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The Yowie



Just wanted to get others thoughts on a theory I heard on Tele.

Basically theres an Australian guy called Tim the Yowie man.He claims to be Australias leading cryptonaturalist.

He believes that most of the worlds famous monsters,i.e.Big foot,yetis etc are all yowies.

He even believes Nessie to be a yowie as yowies look like giant otters when they swim and can stick their heads far out of the water(apparently).
His website is located at


Anyone heard anything similar or have theories of there own?
I think it's a fair idea that Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti/Yeren/Yowie may be of the same breed, but Nessie? That's stretching it a bit far methinks.
i always thougt that the bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti were all the same thing just seen in differenet parts of the world maybe its roaming it's territory

i dont think yowies are nessies... i think that theory is totally rediculous.. however the theory that bigfoot yeti etc are yowies is possible but to think that they are all the same species is a bit far fetched.. think about it, how many large mammals on earth live on seperate continents and are exactly the same? the african elephant and indian elephant are both elephants but are different both in looks and mannerisms..
the yowie is most likely from the same species of creature as the migure yeti etc.. but i would have to say that they would be different in looks and everything else.. just as the african elephant and indian elephant different.
The yowie also has been known to come in a wide variety of colours from black to white to even red and most people that take the yowie seriously actually think there is more than one species living in australia today.
The orang pendek i think is a different species again from the yeti etc.. this creature i think anyways has evolved from the apes that are local to area in which it lives.. i think the yeti magure sasquatch are ancient apes from history that have survived the passage of time avoiding us and living in unhospitable areas.. and anyways isnt the yowie suppost to have 3 toes?
i cant remember.. i have also consumed quite alot of lager which probably is imparing my memory :confused:
Thanks,always nice to hear the opnions of people far better informed than myself.
I probably should have mentioned that Tim is also a bit of a nutter.He's something of a cross between Fox Mulder and the Crocidile Hunter Steve Irwin.
He's got a hat like mine!
Is there any mention anywhere of Quinkins (sp)??
I remember reading a book about Turmula the Giant Quinkin that one of my primary school teachers brought home fom Australia.
I as wondering if anone had any info on 'em. Weird thingies they were, with heads like the ace of clubs...
After a bit of quick research all I could find out is that a Quinkin could be just another name for a Yowie.Yowies have been called many different names by different Aboriginal tribes and Europeans have added a few more.Bunyip,Yahoo Yahoo,doolagard,gooligah,moomega are but a few.
Also found a suggestion that a Quinkin may be a spirit.Wheather it be a good or evil one I am unsure.
Tha Aboriginal people of Australia have many tales of spirits and creatures that once(or still do)roamed this country.The tales from the dreamtime are absolutely fascinating.
Such a shame that most Australians treat our indiginous culture with such contempt.
Heres a link with some more info.


Link is dead. The NLA managed a traveling exhibition on Bunyips in 2001. The NLA site no longer offers any archived version of this link's webpage.

An archived version of Web-based materials from the touring exhibition can still be accessed at:


... but there's no guarantee it's complete, and there's nothing to verify this was the target for the dead link cited above.

Seems to back your views.Also seems to suggest the quinkin may be something different as well.Hmmmm....
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Thanks for the link Iggy. Ill have to read that page and it has some interesting pictures that i havent seen before.

you said that the quinkin may be something different, well i actually believe that there are many different species of "Wild-men" in australia. The Aboriginal people even talk about different kinds of wild men ranging in different colours sizes and nature. The different names could very well be references to different species or perhaps totally different types of creature completely.

Also Iggy what part of Australia are you from? I took a visit to australia 2 years ago. I hunted for the yowie for a few days but unfortunately i never had any luck, i was in WA probably not the best place to look for them but it was fun none the less.
Im in Sydney.

Your right about W.A. not being the best place for yowies.Most reports come from either far North Queensland or the Snowy Mountains,but many other sightings have been made all round the place.

Most recently we've had lots of big cat sightings just outside Sydney at the base of the Blue Mountains.Even got some decent footage of one.
I seem to remember Quinkins being divided into 'good' and 'bad' types. The good ones sheltered the two kids in the story when Turramulli was after them.
Next time i goto Australia i think i will ignore my relatives and goto Queensland in search of the Yowie, altho i was told that there had been some sightings in the places i had visited while i was staying there. I travelled right along the coast all the way to Bunbary (i think thats what it was called) and visited a very interesting forrest with giant trees on the way there. Also about the large cats, are you talking about the Queensland tiger? is there also a webpage where i could see this footage you mentioned.

I can't find the footage,but some stills from it are on the following link.Lithgow lies on the outer edge of the Sydney basin.


Link is dead. An archived version of the 2001 webpage can be accessed at the Wayback Machine:


Heres some more links you may find interesting:


Link is dead. An archived version of the 2001 webpage can be accessed at the Wayback Machine:



This link is still operational.
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Thanks Iggy

Those cat photographs are really good quality. They clearly show some kind of cat, possibly a puma or panther but these pictures have made me think about the possibilty that it is not a native species to Australia. Unlike the Queensland tiger which is supposidly a large marsupial these pictures clearly show a creature that looks like a known species. Im not saying that it definately isnt an australian animal but it does give rise to the possibility that its could be an escaped animal just like the ABC's that are known to wander the UK. Interesting none the less

thanks again Iggy, ill spend a few hours reading thru these new links you have given me :)

Actually the Quirkin was supposed to be a giant human ,the aboriginals were supposed to have killed them in a great battle on Melville Island.The yowie is common around here, in fact the small crop farmer on the creek has had 4 people chased hiking along the creek,ariving terrified.At Widgee the home of the Aboriginal Kairabora people has a long tradition of yowie encounters usually August /september when the mating season is on.The lesser yowie or junjardie is also common usually in the dry schlerofol(I m a rotten speller) gum forrests.These animals have a bluish/black coat and can be tempted at night with chocolate Im told.They can be regually heard at Canarvon Gorge in Qld,and regually rummage through camp sites.The Wakka Wakka have a tradition that if any one follows them to their hiding spots one becomes dearranged in the mind,its funny how the legends of fairies and little people contain this thread.

Oh yes Tim the toolman as we call him,well say no more.

There is a tradition near the south australian border of Yowies as Bunyips but maybe its a yowie in the river fishing.Yowies have been seen in Western Australia,one particually near the 40 mile tank south of Denham near Shark Bay.It is said to be so frightful locals wont stop to drink there.Also a report in 1964 at Monkey Mia the dolphin place.
yowies/lesser yowies

Heres a report from former National Parks and Wildlife Officer Graham Walsh about Junjuddies (different spelling) "There's growing evidence something is out there.People are finding nests and footprints,and witnesses constantly describe the terrible smell they give off.The junjuddies live in Canarvon Gorge.I saw 2 of them outside my camp at dawn,retired timber worker Paddy Oconnor said.They were no taller than 3 feet tall,with arms that trailed almost to the ground.They were pointing at my billycan and seemed to be exchanging comments about it.The light wasn't good enough to see the colour of its fur burt its eyes were very visible burning red like lamps.I was so scared by the sight and smell of the creatures that I was about to run,but happily they seemed just as frightened to see me and they bolted first.Other timbermen say they are kept awake at night.
I have read so many stories about how easy and common yowie sightings can be but yet there still is no pictures or video footage of these creatures. Doesnt it seem wierd to anyone that tourists, who usually carry cameras, seem to be chased by these things and dont think twice about taking a snap of them? a picture of one of these creatures would change the zoological world forever and would open the flood gates for investigations into sasquatch yeren yeti etc.
Wildman: if i were you id go on a holiday to one of these yowie hotspots and take a camera and change the world forever
Doesnt it seem wierd to anyone that tourists, who usually carry cameras, seem to be chased by these things and dont think twice about taking a snap of them?

It might be just me, but the sight of strange hairy creature running towards me would make me bolt as well. I'd probably curse at my cowardice once I was safe, but my first reaction would still be to leg it.
Even if it's only the 3-foot tall ones - if they're a type of ape, they might be much stronger than they look and I don't fancy being mauled for the sake of getting a decent picture.

Thanks Tang-Mallow,although I only live 3 miles away from a yowie hot spot and spend on average1 night fortnight looking,always with my trusty nikon FA, and sony video it itsnt as easy as it sounds.Firstly the country is very rugged,heavily covered with rainforest and hoop pine plantations.The light conditions are best described as atrocious,adequite for seeing however even cranking a film wont cut it.Until I get my new video Im limited to 5 lux and thats not good enough.The animals are large with an impressive stride,Id have to run to keep up with their walking.Frankly they scare the bejesus out of me,my plan is to photo and run.Another great spot to try and view them is The Lost World near Springbrook on the Gold Coast QLD.I see them as a remnant population that has retreated to the wild country ie. The Great Dividing Range ,that would give them a nice walk from Cape York to Victoria.The Snowy Mountains also have lots of reports of the greater Yowie although none of the Junjuddie,maybe the Junjuddie is only a Northern phenomen.
Sounds scarey wildman! glad to see ur putting so much effort into it tho and i hope your successful some day. Is there any reports of these creatures actually being violent or trying to harm anyone? if so i think your a brave man, and have you ever tried laying a trap for them? maybe even experiment by putting chocolate down in a certain area and see if it gets eaten thenkeep doing it for months and then u may be able to catch one in the act, just a thought

Also i never knew there were yowies at monkey mia in WA if i knew that i would of been more alert when i was there last year.. i did see small human footprints in the sand in hyden, mind you i wish i took photos of them altho they just looked like kids prints

Thanks Tang-Malow ,yowies have been estimated to weigh 500-900lbs.As to wether they are dangerous I think any omniverous animal that big and hungry well,Ill leave big brave Ricky to stand first in line.Alot of people have gone missing in the hills around Lismore,some say its the growers,but some of my hippy friends down that way say its yowies,others say its the giant goannas.Personally Im more interested in the lesser Yowie the Junjardie,Junjuddieor Junjari by all accounts seem to display remarkable intelligence AN EXTRACT-Then and now;an Aboriginal history of Gayndah."The junjari are little people who still live in the hills ,waterholes and dense bush areas of Gayndah and Eidsvold and are closely assocciated with Goondiels(Witchdoctors for want of a better name).These little people appear in male form and have dark skins and bearded faces.They laugh and call out loudly, appear at will.Local oppinions about the junjari vary from family to family.Most agree the little people are mischievous as well as helpful,but some recognise an evil side to them.From one families perspective the junjari have a predilection for enticing children away to a neither region from which they never return.Incidences were cited of the Junjari spiriting away adults as well.Survivors turning up in a dazed state unable to recall anything and were often never the same again." Although the same animal these discriptions have a human quality to them , that dosent appear in white mans descriptions of the lesser yowie.
interesting wildman. So what in your opinion are the junjari? are they spirits/ghosts or do you think they are simply and unknown type of ape? and are they nocturnal?
You mentioned how intelligent they seem to be and i have read many reports also which say that these creatures almost look like they can talk to each other, one guy actually said 2 of them where standing and looking at each other almost as if they were talking.
Your other storys about people going missing sent shivers up my back.. i think anyone who has witnessed night time in australia will agree with me when i say its probably one of the most frightning places on earth! the sky is pitch black and every so often there is a noise or monement which makes u shit your pants. Your a brave man for going into the dark armed only with a camera and im sure ricky wouldnt even go looking for these junjaries. Also your last post made me realise that there are alot of similarities between the storys of the Junjardie and storys of pookies fairies pixies etc. Are these views of the junjari views of white settlers or by the natives or a mixture of both??
You should start a website about this subject wildman and maybe post pictures that u take when ur out on your hunts and you should try laying traps like i said earlier! i read somewhere that a guy claimed that he was visited on a regualr occassion by a yowie and he fed it chocolate bars maybe you should try something like that?
Tang, I think your idea of baiting them is quite good, but maybe installing a camera triggered by movement would work better - and be less dangerous - than waiting for yowies to turn up. After all, they might be able to smell you out and not show up.

Concerning the similarities between junjaries and fairies, there's another thread somewhere that suggests that fairie sightings are similar to alien encounters.
The hills with circles of lights around them resemble descriptions of spacecrafts, and there's the 'little people' taking you away, and the changes noted in those that return.
Although both junjaries and fairies are partial to kidnapping children, I'm not sure that aliens do that, though.

I've been looking for the thread, but I can't find it!!
Thanks for repling ladies,I beleive that the Junjuddie is an offshoot of the Yowie both being an ape like human.It really is interesting how the stories of little people have the common thread,children,dearranged thought after visiting them,etc.There is no doubt that both are intelligent beings,perhaps the greater one not being as intelligent as the Junjuddie.The greater Yowie has vast natural physical advantages over the lesser Yowie,so a increased intelligence would be maybe natural selection.As to the great hoodoo trapping I tried to get a lisence from the National Parks and Wildllife,but the story is they told me to get a degree in an associated field(but what field)and apply then.As the animals dont really exist(their words) they cant really give one(confused i am)I said what if Im attacked,they said shoot it.Hummm it would be distinctly unappealing to be known as the bloke who shot the Yowie.The attitude around here is no body they dont exist...But close to 500 people turnedd up last April fools day when some idiots claimed to have captured one and were to display it in Gympies mainstreet.As for photos ,zip,but Ive got a beauty of a huge feral deer i thought was one(it certainly made enough noise to be one as it crashed through the lantanna.)Im looking foward to the mating season in Aug/sept and plan a little trip to The Lost World for a look,by then Ill have the new video which Ill be abble to burn to DVD,so drop us an Email and Ill snail mail it to who ever is interested,as not many Aussies are willing to beleive anything beyond the cricket and the festival off the boot.

Sorry Tang ,I didnt mean to intimate you were of the feminine gender,woops screwed up again.

Tang being a fella who likes a beer,just what is it your drinking looks expensive and interesting ??