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Who Watches The Watchers?

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There's a tradition here, (also at the places I'm in charge ;) ) that misunderstandings and grievances are kept off open thread as much as possible. It's still possible of course but experience is that it calms the situation more quickly if a few voices talk to each other without an audience.

Similarly if something starts to spread across many threads then a person is encouraged (maybe by temporarily, only temporarily and for a short time), to talk in PM to the Mods.

*appropriate hugs*
PS things can move slowly - not all staff are on all the time, time is taken to think and discuss, there are endless things the staff have to do...
Can I report Gordon please.

He is a fine and worthy gentleman. In fact he has much in common with the Unseelie Court - who are also fine and worthy gentlepersons.

Won't hear a word against them! Nosiree!

Lordly and proud, with so much to be proud of, that's @gordonrutter :twothumbs:
Can I report Gordon please.

Like asking Tony Soprano for a face to face and then...

Shit Tony , but this Tony Soprano cafone is breaking my fokkin balls man - it's giving me the fokkin agita - whaddawegonnadoaboudit?

Tony Sop2.gif
For the benefit of us normal people, the mods carry out their shady doings (often after dark and in the shadows) for nothing paid but a reward that comes with dedication to keeping this site a sane and reasonable place to visit and stay. Look at some of the other sites out there and you’d start doubting your sanity in a week.
After a brief discussion, Matt has decided to leave the board.

Can't please everyone, it seems.
To conclude this lively thread with some functional information before it is locked: while members are unable to report posts made by moderators directly (the software is not bespoke), comments and criticism of the posts and actions of moderators are not verboten.

Please note: the report function is not exclusively a complaint system.

See here: https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/reporting-posts.70875/

Instead of starting a vanity thread or littering other threads with complaints, I would advise first contacting the moderator concerned by private message ('start a conversation'). Why? Because misunderstanding is frequently the reason for anger. If, however, this does not produce a satisfactory result, you should then send a private message to one or more other moderators (adding multiple recipients).

The crucial caveat here is that we are a voluntary team who live in a variety of time-zones; although you may be lucky, there is every chance that a response will not be forthcoming for a day or two.

You may sense that addressing your comments to 'the boss' will be the most efficacious, but as we frequently share communications from the membership among us, there is little to be gained; writing to the moderator most likely to see the message at the earliest time is more sensible. To maximise your chances, therefore, please also try to keep your text short and omit the expletives and rhetorical flourishes. This is not because we demand respect from humble members, it's because you are asking us to do more work.

We will honestly give a fair hearing to anybody who writes in clear and tolerably polite terms.

A list of my favourite complaints of recent years would include:
  • What the fuck is he playing at?
  • Delete the post now!
  • Don't you believe in free speech?
  • Close my account and remove all my posts.
  • I've reported you to Stu Neville. You should not be a mod.
To which our weary answers are:
  • We have no idea who you are talking about.
  • Which post and why?
  • No.
  • Sorry, we can't do that, Dave (See: the user agreement you didn't read)
  • I know. Thank you.
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