1. Souleater

    The Mysterious Cases Of Tom Young & Keith Reinhard

    I have just come across these strange cases and can find no thread about them, here is the story: "Keith Reinhard was a middle-aged journalist who is taking a break from his daily activities. He then visited a small town called Silver Plume. This man rents a place where the previous resident...
  2. T

    Animals Sensing Humans' Imminent Deaths

    On a somewhat related note, one of the cancer hospices in my town keeps a cat in-house. According to the nurses, when the cat camps in a particular patient's room it means the patient isn't going to live through the night. The cat only seems to do this with patients who don't have any family...
  3. A

    What Happens After We Die?

    I couldn't decide if this should go in the General Forum or this one or the Ghosts one. Anyway, hope this is the right place to ask. Just curious as to what people think happens after death. Do we get to hang out with our loved ones? Is this it?
  4. B

    Strange Deaths

    Strange deaths - by chainsaw thanks Uncle Bulgaria