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Fort Illustration

That's quite cool, ink and watercolours?
Mr. Apol

I know, I know . . . it seems like I'm using this forum to toot the horn of my blog, but i wouldn't point any of my stuff out to you guys if I didn't think there may be some interest.

Having said that, I posted a little drawing I did of my idea of John Keel's Mr. Apol . . . if anyone is interested in taking a look, please visit this link:

[Link dead, image unretrievable--mods]


Thanks again,

talk to you all later.
That's well cool. Toot your horn! :D

Your last link doesn't work!
Thank you Emperor!

Yes, I took Mr. Apol off after a week or so of having him posted up there. I liked it at first but quickly grew to loathe it. I am currently working on a new Apol, and will fix the link when it is reposted.

Thank you all for your kind words!