1. Erinaceus

    Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon A tiny lizard species described as the "most endangered reptile in the world" has been found in grasslands west of Melbourne in a development that scientists are...
  2. Tunn11

    Manbeast Gait

    A question. We have at least partial skeletons of many Hominins and Hominids and we have a few footprints and fewer tracks (multiple footprints) We also have footprints and tracks of some manbeasts - and possible films. Have any direct comparisons been done of the possible gait of any of...
  3. lordmongrove

    Vuc Person Interviews Richard Freeman On His Expeditions & Theories

    Vuc Person interviews fat, bald goth about hunting monsters.
  4. lordmongrove

    In Search Of Real Monsters: Adventures On Cryptozoology Volume Two

    My new book is out. In Search of Real Monsters: Adventures on Cryptozoology Volume two...
  5. Sharon Hill

    Cryptidcore Aesthetic

    I've mentioned cryptidcore on other threads but today I came across a new article that I think is worth discussing. I'd love to hear some views on it. Cryptidcore and the joy of discovering mythical creatures in the wild, explained...
  6. lordmongrove

    Cryptozoology Research Papers

    Cryptozoological research papers on line.
  7. blessmycottonsocks

    Kasai Rex

    Does Mokele M'Bembe have a rival? Alleged theropod dinosaur (or could be a new crocodile species or some sort of large monitor lizard) reported in the Congo. Been doing the rounds on Pinterest, along with some decidedly dodgy photos.
  8. Mikefule

    Bigfoot Enters The Political Debate

    Not only a silly story showing the depths to which the hard earned privilege of democracy has been dragged in the USA, but with the added bonus of the antagonists being named Cockburn and Riggleman,
  9. lordmongrove

    Serpent Monster Of The Everglades (1901) 30 foot serpent in Florida Python? Anaconda? Huge catfish? Newspaper tattle?
  10. lordmongrove

    On The Track

    A new episode of the CFZ webshow
  11. L

    Sasquatch Map Of The U.S.

    Through some research I was doing for Paranormal Camping I stumbled on an interesting map that has been put together by cartographer Joshua Stevens. I won't explain anymore about it here but rather let you either read my news post about it (which contains all the links etc)...
  12. lordmongrove

    In Search Of The Japanese Wolf ... nese-wolf/ In search of the Japanese wolf.
  13. lordmongrove

    Footage Of 'Hibagon'

    Supposed footage of Hibagon. Looks like he has shoes on to me.
  14. kamalktk

    'Werewolf' Captured On CCTV In Brazil

    Well, it's something. The grainy CCTV footage shows a dark creature coming out of the trees and pacing around on all fours before vanishing again And it isn't the first time it has been...
  15. K

    Black Shuck In Hertfordshire

    Not sure whether this should be here or in Cryptozoology, but here goes. A few years ago I was seeing a girl in Stevenage (luckily I have since moved ) who's sister was single with three kids. I never asked what happened to her husband - this being Stevenage I probably assumed she never had...
  16. B

    The Two Varieties Of Tabby Cat

    Dunno if this should be on the cryptozoology page or not, but what the hell... Anyway, I heard a long time ago (don't know if it was a book, TV show or what) that the reason why there appear to be two varieties of domestic tabby cat - one with a stripy, 'tigerish' pattern to its coat, the...
  17. M

    The Hoop Snake

  18. W

    'Drop Bears'

    time to confess about our australian "drop bears" According to legend, Drop Bears are dangerous creatures that hide in gum trees. You can tell if one of them is hiding in a tree by lying on your back beneath the tree and spitting upwards. If the Drop Bear is up there, it'll spit back...
  19. A

    The Dover Demon

    Dover Demon on kids TV! I turned on ITV the other day and it was the usual hour of kids programmes they have before the news on weekday afternoons... and there was a seriously acid/ecstasy influenced CGI cartoon on called "Tiny Planets", featuring a creature very much resembling the Dover...
  20. A

    The Beast of Gévaudan

    [Emp edit: Warning: This thread may contain spoilers for the film Brotherhood of the Wolf which is loosely based on these events. Its also worth noting that there is a BotW discussion thread here: if you are only...
  21. A

    Kappa the Creature from Japan

    I have just read and saw amazing pics of a creature called The Kappa it is part of Japanese folklore This is what the Japanese has found out so far about the strange creature, Kappa: 1) It lives in or near rivers. 2) It looks like a 5 year-old human child. 3) Its arms and legs are...
  22. A

    Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film

    Despite much criticism and analysis, the Bigfoot Patterson film still seems to defy all scepticism. Does anyone out there think it is a real Bigfoot, especially with the analysis provided by the likes of Grover Krantz who believe it to be an unknown biped. Unfortunately, enigmas such as Bigfoot...
  23. A

    The Yowie

    Just wanted to get others thoughts on a theory I heard on Tele. Basically theres an Australian guy called Tim the Yowie man.He claims to be Australias leading cryptonaturalist. He believes that most of the worlds famous monsters,i.e.Big foot,yetis etc are all yowies. He even believes...
  24. rynner2

    Sea Serpents & Monsters (General; Miscellaneous)

    Cornish Sea Monster Richard La Monica is a sasquatch researcher, based in Ohio. In an article about him it was mentioned that his Cornish grandparents had told him about a monster sometimes seen in Falmouth Bay. I emailed him about this, and this is part of his rely: "... My mother, aged 85...
  25. A

    The Legendary Thunderbird Photo

    Thunderbird Photograph - discovered. Ladies. Gentlemen. This is truly a solemn and wonderful occasion for all of us with an interest in cryptozoology. For decades, its existence has been both rumored and doubted. Some people have remembered having seen it. Investigations took place, magazines...
  26. A

    Wodewose & The British Bigfoot

    Are there any sasquatch/bigfoot stories in the UK? As topic.
  27. A

    Bigfoot / Sasquatch In North America

    This has been bugging me for a while now. In several of his books, John Keel mentions a photo taken by a colleague of his, Jaye Paro, of a bizarre ape man type thing (or, to take a cynical view, deranged mountain tramp) in the woods on Mount Misery, Virginia. The net has been no help...
  28. A

    Alien Big Cats ('ABCs')

    Last summer a large black cat appeared on the outskirts of Coventry (quite close to the Jaguar factory as it happens) and then disapeared. Well it's back in Thursdays edition of the Coventry Evening Telegraph...