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Tech & Policy Update: Time Limits For Editing / Deleting Your Posts


I knew the job was dangerous when I took it ...
Jul 19, 2004
Out of Bounds
Effective immediately ...

The forum specifications governing users' ability to edit or delete their own posts have been changed.

In past incarnations of this forum there were incidents in which members who'd elected to leave the forum or simply cause trouble deliberately deleted many or all their posts.

Such widespread or total post deletions resulted in damaging threads - sometimes to the extent the affected thread was rendered indecipherable, confusing, and / or emptied of any informative content. Multiple once-substantive threads have been removed from public view or simply deleted as a result of such carnage.

The ability to cause such damage was afforded members because the forum's controls had been configured to allow post edits and post deletions for an excessively generous length of time following the post's creation.

Under the newly-implemented experimental control settings a poster will be allowed to edit or delete one of his / her posts up to 24 hours following its creation and accretion to the forum. After 24 hours the poster will not be able to edit or delete the post.

NOTE: Under our Terms & Rules, this forum service is accorded an unlimited and permanent license to hold and manage any contributions (i.e., posts) a member adds to the forum. As such, threads or posts deleted by their originating members within the prescribed time limits will remain deleted at the discretion of the staff, who have final authority over maintaining or reversing any post deletion.

Please think before and during the time when you're composing and entering a new post.
Just to add: if there's a good reason for wishing to amend or remove one of your posts after twenty-four hours have elapsed, contact a moderator and we will usually deal with it for you.

Please include a link to the exact post in question, not just the start of the thread.

This measure is only being put in place to remove the opportunity for vandalism and deception. It's quite standard on many other message boards.