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  1. K

    Fairies Feeding Children Pancakes

    Hi there, Can anyone remember a folktale about some kids getting lost, and when they were found, they said a tiny man had looked after them and fed them pancakes? I have no idea of the era or location, but I have most definitely not imagined it. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Kate
  2. Paul_Exeter

    Help with Haunted Skies 7 By Hanson & Holloway

    If you do, please could you look up the January 1978 Frodsham UFO case (teenage poachers, humanoids and cows) for me and see if the hoax scenario is mentioned? I'm asking as researcher David Sankey contacted Jenny Randles with his doubts on this case and was also involved in this book, providing...
  3. Sid Boggle

    A 'Classic' UFO Photo That I Can't Find

    Hello. Can anybody help with this? There is a photo that I'd like to see again but just cannot find. I must have seen it in a book several years ago. I'd say it was taken in probably the 1940s or 50s and shows some kind of UFO in the distance, whilst in the foreground - just in front of the...
  4. Tunn11

    Some Questions About Ghosts

    These questions have been bugging me for a while so I’ll ask all you wise folk on here. Is there a personality type likely to become a ghost? If ghosts are spirits of the dead, are certain types more likely to become ghosts? Introverts, extroverts certain degrees of autism, mental illness...
  5. U

    Who Watches The Watchers?

    Why is there no report button on the mods profiles?
  6. Frideswide


    If someone is tased, will the effect travel to people who are holding the original person? Asking for a friend :twothumbs:
  7. U

    Fortean Times Magazine Word-Limit For Letters

    Could anybody please let me know the word count limit for letters submitted to Fortean Times? I can't find any information in the magazine.
  8. gojiramonkey

    Looking For British 70s Horror Series

    Hello. I am trying to find a British horror series from the 70s , only because it had the creepiest title credits I think I've ever seen. There's an eerie street with , I think , blue buildings or houses , possibly with the occasional suitably creepy face in a window that the camera pans across...
  9. W

    Looking For A Photo Of An Uncanny Old Man Seen In Fortean Times

    I'm trying to find a photo I saw in a Fortean Times issue around 20 years ago, and I figured this would be a great place to ask! When I was a kid, we had a family friend who knew I was into aliens, UFOs, cryptozoology, and the like, and he was too. He had a subscription to Fortean Times, and he...
  10. Reverend D

    Contour Lines

    Can anyone help with this? Many years ago, I was shown by someone outdoorsy how to translate contour lines from a map into a side-on outline of the hill itself. Unless he was making it up and trying to impress me, this guy was able to use the individual contour lines to gradually build...
  11. Frideswide

    Is This A Particular Badge Or Group?

    The title says it all really :) Help! Help! Help!
  12. Eyespy

    Where Does Dirt Come From?

    This is a question asked of me by my son, aged about 7- I was doing A level Archeology at the time and he was browsing my aeriel photographs, home work. he asked why all the Archeology stuff was buried underground- who buried it? I explained that soil builds up and deposits on buildings and...
  13. zappagirl

    Help Me Find A Book: Purple Cover With A Silver Lightning Flash!

    First time posting here, so my apologies if this is the incorrect forum. In the early 1990s I got a book out of a library in one of my local towns which if I recall accurately was mainly about (but not limited to) encounters with non-human entities such as fairy-type beings, gnomes, etc etc...
  14. Tempest63

    Proof Of Precognition

    How does the message board know in advance who is going to react to my posts later today or tomorrow. And how can it know that Spookdaddy will respond at exactly 1.11 today?
  15. F

    Email Notifications (Alerts) Not Received

    This weekend, some of my watched thread notifications have not made it through to my email. I use Outlook (Hotmail), have nothing in junk and don't use the focused messages option. I noticed it with the Humour thread as I should get an email daily. Could it be because I'm watching too many...
  16. Kondoru

    Why Are Pirates Romanticised?

    Just curious.
  17. DrPaulLee

    Blocking A User

    This forum needs a way to block someone. Just ignoring someone isn't good enough as they can still see what I post. A user on this board was incredibly rude about my research a month or two back and this has made me very reluctant to post on this board.
  18. Stormkhan

    Password Changing

    I've just received an auto-email from the board, telling me how to re-set my password. I've never requested this. Now, admittedly, the email says if I haven't requested this just ignore the email - which I intend to do - but I'd like to ask why this email was sent? Is it an automated thing, sent...
  19. Yithian

    IP Address Banned?

    Would any user who finds his or her attempts to access the site normally blocked by the board please contact a moderator by private message (or contact us directly via the 'Contact us' link at the very bottom of the main page if able). It would not be prudent to discuss details 'in the clear'...
  20. EnolaGaia

    Where's My Post? (Staff Actions In Response To Member Postings)

    This thread is being established to provide a place for queries and discussions relating to staff (moderator) actions taken with regard to members' posts. Here is an overview of the basic / background conditions in effect ... The forum's Terms and Rules set the basic guidelines for evaluating...
  21. S

    No Marking Notifications As "Read"

    I don't know if this is a problem with all or not, but when I used to mark notifications as "read" they used to grey out. But now I notice that they don't, which makes it a bit confusing when your not sure which ones you've read and which ones you've not read?
  22. TangletwigsDeux

    Mozilla/Nordgard VPN IPs Getting Blocked Very Quickly

    With recent headlines about "secretive" hoovering up of UK residents online data, I decided to ressurect regular VPN use on all systems. Choosing the relatively new offering from Firefox (which uses the Nordgard backbone I believe) all is well. However the FT message board is frequently...
  23. EnolaGaia

    Q & A Regarding Our 'No-Politics' Policy

    Now that there's been a transition in the American presidency there is a question regarding the extent to which mention and / or discussion of the newly-former US President would represent 'politics' of the sort we prohibit from the forum. To the extent he is cited in relation to a topic...
  24. ralfy

    Forum Style Requests

    Is there a dark mode besides Retro Glare? I use extensions like Dark Reader, but they can slow down browsing.
  25. Comfortably Numb

    Attachments & File Size

    As I am suddenly having a problem with the size of file attachments, I would like to try an experiment, please. Attached are two images. The first is the exact one I have previously uploaded, seemingly without any issues. It was cropped from an original and then compressed using the LitPhoto...
  26. Comfortably Numb

    Providing A Link To Another Post

    How can I do so, such as clicking on the link takes you direct to that post?
  27. Spookdaddy

    Quoting A Post In A Different Thread?

    I was just wondering if there is any sort of protocol in regard to quoting a post in a different thread to the one it originally appears in. Some general threads have posts in them which are relevant to more specifically focussed ones. The general threads tend to trundle on like juggernauts...
  28. David Plankton

    A Million Messages

    One for the Mods I suppose... By using the amount of posts made in one week, is it possible to estimate when we might reach 1,000,000? Currently at 994,848. How long does it take the board to amass 5152 messages? edit:too many 'posts'
  29. Comfortably Numb

    Uploading Images

    Wondered if this might be worth a mention. For a while now, anytime I upload an image, always decompress the file size first. Have been using the Android app, 'Lit Photo' long enough to recommend it. No issues, simply click on the image and it will instantly reduce the file size by up to 90%...
  30. Andy X

    Question For Mods Regarding Discussion Of FT Magazine Content

    This probably doesn't require a new thread but I was unsure where to post it. Unless I'm being really thick (possible) am I right in thinking that the subforum about Fortean Times magazine has gone for a Burton? I can see why this would be a necessary step as this forum now has no partnership...
  31. bloop

    How Do I Contact Admin?

    Basically what title says. Need to speak to someone in private and cant work out how to contact admin. Can someone direct me please.
  32. henry

    Likes [Poll]

    will everyone stop liking my posts please, im starting to feel like katy perry
  33. CarlosTheDJ

    Issues With Email Notifications

    Hi all, I've just realised that I haven't received any emails from the board since Friday - not a single topic notification. Anyone else experiencing this? Carlos
  34. Odradek

    Did Anyone Have This Book When They Were Young?

    It's part of the Childcraft series from World Book. I remember reading this over and over with wonder as a kid as it covers things like mokele-mbembe, Planet X, a mystery mushroom cloud which appeared in Japan in 1984, the Sirrush of Babylon, man eating trees and the wintry summer of 1816. I...
  35. DrPaulLee

    Animated .gif Avatars?

    Does this new site not allow animated gifs as avatars anymore?
  36. stu neville


    We no longer have to fiddle about with back ground colours - go into the "plus" sign above the reply box, and there's the spoiler control. Just click it, add a title if you like, and then type between the spoiler code brackets... Good eh? Please use when discussing TV series, movies etc that...
  37. MercuryCrest

    Discussion Of Spam & Spammers

    "Spammer's Gate" is locked, and I have no "mark as spam" button, so here: [ [ gone ] P_M ] Kellyban's comment is clearly wedding photography spam. This might be a good thread to keep around so others can flag spam if/when they come across it. (The mods do a great job, but something's...
  38. liveinabin

    Where Do I Change My Email Address?

    I have just realised that my email address attached to my account is now old and defunct. However looking on my profile I can't see where to change my email address. That said I can see where I can add details of my fax and pager numbers!! Can anyone tell me where I can change my email...
  39. catthing

    What's This Film?

    Greetings, hi a while ago someone here named an obscure film that i could remember, i think it was "the magic tollbooth". well im back(with a diffrent name,as i could not sign in with my old one) and im trying to get the name of another film.. im sorry but all i remember is its black &...
  40. pornosonic1975

    Is It Illegal To Embed Glass In Your Wall To Deter Would-Be Intruders?

    I am a Police Officer and today, myself and colleagues saw a high wall to a house which was embedded with glass shards in cement at the top. One colleague immediately stated that this was "illegal", however I pointed out that as far as I know, there is no actual LAW that says that you cannot do...
  41. G

    What's The Most Boring Fortean Subject?

    ok, so some subjects really irk me. do you get the same feeling? (dreams may be interesting only if shared, as in the fascinating dummy/milk thread. but that's an exception). and sorry, i don't want to be mean to anybody.
  42. Peripart

    Personal Details

    Here's a question: is there any purpose of having personal details, such as age and gender, on our profiles? I used to think there was - if I post something, people's reading of that post can be justifiably coloured by knowing that it was written by a 39-year-old man. Folk may think I'm...
  43. stu neville

    Tech Help (Beyond This Forum)

    For all your day-to-day technological queries and quandaries... God I'm channelling Robert Robinson To share jolly good programs and freeware and such, head on over to Useful Apps.
  44. S

    Avatars & Signatures

    i have an avatar that i would like to use, but its too big. So i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make it smaller, or could maybe do it for me??:D ;) its one of those moving ones, if that helps any....:D
  45. K

    Stone Steps Discovered In A Coal Mine?

    There is already a thread about underground passageways but this is different and I didn't want to hijack that original one. A number of years ago a friend of mine told me about a mystery involving the discovery of stone steps in a coal mine. He had been researching this story for a number...
  46. Yithian

    Missing In Action: Members Who've Gone Silent / Haven't Been Seen For Some Time

    NOTE: This thread was established for inquiries and discussion about members who seem to have gone silent or drifted away for a notable length of time. This thread is not intended to contain material concerning the following specific cases - cases for which we have other dedicated threads...
  47. M

    Useful Applications

    Seems the old one got the chop but no matter we can start again. ------------ Obviously get yourself fixed up with firewalls and virus checkers - you can get free ones so there is no excuse. Also install a couple of spyware checkers. When it comes to browsers give FireFox a whirl - its...
  48. Heckler

    Board Speed

    Speed of the board has been pants this afternoon, I've had a few time outs (even on the front page). Anything going on? (Before anyone asks I checked other websites at the same time and they fine so it wasn't my connection).
  49. D

    Who Sells Fortean Times Near Me?

    Latest FT (10 March issue) I come from the Dagenham & Havering areas and havent seen the latest issue of Fortean Times. Is there a distribution problem for this area? [Emp edit: Just to say you can find the details here: http://tinyurl.com/kzhvl so you can contact them directly and...
  50. stu neville

    Personal Information On Threads

    Folowing the closure of the "Where have you lived?" thread, we thought it would be useful to open a thread about how much info the membership think is appropriate to post to the net, as we're thinking of adding something about the subject to the guidelines. So, what do you think?