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Mande Burung On Video



ok so now there are 2 cryptozoology videos out there that i havent seen :( i hope this new one with the indian bear man turns out to be as good as it sounds. Experts say it could be a bear but even if this is the case the 50cm foot prints left behind would mean that it is one big bear. Im sure there is more to this story that just simply a bear as Mr Sangma (the man who filmed the creature) said ''Having read books and watched television, I can differentiate between animals.''
if any of you guys see still or a video of this footage on the web please PM me or post where i can see it on this thread.

Tang (or anyone else, for that matter), do you think all these yeti types are of the same genus? In your opinion, are they all closely related, like different types of, say, gorillas? Or as different as chimps are from gorillas and orangutans? If the giganto theory is correct (which seems most likely to me), I think they must be pretty similar.
id say they are all of the same family but i would say from eye witness reports and comparisons to other mammals that are of the same species but live in different envirnoments they must have some differences. this could be colour, appearance, smell to plain size even. I would say that these creatures have enhabitated the areas they live in for thousands of years and when you look at the different envirnoments that they live in i think it is safe to say they will have evolved differently.
I dont think a yowie who lives in warm dry conditions would be exactly the same as say the yeti that lives in high cold mountain ranges. Same goes with others altho i dont think the orang pendek is as close a relative as i think that they stem from the orangatang or vice versa.

what do you think torgos?
I guess I think Sasquatch, bigfoot, Mo-Mo, and the Skunk Ape are all the same critter, descended from gigantopithecus. Maybe different "breeds," like german shepherds are different from retrievers; yet, the same species. The yeti and yowie might be different species, but the same genus, like burros are different from horses or lions are different from cheetahs. Yowies seem to be a good deal smaller (and maybe smarter) than sasquatches, don't they?

One on one, bare knuckle, I think I could take a yowie. Sasquatch would have me for breakfast. ;)
Yeah your right about the yowie appearing to be more intelligent according to eyewitness accounts but i have also heard people saying that yeti speaks and there was one old woman on the tv thatclaimed to be able to speak to the yeti and infact she lived with it in its cave. The womans family say she has mental problems and often starts speaking a language that even they dont understand and the woman has been known to suddenly disapear for months on end and then returning nback to her family claiming to have been with the yeti, her family thought it was wierd as she is like in her 80s and is also in no condition to feed herself or keep herself warm in the extremely cold climatet hat they live in.

And also dont forget the old Marco Polo story about the Orang Pendek. he wrote that the orang pendek could speak but never did cos it was afraid that then it would have to goto work. I doubt this is true

i dont however agree with your "One on one, bare knuckle, I think I could take a yowie. Sasquatch would have me for breakfast. " comment, im lead to believe that these creatures are vegitarian and only sometimes resorting to eating the livers of deer for nutrients during the winter. :p
I think I could disable a yowie with pliers, like Yukon Cornelius did to the Bumble. I think I'm taller than most yowies. Still, I have to maintain a fully-grown sasquatch would pack my lunch and send me to school. It would be like Chewbacca engaging in child abuse.
That thing you said with Marco Polo I have heard elsewhere. That natives believed monkeys could talk but didn't because they knew then they would be put to work.
Yes Xanatic, Marco polo wrote it as a quote of what he was told by the natives. People think tho that the silent ape could simply be an orangutang but i doubt this somehow. The only thing that doesnt add up about the Marco Polo journals is that he described the Orang Pendeks as having tails which has never been reported by eye witness's. The natives also told Marco that there were more than one type of wildman, i think there were 4 or something.. i cant really remember as it was a while ago i read about it but anyways if this is the case maybe there are Pendeks with tails running around which would make it one of the only great apes alive today to sport a tail.

and torgos your not taller than most Yowies, there are yowies described as being 8 foot tall and some 4 foot, they are thought to be different species of yowie but closely related, but i do agree about your chewbacca comment. What a sight that would be. id even pay for the pleasure :)
But the orang gugu are more problematic. Were they merely orangutans? Jacob Bontius remarks that there is a tradition "that these animals can speak but refuse to do so for fear of being put to work." Similarly-described savages are described elsewhere as orang pendek, orang letjo, atoe pandak, atoe rimbo, sedapa, ijaoe, sedabo or goegoeh.

Xanatic, you may find this webpage interesting

One on one, bare knuckle, I think I could take a yowie. Sasquatch would have me for breakfast.


I haven't heard much about yowies--but I think that if it came down to it I would do what ever I had to protect people.Might be get killed doing it--but I'd get the job done.

Sure---I'd take sasquatch---I'd take him for a ride!
Talking manimals

I saw a documentary a while back about Sasquatch - they interviewed a Native American folklorist who said that the indigenous tribes regarded the Sasquatch as just another tribe in it's own right (they called them "Stone-clad" or something) and had communicated and possibly even traded with them. It seems lots of Native American tribes were, and possibly are, aware of their existence but as they treat them as just another part of nature, likes bears or cougars, or even another tribe, they just leave each other alone.

Besides, the argument that Bigfoor isn't seen often isn't all that unusual either: a pal of mine went into the rain forest in British Columbia on a field trip a couple of years ago, and despite spending three weeks deep in the woods didn't see anything at all, deer, wolf, cougar, bear - he heard a lot of things, but didn't so much as catch a glimpse. If wild animals don't want to be seen, they won't be.

If the rest of the human race treated them similarly perhaps Sasquatch and his global relatives would make themselves more apparent: Bigfoot does seem on occasion curious about people, peering into trailer park windows etc, and perhaps they'd be more forthcoming if experience hadn't taught them that within minutes there'd be half a dozen lunatics with rifles and six-packs of Bud blasting away in the woods at anything that moves...