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  1. U

    Who Watches The Watchers?

    Why is there no report button on the mods profiles?
  2. stu neville

    Moderation News

    I am very pleased to announce that @MercuryCrest has kindly agreed to reprise his role as a moderator, effective immediately. This is an interim arrangement whilst we look at mod coverage going forward.
  3. Yithian

    Farewell To Enola Gaia

    We've just received the news that our good friend and fellow moderator @EnolaGaia has died. We'll confer shortly, I hope, and decide how much information is appropriate to release. A big thank you to him for everything he did here; he was a fine man and a major part of the reason the board...
  4. Yithian

    ANNOUNCEMENTS: Forum Changes (Functions; Policies; Etc.)

    CHANGES MADE: 1) The display of Trophy Points beneath avatars has been discontinued. 2) The display of reaction scores ('Likes') in the same location has been discontinued. 3) The contents of CHAT and MAINSTREAM NEWS no longer appear in NEW POSTS searches--you'll have to go and look for these...
  5. EnolaGaia

    CHAT Is Now A Private Area For Members (& Members' Eyes) Only

    The Chat section has been reconfigured to make it a private area restricted to currently active registered members only. Guests, crawlers, bots, banned folks, and formerly active members with retired accounts will not be able to access the Chat section. Neither will they even see the Chat...
  6. Tempest63

    Proof Of Precognition

    How does the message board know in advance who is going to react to my posts later today or tomorrow. And how can it know that Spookdaddy will respond at exactly 1.11 today?
  7. F

    Email Notifications (Alerts) Not Received

    This weekend, some of my watched thread notifications have not made it through to my email. I use Outlook (Hotmail), have nothing in junk and don't use the focused messages option. I noticed it with the Humour thread as I should get an email daily. Could it be because I'm watching too many...
  8. DrPaulLee

    Blocking A User

    This forum needs a way to block someone. Just ignoring someone isn't good enough as they can still see what I post. A user on this board was incredibly rude about my research a month or two back and this has made me very reluctant to post on this board.
  9. EnolaGaia

    What To Do If Your IP Address Is Being Repeatedly Blocked

    If you attempt to access the forum and get an error message advising you your IP address is banned, it means you are arriving at our gates using a connection from an IP address that's been flagged for enough spam / hacking / malware attacks to render it unacceptable. This sort of blockage has...
  10. Yithian

    New Function: User Profile Banners

    We've just noticed that a new user customisation has appeared, presumably following the board's last upgrade. If you visit your personal profile page (click on your username in the pop-up window for your profile), you should find a button tagged 'Edit Profile Banner'. Here's mine as an...
  11. Stormkhan

    Password Changing

    I've just received an auto-email from the board, telling me how to re-set my password. I've never requested this. Now, admittedly, the email says if I haven't requested this just ignore the email - which I intend to do - but I'd like to ask why this email was sent? Is it an automated thing, sent...
  12. Yithian

    IP Address Banned?

    Would any user who finds his or her attempts to access the site normally blocked by the board please contact a moderator by private message (or contact us directly via the 'Contact us' link at the very bottom of the main page if able). It would not be prudent to discuss details 'in the clear'...
  13. EnolaGaia

    Where's My Post? (Staff Actions In Response To Member Postings)

    This thread is being established to provide a place for queries and discussions relating to staff (moderator) actions taken with regard to members' posts. Here is an overview of the basic / background conditions in effect ... The forum's Terms and Rules set the basic guidelines for evaluating...
  14. S

    No Marking Notifications As "Read"

    I don't know if this is a problem with all or not, but when I used to mark notifications as "read" they used to grey out. But now I notice that they don't, which makes it a bit confusing when your not sure which ones you've read and which ones you've not read?
  15. TangletwigsDeux

    Mozilla/Nordgard VPN IPs Getting Blocked Very Quickly

    With recent headlines about "secretive" hoovering up of UK residents online data, I decided to ressurect regular VPN use on all systems. Choosing the relatively new offering from Firefox (which uses the Nordgard backbone I believe) all is well. However the FT message board is frequently...
  16. EnolaGaia

    Use Of Pokemail Email Accounts To Be Banned

    Owing to a recent security issue, the Forteana Forums will be banning Pokemail (i.e., blocking people using Pokemail accounts among their credentials). This ban will be imposed within hours. If you are registered using a Pokemail email address this will result in your account becoming...
  17. EnolaGaia

    Q & A Regarding Our 'No-Politics' Policy

    Now that there's been a transition in the American presidency there is a question regarding the extent to which mention and / or discussion of the newly-former US President would represent 'politics' of the sort we prohibit from the forum. To the extent he is cited in relation to a topic...
  18. ralfy

    Forum Style Requests

    Is there a dark mode besides Retro Glare? I use extensions like Dark Reader, but they can slow down browsing.
  19. EnolaGaia

    Forum Penalty Actions: Warnings & Bans

    The current version of this forum makes provision for both semi-automated and manual imposition of penalty actions (warnings; bans). Warnings and bans may be imposed for violations of forum rules, violations of the governing Terms & Conditions, or incidental infractions judged worthy of...
  20. Naughty_Felid

    Where Is Our Missing Persons Thread? (People Who Just Disappear)

    The one about people vanishing? I can't find it anywhere. Not this old one btw https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/missing-persons.1583/
  21. Comfortably Numb

    Attachments & File Size

    As I am suddenly having a problem with the size of file attachments, I would like to try an experiment, please. Attached are two images. The first is the exact one I have previously uploaded, seemingly without any issues. It was cropped from an original and then compressed using the LitPhoto...
  22. EnolaGaia

    HOW TO FIND Threads & Posts Using Their Internal (Database) IDs

    Over the course of the forum's history there have been repeated changes in its software platforms / packages, the formats in which thread and post URLs are recognized, and the places (threads) to which content has sometimes been moved from its original location. Above and beyond these issues...
  23. stu neville

    What Is The Troll's Head?

    It's a pub. And it's been here a bloody sight longer than you have.
  24. Comfortably Numb

    Providing A Link To Another Post

    How can I do so, such as clicking on the link takes you direct to that post?
  25. Spookdaddy

    Quoting A Post In A Different Thread?

    I was just wondering if there is any sort of protocol in regard to quoting a post in a different thread to the one it originally appears in. Some general threads have posts in them which are relevant to more specifically focussed ones. The general threads tend to trundle on like juggernauts...
  26. EnolaGaia

    Tech & Policy Update: Time Limits For Editing / Deleting Your Posts

    Effective immediately ... The forum specifications governing users' ability to edit or delete their own posts have been changed. In past incarnations of this forum there were incidents in which members who'd elected to leave the forum or simply cause trouble deliberately deleted many or all...
  27. E

    Digging Up Threads Of Fortean Excellence!

    Ok, got a bit of time on me hands tonight, and thought I'd do a bit of an index telling people where they can find threads about Fortean classics, in light of many well-weathered topics being brought up again to be followed up with "see this thread" posts by the regulars. All threads listed...
  28. David Plankton

    A Million Messages

    One for the Mods I suppose... By using the amount of posts made in one week, is it possible to estimate when we might reach 1,000,000? Currently at 994,848. How long does it take the board to amass 5152 messages? edit:too many 'posts'
  29. stu neville

    Tagging Threads

    As we now have the capacity, I have enabled the tagging function. This has a number of useful functions, but mostly it assists searches and means that titles don't have to be overly complicated (ie to give a precis of everything the thread might contain.) You add tags in the box below the...
  30. Comfortably Numb

    Uploading Images

    Wondered if this might be worth a mention. For a while now, anytime I upload an image, always decompress the file size first. Have been using the Android app, 'Lit Photo' long enough to recommend it. No issues, simply click on the image and it will instantly reduce the file size by up to 90%...
  31. Georgek

    Plagiarism & The Modern Curse

    Plagiarism as I understand is the stealing of another person's work. When I was at uni back in 1997 I more or less became a potential criminal overnight for doing my course work. With mechanical engineering and perhaps many more disciplines, at university level you do not have to be correct as...
  32. Andy X

    Question For Mods Regarding Discussion Of FT Magazine Content

    This probably doesn't require a new thread but I was unsure where to post it. Unless I'm being really thick (possible) am I right in thinking that the subforum about Fortean Times magazine has gone for a Burton? I can see why this would be a necessary step as this forum now has no partnership...
  33. David Plankton

    Forum Search Engine Issues (2018 Onward)

    Not a problem or technical issue - It's still early days but I think the search function might actually work this time. Try it, you might like it.
  34. Yithian

    Forum Functions & Functionality: Technical Problems & Known Issues

    3... 2... 1... and you're back in the room. If you're able to read the message, then I've been able to post it and the transition betwixt boards old and new has been largely successful—hurrah! The first thing you've probably noticed is the decor—all a bit Excel 98, isn't it? Well, you may rest...
  35. EnolaGaia

    READ & HEED: Our New Forum's Terms & Rules

    As you know by now, the shutdown of the FTMB and our migration to a new site was largely motivated by legal concerns - most particularly compliance with recent stricter regulations regarding personal data and protecting personal data. As a result of such changes in our operating environment, a...
  36. bloop

    How Do I Contact Admin?

    Basically what title says. Need to speak to someone in private and cant work out how to contact admin. Can someone direct me please.
  37. EnolaGaia

    General Website Queries: 2018 Onward

    This new thread is being established to contain general queries about this website and members' issues arising with regard to its use. For issues relating to the forum's technical implementation, its functionality, and / or how to utilize its features, it would be more appropriate to post in...
  38. Yithian

    Spammers' Gate

    A new thread dedicated to the display of the dismembered parts of our most interesting former members. First up is tranthanh12324--a name that just rolls off the tongue. Hailing from sunny Hanoi, tranthanh12324 professes a career in marketing, but her profile gallery shows where the heart of...
  39. Yithian

    Usernames & IDs

    Dear All, As you may or may not recall, back in the mists of time, many long-term users were required to 'update/change' their original usernames to facilitate one of the previous board changeovers. As a consequence of this fact many members' names still bear vestigial numbers, digits, prefixes...
  40. henry

    Likes [Poll]

    will everyone stop liking my posts please, im starting to feel like katy perry
  41. stu neville

    Bloody Politics

    Following another politically-inspired spite-fest overnight, and given the proliferation of such discussions in the past couple of years, I have decided to segregate all the political threads with absolutely no Fortean angle into their own dedicated forum, called Politics. I will start shifting...
  42. CarlosTheDJ

    Issues With Email Notifications

    Hi all, I've just realised that I haven't received any emails from the board since Friday - not a single topic notification. Anyone else experiencing this? Carlos
  43. Jim

    What Do Points Make? Board Trophies & Titles

    What is the nature of Trophy's (they seem to be somehow awarded?) but why and for doing what? How are they related to points. Thanks, Jim
  44. DrPaulLee

    Animated .gif Avatars?

    Does this new site not allow animated gifs as avatars anymore?
  45. stu neville


    We no longer have to fiddle about with back ground colours - go into the "plus" sign above the reply box, and there's the spoiler control. Just click it, add a title if you like, and then type between the spoiler code brackets... Good eh? Please use when discussing TV series, movies etc that...
  46. MercuryCrest

    Discussion Of Spam & Spammers

    "Spammer's Gate" is locked, and I have no "mark as spam" button, so here: [ [ gone ] P_M ] Kellyban's comment is clearly wedding photography spam. This might be a good thread to keep around so others can flag spam if/when they come across it. (The mods do a great job, but something's...
  47. stu neville

    Cutting & Pasting Articles: Accepted Protocol

    I have investigated the copyright situation. It's not clear-cut (of course), but the general gist is that if certain publishers were so-minded they could probably rip us a new one, given the sheer amount of their material that's been lifted wholesale, albeit usually accredited. And, to be frank...
  48. stu neville

    Good Posting Practices

    This thread has been distilled down from a 20 page, 600 post epic which kicked off 15 years ago. In that time we've had a number of major software changes that have rendered a lot of posts redundant, plus about 12 pages of off-topic meandering. What follows is all appropriate to the current...
  49. liveinabin

    Where Do I Change My Email Address?

    I have just realised that my email address attached to my account is now old and defunct. However looking on my profile I can't see where to change my email address. That said I can see where I can add details of my fax and pager numbers!! Can anyone tell me where I can change my email...
  50. Yithian

    From The Fortean Times To Forteana: Our 10th & 20th Anniversaries

    Am I right in believing that the message board will - at some stage this year - pass its tenth birthday? When did it go live? Is there a party planned? Will there be jelly and ice-cream? I wasn't there at the birth, but we still have - at last inspection - a smattering of posters from that...