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Inside No. 9


King-Sized Canary
Aug 25, 2001
I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but the Psychoville chaps were back with an anthology series tonight. They call it their Tales of the Unexpected (they do like their vintage TV) and to begin it had a very British tale of social awkwardness with an ending I should have seen coming but was actually unexpected. And very nasty.

Tuesdays at ten, BBC 2 and on the iPlayer if you're interested.
Uncomfortable and macabre. I was starting to think where's this all going and then....

If this is the sort of thing you like, you'll definitely like it.
I thought this was deliciously creepy. I had not read anything about it so really enjoyed how it all unravelled.
The writers can do no wrong and I love how they intertwine humour and the dark side so well.
I was reminded how the Stratford RST recently did a multi-million quid refurb because the old theatre apparently wasn't fit for purpose anymore and there's this lovely piece set in a wardrobe.
I think next week's is the silent episode which I'm really looking forward to.
This week's ending wasn't quite as unexpected as last week's, but the innovation that went into keeping them quiet was excellent. I really laughed when they let the big dog in by mistake.
Brilliant. Like the 'one take' episode of Psychoville, this was creatively and beautifully put together with some genuinely funny moments.

Again, deliciously dark top quality stuff.
Thought I'd sussed tonight's one early, but they pulled the old switcheroo on us. And Reece Shearsmith really insisted on those kissing scenes with Gemma Arterton as essential to the script, of course.
gncxx said:
Thought I'd sussed tonight's one early, but they pulled the old switcheroo on us. And Reece Shearsmith really insisted on those kissing scenes with Gemma Arterton as essential to the script, of course.

These guys have a habit of getting you thinking in a pretty weird and bizarre way as you try to predict the plot. Just when you've unnerved yourself about what your imagination is doing, they give an extra twist at the end.

I love it.
It's a mark of the high quality of the writing that they're getting such good casts as well, apparently they had a list of stars who wanted to work with them and were happy to oblige.
They're getting away with murder with this series, last night's was ingenious in many ways. The battery had run out on the camera by the end, right?
Darn, I guessed last night's, but I didn't mind because it was good stuff. The actorly asides were very funny.
It was good, wasn't it? I've seen most of the series now (got a stack of stuff on the Tivo I'm working through..) Hope there'll be more :).
I did hear a second series is already in the pipeline, in which case, good news.
Holy crap! What a good last episode.
Ever had a funny nightmare? It would be ptetty much like this.
Bizarre and wonderful stuff. And the budget alllowed for more than one room this time.

Interestingly, there was an item on radio 4 about UK TV series sold abroad. The japanese found Psychoville far too dark so we can see they're never going to get this. Also in the same item was the interesting nugget that in Finland, Game of Thrones is popular but is trounced threefold in viewing figures by anachronistic Yorkshire copshow Hartbeat. Now that is weird.
Maybe Nick Berry can make his long-awaited comeback in Game of Thrones, just about every other British thesp seems to show up in it.

Anyway, yeah, excellent way to end the series, although I'd like to think it was an homage to Ti West's House of the Devil rather than a rip-off seeing the plots were very similar. Some very funny lines and a non-cop-out ending, something very effective about a situation that's both funny and bleak at the same time.

According to the continuity announcer there's an extra episode online, I'll have to check that out. Wonder if it's just a short or a full half hour?
Just checked out the extra episode and it's an odd time travel thing told in still, but slightly moving, pictures. It's OK but not essential. Just ten minutes depending on how long you take to watch it, clicking through.
The mystery of the missing Inside No9 thread has been solved by Stu. Confusion of the ownership and inception of appreciation of series No 1 seems to have been resolved. I thought I'd created a thread but it was GNC. Nevertheless. We're sharing a love and casting a horrified and amused eye on the hell that is other people.
Next week's sounds a bit Christmassy from the title, which will be weird for April.
Of course I've been looking forward to this and I loved the way they echoed the claustrophobia of the wardrobe of the first series. Great writing so far.
It was a surprise to me when I downloaded the latest episode that it was only 30 minutes long. I checked the 1st series and yes, they were only half an hour as well. Might be something to do with the single location aspect perhaps.
Favourite line - "We're gonna need a bigger box!"
Dialled back the jokes this week, but a real tour de France from Sheridan Smith. Couldn't quite work out if it was a fulfilled life or a depressing one, a lot of both like most people probably. Liked the way you noticed the clues in retrospect, seems obvious when you think about it.

David Warner next week! Splendid...