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suggestions & recommendations

  1. DrPaulLee

    Book Recommendations

    A few years back I had a pretty good library of ghost books but had to sell most of them to make ends meet. I'm hoping that a few projects will bear fruit and I'm looking to possibly start replenishing my stock. However, I'm "out of the loop" and not familiar with more recent titles either. Can...
  2. frankiefelix

    Would You Like To Contribute To My Book, Pretty Please?

    Hi, folks. I'm researching the occult history of Blackpool for my first attempt at writing a whole book. It's a look at the individuals and groups who helped to make Blackpool's esoteric night side from its beginnings to the present day. So far I have contacts and data for the Spiritualists...
  3. merricat

    When The Lights Went Out

    Just watched the film from 2012, no idea how I'd missed that one, but usually shy away from contemporary stock horror, much to my own detriment sometimes. But I loved this, from the wonderfully accurate setting in 1974 Yorkshire to the amazing cast. Has anyone else seen this, and what are your...
  4. merricat

    West Country Tales & Other Folk Horror Gems

    I tried to locate an existing thread on which to share this yet couldn't find one that felt fitting. Please merge into another if that feels appropriate. I love searching for old folk horror or uncanny fictions on youtube, and have amassed a nice little playlist over the past few years. I...
  5. MorningAngel

    Fortean Gifts & Presents

    Love these https://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com/products/ghost-stort-dice Link dead—assume this was the product: https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Story-Dice-Hannah-Waldron/dp/1856699811
  6. James_H

    New & Soon To Be Published Books

    Thought a few of you might be interested in this, being sold off by Strange Attractor for £4: https://strangeattractor.greedbag.com/buy/equinox-festival/?fbclid=IwAR0JkY1p6_KZUxyCafBQ7pdU_L09y7CbwIPeUFok7CZVYz7uxQt_11c-akw Perhaps we can keep this thread to post similar recommendations.
  7. G

    Fortean Books: Suggestions & Recommendations

    I've posted this question before in another forum so excuse me if I'm repeating myself, but I would dearly love recommendations of good fortean books/stories. I'm fairly new to forteana but I find it fascinating so far, and I enjoy reading stories of a supernatural/strange slant. I also don't...
  8. Cherrybomb

    Folk Horror

    Hi all Here's something thats been bothering me recently: What is the difference (if there is one) between Folk horror and the Fortean? :confused:
  9. ramonmercado

    Science Fiction: Films & TV

    We don't seem to have a specific SF films thread so here is one for SF films unlikely to earn a thread of their own. Starting with: Beta Test: Yes, its Mind Games Forever. Perhaps mixing the traditions of Inception and eXistenZ, Beta Test nevertheless makes its own mark on the SF gamer trope...
  10. ramonmercado

    Fantasy Films

    A Thread for Fantasy Films and about time too! The Huntsman: Winter's War. Friendly but tetchy Dwarfs, ghastly Goblins and miniature Gollum lookalikes who are nice and helpful. Beautiful production design with great costumes and good acting from Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain & Charlize Theron...
  11. Naughty_Felid

    Fantasy Literature

    Mentioned Poul Anderson on another thread and realised we have an SF thread but not a fantasy one. So writers who's you favs? David Gemmell - Loved David Gemmell although his books later bacame quite repetitive. Loved Druss, Waylander and The Rigante books. Mike Moorcock - Eternal...
  12. ramonmercado

    Horror Films

    For Horror films unlikely to get a thread of their own.
  13. GNC

    James Herbert

    Anyone read any James Herbert here? I read a lot as a teenager, stuff like The Rats and its sequels, but grew out of him quickly. I did read Others a few years ago, which was fair enough, but as he's Britain's most successful horror author it's funny he doesn't get the same kind of respect as...
  14. P

    10,000 B.C. See Mammoth Hunters Fight Atlantean Slavers!

    I went to see 10,000 B.C. (2008), last night, whilst waiting for one of my kids, who was attending a Kelly Clarkson Concert. :roll: An accurate portrayal of prehistory, it is not. If you like battles between Old Stone Age hunters and giant, hairy mammoths, not to mention the giant moa...
  15. uair01

    Forteana & Weirdness On YouTube

    I got the following e-mail and watched the video. Actually - it achieves a nice spooky effect with cheap and simple means :D But how did the author find me? Do you have any more Fortean Youtube links? Right track ? :shock:
  16. Yithian

    Brothers Of The Head

    Brothers of the Head I've just got back from seeing this as the middle feature in a great treble bill (dubbed 'Midnight Obsession') at the Jeonju Film festival. It's really quite interesting and somewhat dark. Fortean associations abound. A few cameos, not least Ken Russell and Jonathan...
  17. M

    Useful Applications

    Seems the old one got the chop but no matter we can start again. ------------ Obviously get yourself fixed up with firewalls and virus checkers - you can get free ones so there is no excuse. Also install a couple of spyware checkers. When it comes to browsers give FireFox a whirl - its...
  18. M

    Zombie Films

    Trust the Japenese to start creating genres like this ;) First we had 2001's "Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies": www.imdb.com/title/tt0368296/ www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000096 ... enantmc-20 www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000 ... ntmagaz-21 and now the same...
  19. A

    The Great Westerns

    Is anyone writing western novels any more? (besides larry Mcmurtry) Some are great. Others are rotten!!!.. I Like Lonesome dove.... I guess another good question would be... Do or did brits like westerns. I know it's mostly americana stuff, and I'm curious to find out if playing...
  20. O

    The Tea Thread

    Multiple vintage threads about tea have now been consolidated into this single compendium thread. This thread's contents aren't particularly 'Fortean', but they do concern Food & Drink. Doing a title search on 'tea' may or may not lead you to this thread (owing to the short search term)...
  21. bagins_X

    A Good Read: Book Suggestions & Recommendations

    The Illustrateed Egyptian Book of the Dead Dr Ramses Seleem ISBN 1-84181-109-2 Wm.
  22. A

    Science Fiction

    This topic developed a life of its own on another thread, so has been split off as a new thread. (Pedantic Eburacum) I tend to expect multicellular life to develop around stars in classes F, G, and K, but class M red dwarfs have very small comfort zones, so are less likely to develop life...
  23. rynner2

    TV & Radio Reminders

    This thread is for reminders only, and out-dated posts will be removed from time to time. To comment on Programmes, please find a thread elsewhere, or start a new one. Thanks - rynner This is just a suggestion, but perhaps this thread would be more useful if reminders were posted no more...
  24. A

    Worst Movie EVER?

    That IS One BAD Film! Okay people it has been suggested on another thread that there are BAD films out there. So what films have you seen that have left you feeling soiled, degraded and with a bad taste in your mouth. And just to get the ball rolling I can't think of one as I blank them from my...
  25. E

    Digging Up Threads Of Fortean Excellence!

    Ok, got a bit of time on me hands tonight, and thought I'd do a bit of an index telling people where they can find threads about Fortean classics, in light of many well-weathered topics being brought up again to be followed up with "see this thread" posts by the regulars. All threads listed...
  26. A

    Victorian & Victorianesque Ghost Stories

    A big Hello to all of you inhabiting the Fortean Zone :) I'm currently indulging myself with Victorian and Victorian-influenced Ghost Stories - short stories, novels, plays, films - anything really! Some favourites that have come to mind are: "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James "The...
  27. J

    Fortean Book Recommendations

    Amazon Listmania lists of fortean books http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/cm/member-fil/-/A38DJF55CZA3V7/104-8948726-7120728 After noticing that Loren Coleman has produced a bunch of fortean themed lists of books and videos I thought I would do a couple too: amazon.co.uk...
  28. A

    The Scariest Paranormal Or Ghost Book You've Read?

    What is the scariest ghost or paranormal book you have read ? The following are recommended: THE AWFUL THING IN THE ATTIC by Brad Stieger THE HAUNTED (made into 1992 American t.v. movie) GRAVE SEND THE TERROR THAT COMES IN THE NIGHT (although heavy going) GHOST by Hanz Holzer (is this...
  29. A

    Fortean Films

    I caught Magnolia and I wan't really impressed - it was okay - but are there any really great Fortean films out I should check out?