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Impaled! (Foreign Objects Thrust Into Or Through The Body)

Roof painter 'lucky to be alive' after being impaled by 60cm-long rod through his head

He tried to stand up after hitting the ground but struggled to do so, and it turns out he had landed on a piece of steel bar that was sticking out from the ground.

The metal bar pierced through his neck and out the back of his skull, with co-workers acting quickly to use bolt cutters to free the rod from the ground.

This allowed Michael, from Texas, US, to stand up, with around 60cm of the metal rod sticking out from his head, Yahoo News reports.

Doctors told the experienced painter that the rod was “just millimetres” from hitting his voice box, his spinal cord and vital arteries, with paramedics saying they had never seen anything like it before.
It's also amazing to me that there is so little blood. I'm going to take a guess that the surgeons will have to partially dismantle his skull to remove the rod.
Already removed. According to the report:

The surgery was completed in an hour and he was put on a liquid diet for two days afterwards

They used a mallet to knock the short end in then pulled it through with mole grips.

OK I made that part up.
Holy tish! That looks painful.
Woman impaled by steel rod after plummeting 22 feet during monkey attack

The freak accident occurred as she stood on a roof area in her home town of Azamgarh, in Uttar Pradesh, India when she was reportedly accosted by a group of monkeys.
While attempting to fight the animals, she fell off the roof and plummeted 22 feet onto a bar-lined boundary wall, where one of the sharp rods pierced her stomach and back like a human kebab.

Khatija was left there for more than an hour before getting discovered by family members, who attempted to cut their impaled relative free.

They managed to separate her from the wall, and left the other half of the rod in her body, while she was rushed to hospital.
She was taken into emergency surgery and doctors were able to remove the bar.

Video at link.
The guy with the rod thro the head, eeeek, luckily the brain tends to shimmy out the way when something goes thro he got lucky that it must have done that. And him being kebabed thro the balls owch, that must hurt like hell

Man didn’t know he had chopsticks lodged in his brain for five months

Reminiscent of the episode Homer Simpson was found to have a crayon stuck in his brain.

After suffering with severe headaches, fluid discharge and even loss of vision, the unnamed man from Vietnam was rushed to the emergency room at hospital.

His family believe the chopsticks must have made their way up his nose when he was involved in a fight around five months ago.

Dr Nguyen Van Man, head of the department of neurosurgery, said it was a ‘very rare’ case.