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L. Sprague de Camp's biog of Lovecraft has this to say:

"He [Lovecraft] spoke highly of two recent non-fiction books: Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned (1919) and Margaret Alice Murray's The Witch Cult in Western Europe (1921). His appreciation, however, was not what the authors would have hoped for. He admired the books as stimuli for the writing of weird fiction, not as statements of fact. From a scientific point of view, he considered Fort's eccentric cosmological ideas as nonsense."
Lovecraft specifically mentions Fort in one of his short stories. Cant remember which one- might be "The shadow over Innsmouth" or "The whisperer in Darkness"
The Whisperer in Darkness

from page 7"Two or three fanatical extremists went so far as to hint at the possible meanings in the ancient Indian tales which gave the hidden beings a nonterrestial origin; citing the extravagant books of Charles Fort with their claims that voyagers from other worlds and outer space have often visited the earth." Thanks barndad!!