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You Can Now 'Experience Death' In Virtual Reality with Disturbing New Simulation

maximus otter

Recovering policeman
Aug 9, 2001
Nobody really knows what it's like to experience death.

However, people who have undergone near-death experiences often come back with tales of what happened after their hearts stopped—from leaving their bodies and seeing themselves from above to waking up in a meadow.

Now a new virtual reality simulation tries to give people a taste of what it's like to die.

Artist Shaun Gladwell has created an exhibit called 'Passing Electrical Storms' which 'guides participants through a simulated de-escalation of life, from cardiac arrest to brain death'.

You're asked to lie down on a fake hospital bed and hooked up to a heart rate monitor. Apparently the simulation can be so unsettling that there are staff on hand to 'pull you out' if it gets too uncomfortable.

"What happens is you're laying down, the bed vibrates, you flatline. The doctors come over the top of you. You can see yourself in the goggles and they try to revive you—it doesn't work. Then you float up out past them into space and it keeps going."


maximus otter
That reminded me of my visit to the (now closed) Serial Killer Museum in Jesolo Italy.
You can have your picture taken sitting in a electric chair and the actual death of a convicted killer was simulated by a series of rapidly changing images as his life flashed before his eyes., This was accompanied by a rising siren tone, until suddenly it cut out and everything went black. It was genuinely quite unsettling.