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  1. Yithian

    Folklands Exhibition: Wivenhoe, 27 Oct to 1 Nov 2023

  2. maximus otter

    X-Rays Have Revealed An Amazing Secret Inside The Mona Lisa

    New research into the Mona Lisa shows that da Vinci may very well have crafted a new type of paint mixture that then endured as the norm for centuries. By analyzing a minuscule spec of paint culled from the top right corner of the painting, a team of researchers were able to reveal the chemical...
  3. maximus otter

    Cursed Picture Twice Returned To Charity Shop By Shaken Customers

    The painting of a young stern-faced girl with piercing eyes was even given a label warning: “Possibly cursed.” It was among half-a-dozen pictures donated by a grey-haired man at the Hastings Advice Representation Centre in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. The shop boss said it was bought by...
  4. Swifty

    Indonesian Tree Carvings

    I'm not sure where else to post this. I bought the base of an Indonesian tree about 25 years ago because, well .. you just do don't you? .. It's beautifully carved, the local artist being sympathetic and working with instead of against the natural grain, lumps and bumps of the base .. I was told...
  5. maximus otter

    You Can Now 'Experience Death' In Virtual Reality with Disturbing New Simulation

    Nobody really knows what it's like to experience death. However, people who have undergone near-death experiences often come back with tales of what happened after their hearts stopped—from leaving their bodies and seeing themselves from above to waking up in a meadow. Now a new virtual...
  6. C.O.T.

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Art

    Hi, bring here some that sure that will make this wekend a lot more fun. It's about the new AI image generation software that has been released this last months. It consist on a different approaches of neural networks that have been trained to draw new images. They do it after the "brain" has...
  7. EnolaGaia

    Strange Room Discovered In Old Glasgow Hotel

    A man doing survey work in the long-abandoned top floors of a historic Glasgow hotel discovered a small loft room where the walls and ceiling held lots of embedded razor blades. FULL STORY:
  8. maximus otter

    Anomalous Illustration Of Man On Fire

    (Discussion of this image has been spun off from the Spontaneous Human Combustion thread, because it's unclear it depicts someone who's "spontaneously combusted." (See comments below ... )) Bizarrely, in trying to find an amusing and appropriate illustration, I happened upon the following...
  9. maximus otter

    Attacks On Art / Artworks

    Mona Lisa attacked with cake by 'man dressed as old lady in wheelchair' Video shared online shows the world's most famous artwork with what witnesses suggested was cake smeared across the glass case protecting it. Bystanders said a "man dressed as an old lady" jumped out of a wheelchair at the...
  10. definitelymaybe

    'Emily': Marooned Extraterrestrial Creates Artwork At Area 51

    Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Read the full article here... Enjoy....... Huge metallic flying saucer hovering..... A plume of thick black smoke was bellowing out from the back...
  11. Frideswide

    Fortean Themes In Art, Craft & Creativity

    I seem to be finding representations of fortean themes. Having said that I will find no more, of course. We have a thread on films, this is intended to be for more static visual representations.
  12. MorningAngel

    Weird Collections Of Fortean-Themed Artworks

    I'm not sure if this is the right section, so move it if it's not.
  13. S

    Vaginal / Vulval Statues, Sculptures & Structures

    Student gets stuck in giant stone vagina in Germany What was meant to be a funny dare turned into an utter embarrassment for an American exchange student, who found himself trapped in a giant stone vagina in Germany. Firefighters had to be called in to deliver the man, head-first, to safety...
  14. gattino

    Artworks That Predict The Future

    Someone drew my attention to this book, published in 1991, long before the Columbine school massacre. It reminded me of the large number of items which appear to have foreshadowed the events of 9/11 in particular. Trying ot find some online I found this cracker... the classic 70s album...
  15. LazarusMP

    Slender Man

    Tried searching and surprisingly didn't see a thread about this so thought I'd make one. A thread on the Something Awful forums inviting users to create faux 'paranormal' images resulted in an interesting concept - The Slender Man - that seemed to resonate strongly with many. Original...
  16. T

    The Graffiti & Street Art Thread

    I guess this is not very fortean but I find it interesting. My youngest has recently been going round old castles and abbeys photographing them for a dissertation. As he cannot drive I take him to these sites and then have a wonder around by myself while he gets on with his stuff. What I...
  17. B

    Fort Illustration

    Did this illustration last night for my blog, and thought some of you might enjoy it. If you would like to see it in its original location, go here [Link dead, image unretrievable--mods] Ciao!
  18. E

    Italian Church Dinosaur

    Anyone got any ideas on this? This medieval painting was in San Marco church in Milan, Italy and shows Knight Visconti killing the dragon that terrorized Milan people in the middle age. It is interesting because differs from all others medieval versions of the dragon. The dinosaur-like shape of...
  19. A

    Banksy: From 'Civil Sculptor' To Dismaland & Beyond

    UNMASKED GRAFFITI ARTIST MUST COLLECT THE 20-FOOT BRONZE STRUCTURE HE PUT UP IN A LONDON SQUARE From This Is Bristol/Bristol Evening Post By Chris Allen c.allen BRISTOL-born cult graffiti artist Banksy has agreed to pay for the removal of a satirical 20-foot-high bronze statue which he covertly...
  20. A

    Bricks, Dung, Sharks & Unmade Beds: The World Of 'Modern Art'

    Human puppies - art alert. You MUST look at these pictures Link is dead. A few of the photos once available there can be accessed via the Wayback Machine...
  21. M

    Portrait Of Hitler As A Young Artist

    For those who thought Hitler was a decorator ;)
  22. MrRING

    Wax Museums & Waxworks

    The wax figures of Madame Tussaud - didn't see first get fame casting wax heads during the French Revolution? Did she invent the process of showing them? Did she get any famous heads that still exist, like Marie Antionette? And/or would a wax head from so long ago actually still be...
  23. lopaka

    Strange Statues & Sculptures

    August 14, 2003 Dog Statue Has Its Day at Park -- With Controversy __By Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer The howling being heard at the Silver Lake dog park Wednesday wasn't coming from the canines chasing one another across the exercise area. It was coming instead from animal owners who...
  24. A

    Evidence For Prehistoric Symbolic Activity

    World's Oldest Art? Statuette, Between 500,000 and 300,000 Y BBC News Website: 'World's Oldest Statue Found In Morocco' (23rd May 2003)
  25. A

    Cave & Rock Art

    More here. Are these the oldest known pictures of "real people"? Male and female faces can be seen in the rock. Some researchers believe they could be 15,000 years old or more – from a time when Northern Europe would have been in the grip of an Ice Age. SOURCE...
  26. M

    Fortean Art

    OK, gang: There's a lively and fascinating discussion (splodgey painting...) about art, and Intaglio suggested a thread on Fortean art. What would define Fortean art? What examples are there of it--perhaps the Neolithic/16th century paintings of what could be UFOs? My breath is bated...
  27. A

    Denver International Airport (Weird Features; Conspiracy Claims)

    Apocalypse Airport Does anyone know anything about a recently built airport in the US, which apparantly has loads of really disturbing murals of people going to live underground. I think it was in Fortean Times many moons ago but I can't be sure. Not much to go on I know but I'm hopeful...