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Would You Like To Contribute To My Book, Pretty Please?


Devoted Cultist
May 8, 2013
Manchester, UK
Hi, folks. I'm researching the occult history of Blackpool for my first attempt at writing a whole book. It's a look at the individuals and groups who helped to make Blackpool's esoteric night side from its beginnings to the present day. So far I have contacts and data for the Spiritualists, the Theosophists, Austin Spare, Madeline Montalban, Gypsy travellers and Phil Hine.

I would really appreciate anyone's input especially family stories and experience related to the above. Any takers?
I'd suggest going down the printed route via kdp.

Kindle books are very easily ripped off and the readers can get a full refund if they apply within 7 days, so the author gets nothing.
Tell me about it!

Best of luck with the book, @frankiefelix!

I am still hunting for that book about my local ghosts, which I bought, read and then put 'somewhere'.
Hi again and thank you for all your kind words! I'm actually looking into occult practice in Blackpool more than ghosts and ghoulish but your suggestions may well provide some leads. Love you, fellow Forteans!