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HOW TO FIND Threads & Posts Using Their Internal (Database) IDs

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Jul 19, 2004
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Over the course of the forum's history there have been repeated changes in its software platforms / packages, the formats in which thread and post URLs are recognized, and the places (threads) to which content has sometimes been moved from its original location.

Above and beyond these issues, the Great Exodus of 2018 resulted in the forum migrating from the forteantimes.com Web domain to the forums.forteana.org domain. A temporary re-direction capability was employed at our previous (Dennis Publishing) service to facilitate navigation to content indexed using old formats / domain references. This capability has now been discontinued (apparently).

As a result, the forum contents contain lots of URLs / links to forum threads and individual posts which are functionally obsolete.

This thread contains instructions on how to overcome such broken links and locate linked content within the forum.
Step 1: Locate the Thread's or Post's ID number by which it's indexed in the forum's database

Look at the URL (Web address) associated with the broken link.

The thread / post ID is a number appearing at or near the end of the URL.

Here are illustrative examples using the forum's current URL formats. Quoted links posted in prior versions of the forum won't be identical, but they will follow the same basic layout.

Example: Thread

... forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/how-to-find-threads-posts-using-their-internal-database-ids.66946/

The thread ID for this thread is "66946."

Example: Individual Post

... forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/how-to-find-threads-posts-using-their-internal-database-ids.66946/#post-1934859

The post ID for post #1 in this thread is "1934859."
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Step 2: Copy the Thread's or Post's ID number into a generic URL template

For Threads:


(Where NNNN = the known / cited thread ID)

For Individual Posts:


(Where NNNNNNNN = the known / cited post ID)
NOTE: Copy and insert the digits in the post ID only. Do not insert any leading or trailing characters (including spaces).

NOTE: If you wish, you can enter the basic template into your browser's URL entry area first and then edit the number into it there.
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Step 3: Copy this filled-in URL template into your browser's URL entry area and trigger it

For Threads:

If the thread ID is still valid (i.e., still designates an independent thread) you'll be taken to it.
If the thread ID is no longer valid, you should get an error message.

For Individual Posts:

If the post still exists at all you'll be taken to it, regardless of which thread is its current home.
If this method fails to locate the Thread or Post you're seeking

For Threads:

You can post a request in this thread:

Threadfinder General: Lost Threads Located

... and we'll see if we can track it down.

For Individual Posts:

You can post a request in the Threadfinder General thread (see above), but there's essentially no hope of the post being found (except for the rare case in which it's been copied somewhere else and the copy still exists under a different post ID).
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