somehow, of the Duke's imminent demise, with this cutting as a semi-valid valedictorium...