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Digging Up Threads Of Fortean Excellence!


Gone But Not Forgotten
Jul 27, 2001
Ok, got a bit of time on me hands tonight, and thought I'd do a bit of an index telling people where they can find threads about Fortean classics, in light of many well-weathered topics being brought up again to be followed up with "see this thread" posts by the regulars. All threads listed discuss the topics in some detail, so, for example, a thread with a throw-away comment about Spring-heeled Jack will not be counted in an SHJ thread.

I'll add more subjects when I get time, and others feel free to add more!


In Britain:
Wodewose & The British Bigfoot
The Eggman—Including The Monster Of Glamis Castle
Gorilla In Our Midst?

In USA (sasquatch, bigfoot etc):
Skunk Ape / Fouke Monster / Boggy Creek / Myakka
The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film
Bigfoot-Obsessed Murderer
Cryptozoology: Manbeasts & Mystery Apes Bigfoot / Sasquatch In North America

In Australia (yowie):
The Yowie

In Asia (yeti, orang pendek etc):
Orang Pendek / Orang Dalam / Sedapa [South-East Asia]
The Yeti
Mande Burung On Video

Surviving Neanderthals
Bigfoot Worldwide
Ape-Human Hybrids, Racism & Human Identity
Allow Me To Clarify A Few Things About Cryptid-Hunting
The Wild Man?
The Difference Between Fortean Zoology & Cryptozoology
Greatest hits!

Roll up folks, this is the place to post FTMB's greatest hits! Be they ancient threads on crop circles, or last weeks thread on SETI - if you find a corker, post your find here!

the strange folk thread is my absolute favourite
The Strange Folk thread was spooky,i read the whole of that late one night,sent cold shivers up my spine.

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strange folks
dogheaded men
strange room

and a couple more i should look up
Reading between the lines, there are a lot of folks who, like me, read a lot of the fortean threads, but don't post to them since they feel they have nothing to add to them, but would like to say *something* without filling the thread up with 'great thread, I've learned a lot' type posts. This thread is for us.... (don't forget to link to the thread you're talking about!)

and so, to kick off

Sun Godesses and Moon Gods

Helluva thread. Told me a whole parcel of stuff I didn't know about Bronze Age religions. :yeay: Nice one Marion!
Thread pruned and squinched with an earlier effort.

A thread I'm rather fond of is Buried Spitfires and Hitler's Gold, partly because it featured my first ever post back when I made sense.

I'd like to encourage everyone to get involved with discussions even if you feel like you know very little but want to find out more. You only learn by asking questions, and people do like to show off their knowledge or just be helpful. Speaking personally, I'm no expert in any particular field, but I don't feel constrained in sharing things I know, offering an opinion or asking a question. One of the purposes of this board is to educate each other, and it's much more fun when it's interactive rather than you lurkers reading a bunch of static prose in fear of embarrassment.
So jump in, folks! It's like wading into the sea - once it's past your bollocks you're fine. ;)

Post your Fortean faves below. :)

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one very early thread was from someone who'd found a carrier bag full of unmarked videos literally out in the middle of nowhere. When he watched them, one of the vids had a dog being hit in the face, and some other wierd stuff (iirc) ... I've searched for this thread on here, but presumably it's been deleted.
The threads that dare not speak their name always entertained me. Often for the wrong reasons - but, hey, I'm only human.
I have a soft spot for 'Underground' - http://www.forteantimes.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1804

The third post I ever made on this board was about the tunnels under Keele University, and I felt quite proud when it was bumped onto the (even then) huge, sprawling 'Underground' thread. It kind of felt like I'd arrived.
Also, as well as being a thread I found very interesting, it feels very 'Fort-ish' (as in, in the style of C.H. Fort) as well as 'Fortean. It's just such a seemingly random collection of bumped-together threads and anecdotes, all linked solely by the idea of being underground, but one can find so much in there which makes the whole lot seem like a coherent whole - just like reading Fort's books.

By-the-by, in proof-reading this submission, I discovered that instead of 'tunnels' , I'd mistakenly typed 'tunnelks' .
Imagine.... Subterranean Elks....

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I really enjoyed the Loch Ness Monster Thread.

Some interesting theories and wierdness on that one. Contributions from some really committed cryptozoologists and sceptics ...

... and people like me. :madeyes:


I found THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE:THE TRUTH very interesting, for many reasons. It's locked now. Keys available from the Crypt Keeper.

Don't go there after dark.
My favorite threads tend to be ones that have a haunting, dream-like quality to them and feature many childhood anecdotes. My childhood was pretty bizarre and stories about imaginary friends (or foes), flying, and other things that young children seem to have a higher propensity for witnessing than adults strike a chord with me.

Here are some of my favorites:

Spider Spirit

The Man in the Cupboard

Bedroom Animals
I am also amazed by the amount of informed people on this board. I'm one of those people who have know a little about lots of things but cannot hold a coherent conversation about any of them, so I'm quite happy reading what all the smart people say and occassionally throwing in the odd irrelevant comment.

My favourite and one of the first threads I remember is the aforementioned 'Photo that really scared you'.
Sweet Jesus, I just read "spider spirit" and now I am Too. Scared. To. Move.
I've enjoyed many of them in my year of lurking and posting but I especially liked the Mayday Mysteries, a story that was complete news to me, for sheer weirdness the Daughters of Ummo and almost everything in Fortean Culture.

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