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Question For Mods Regarding Discussion Of FT Magazine Content

Andy X

Dec 12, 2014
Larch Forest
This probably doesn't require a new thread but I was unsure where to post it.

Unless I'm being really thick (possible) am I right in thinking that the subforum about Fortean Times magazine has gone for a Burton? I can see why this would be a necessary step as this forum now has no partnership with the mag and its publisher, but does that mean that discussion of said publication is er ... verboten.

Sorry if it's a daft question; I just wondered!
Thanks James. Apparently I was being dim after all! Or just bad at searching, though I tried searching for UFO by thread titles the other day and got nothing....
I think you just expected to find it under Website Issues, when it was hiding in plain sight as a Fortean Issue! :rolleyes:
You're not wrong - that is exactly where I looked. But I'm sure it was previously elsewhere and rather more prominent!
Just for the record ...

No - discussion of FT isn't 'off limits'.

The point is that the forum is no longer affiliated with the magazine at all.

This is not an 'official' place to discuss the magazine nor an authorized point of contact for matters (e.g., subscriptions) pertaining to it.

The forum does not represent the magazine or its publisher in any way.
Of course; that's understood by everyone (the legal situation regarding Dennis), I think.

Anyway, I'm glad it's still possible to refer to what lies between the covers every month - although I read massively more than I write :)
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