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Great Acts Of Stupidity



Trying out for the Darwin Awards?




One-armed drink-driver was using mobile phone

A one-armed man was caught drink-driving after jumping a red light in his car while on a mobile phone.

Stuart MacNamara whose right arm is missing below the elbow, was driving a car unadapted to cater for his disability.

He was stopped by police in Swansea after he was seen driving through a red traffic light holding a mobile phone to his ear with his good arm.

A test showed that MacNamara, of New Road, Llanmorlais, Swansea, had almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

He was banned from driving for 18 months after admitting driving with excess alcohol, driving when he could not have proper control and going through a red light.

He was fined and ordered to pay costs with a combined total of £450 by Swansea magistrates.

The magistrates heard that MacNamara had been drinking into the early hours of last Sunday.

He got into his Daihatsu Four Track 14 hours later in the belief he was under the limit.

But his behaviour was described today as reckless by Superintendent Dick Lewis, head of traffic and operations at South Wales Police Force.

"The recklessness of this driver leaves me speechless," he said.

"Each offence is bad enough in its own right but in combination they are more severe."
Suspect tries unusual approach to bulletproof glass


Moon shot: Suspect tries unusual approach to bulletproof glass

Associated Press

Published May 31, 2002
HILLSBORO, Mo. -- He may have buns of steel, but Jefferson County jail officials weren't impressed.

Authorities charged Garrette Bellew with second-degree property damage after trying to break a bulletproof window with his bare behind.

Authorities said Bellew, 21, allegedly dropped his pants, ran toward a door and struck it with his naked posterior while a guard was on the other side.

Bellew was awaiting trial on two counts of first-degree burglary in the May 19 incident. The property damage charge filed Thursday carries a fine of up to $1,000 and one year in jail.
He can only have done it once or twice or he would have escaped - every one knows . . .

Wait for it . . .

it's coming . . .

3 strikes and you're out
MMMMMMMM dohnuts!!!

Ex-ambulance driver stopped for doughnuts on way to hospital
A US judge has dismissed a former ambulance driver's complaint that he was wrongfully sacked after stopping for doughnuts while taking a patient to a hospital.

Larry Wesley, who is black, alleged that he was treated unfairly because of his race.

Judge Lee Rosenthal dismissed his discrimination claims and said he failed to show he was treated more harshly than other drivers.

The judge said Wesley's claims that other drivers were not sacked for making similar unscheduled stops were not supported by the record.

Wesley stopped for doughnuts while he was taking an injured youth to hospital in Houston, Texas. The boy's mother filed a complaint that led to Wesley's dismissal.

Carole Snyder, an assistant city attorney representing the city, said Wesley said he stopped for juice and a doughnut because he was not feeling well.

"I think it's one of those things he wished he hadn't done," she told the Houston Chronicle.

you would of thought if he wasnt feeling well that doughnuts would be the last thing on his mind, and that he would make an even greater attempt to reach the hospital sooner!:D
If he wasn't feeling well, then why was he driving the ambulance in the first place?
I don't blame the boy's mother for being furious!
I assume he attributed his unwell feeling to low blood sugar or some such, otherwise doughnuts would have been a bad choice. If he was feeling so bad, that he had to stop despite having an injured passenger, why didn't he get someone else to drive? If he was on his own, why wasn't there anyone else with him (such as paramedics tending to the patient in the back)?

There's something funny about this story, but not in a good way.
Are We There Yet?

One suspects it's idiots being idiots, and little more. Poor guy in the back of the ambulance, though, eh?
No, Mr Wesley, you've not been sacked for being black, but for being an incompetent, thoughtless idiot!

carole said:
BTW, what flavour doughnuts were they?:rolleyes: :p

"Your honour, my client would like to point out that they did have sprinkles, and they came with a free cappucino."

(I was going to put in a punchline, but couldn't decide if it was the family's lawsuit, or the driver's wrongful dismissal suit.)
Exactly what are the penalties for intoxicated driving in the UK?

We recently had a case here where a man was arrested on his 22nd drunken driving charge. The most he'll serve is 9-12 months in jail.

A new law took effect here on August 1 which makes your fourth drunken driving conviction in ten years a felony, which means years of hard time in prison.
A 1 year driving ban, a fine of up to £5000, and 6 months prison for a first offense, with repeat offenders (plus if you kill someone) being jailed for up to 10 years, plus a 5 year driving ban.

UK driink driving laws are amongst the severest about :)

How about this for a complete lack of understanding? From the BBC:

'German engineering giant Siemens has hastily abandoned plans to register the trademark "Zyklon", the same name as the Zyklon B poison gas used in Nazi extermination camps, BBC News Online has learnt.

A year ago, Bosch Siemens Hausgeraete (BSH), the firm's consumer products joint venture, filed two applications with the US Patent & Trademark Office for the Zyklon name across a range of home products, including gas ovens .'

(My italics.)
Chainsaw massacre? You want next door ...

As posted in Ananova

Chainsaw massacre? You want next door ...

A petrified resident frantically called police after a man dressed in ski goggles and salopettes turned up on his doorstep with a roaring chainsaw.

Fearing he was about to be taken apart limb by limb the desperate "victim" dashed to the phone to alert officers of the impending bloodbath.

But police who raced to the address in Atwater Close, Lincoln, arrived to find the chainsaw-wielding offender gone.

It later transpired the menacing character waving the 3ft-long power tool had in fact got the wrong address for a fancy dress party.

Police said he had been intent on making a dramatic entrance to the soiree and was dressed as hell-raising rap star Eminem.

Upon realising his mistake he skulked off into the night, chainsaw in tow.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "The poor occupant was clearly frightened out of his skin. The guy turned up at the door with the chainsaw running and must have looked terrifying.

"Luckily he had simply gone to the wrong door. It must have been rather embarrassing for him."

Story filed: 11:02 Sunday 27th October 2002

Your nominations here, please. My nomination of the day:

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- A Swedish man has allegedly tried to smuggle eight dangerous snakes into Australia by strapping them to his legs, according to customs officials.

Australian Justice Minister Chris Ellison said the 28-year-old man, whose name was not released, arrived at Sydney airport from Thailand on Monday night.

He was searched by customs officers who discovered the reptiles in packages strapped to his calves.

The snakes -- which included four deadly king cobras -- were handed over to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. The other snake species were not revealed.

Minister Ellison said the man has been charged with illegally importing animals and was refused bail during an appearance at Sydney's Waverley Local Court on Tuesday.

He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment, a A$110,000 ($73,000) fine, or both.

"Animals and plants smuggled in from overseas may introduce new diseases that are currently absent in Australia, or they may end up being dumped by the owners and spread as new feral pests or weeds," Ellison said in a statement.

"This detection ... sends a clear warning to those who may seek to breach Australia's laws at the border."

Something like this:

In February, public school employee Maggie Wallace, 45, was sentenced to a year in jail; last Sept. 12, she had thought the kids needed a breather from the events the day before and so called in a bomb threat so the school would close (Johnstown, N.Y.).
Furious at a rush-hour accident that blocked traffic in the Boston suburb of Weymouth, motorist (and software engineer) Anna Gitlin, 25, went ballistic at a police officer and then allegedly bumped him with her car, screaming, "I don't care who (expletive deleted by the Boston Globe) died. I'm more important" (June). [Boston Herald, 5-7-03]

heard a good one on the radio about a greman guy who having cloths with paint on tryed to wash them with a gallon of petrol in his washer
the resulting explosion had demolished numerous walls of the house
dint hear if the german got it or not!
29 January 2003, Brazil) At work, Manoel Messias Batista Coelho was responsible for cleaning out the storage tanks of gasoline tanker trucks. He had been employed in that capacity for two months when he ran afoul of fuel.
The 35-year-old began to fill a tanker with water, a standard safety procedure that forces flammable vapor out of the container. He returned an hour later to check whether the water level was high enough to proceed. But he had trouble deciding, because it was so DARK inside the tanker.

A resourceful employee, Manoel forgot the very reason why he was filling the tank with water when he lit a cigarette lighter to shed some light on the situation. His little test successfully determined that the water level was NOT yet high enough for safety. The vapor explosion launched him through the air, and he landed in the company parking lot 100 meters away.

Manoel suffered severe burns, blunt force trauma, and an injury to the head that exposed his brain. Our witless car washer had learned his terminal lesson in safety by the time the firemen arrived.
NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Cell phone users have been known to complain about poor service, but one New York man's mobile literally went down the toilet.

The man was on a suburban train from Grand Central Station on Wednesday night when he went to the bathroom to make a phone call, dropped the phone into the toilet bowl and then his hand and arm became stuck trying to retrieve it, officials said.

Metro-North Railroad staff could not help the man, so they stopped the train and called police officers and firefighters to extricate him, a process that took 90 minutes using "jaws of life" rescue equipment.

"The toilets are made of aluminum so I imagine he was down on hands and knees with his shirt rolled up and hand and arm down inside, trying to flush out his cell phone," said Jim Cameron of the Connecticut Metro-North commuter council.

He said that because of the design of the train toilet, the mobile probably ended up in a chemical holding tank.

A spokesman for the railroad that serves the northern suburbs of New York and Connecticut identified the man as Edwin Gallard, 41, of New York, who suffered a minor injury to his arm as firefighters cut the toilet apart.

The track was closed and thousands of commuters were delayed during the evening rush hour.

The phone has not yet been recovered.

I filled my diesel Peaugot up to the max with unleaded the other day. That was pretty stupid. :rolleyes:

What's worse is that I reversed out of the first pump I went to because the unleaded hose was locked off. :rolleyes:

It then cost me £76.00 to have the tank drained, a new fuel filter fitted and a further £30.00 to fill up with deisel. That'll learn me, then. :rolleyes: