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Who killed JFK?

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

    Votes: 32 28.3%
  • Mafia

    Votes: 7 6.2%

    Votes: 41 36.3%
  • Cubans

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • KGB

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • The Illuminati/Masons/Lizards

    Votes: 10 8.8%
  • all of the above

    Votes: 21 18.6%

  • Total voters


Apolgies, ment to post this a few week earleir but forgot.
This is a quote from a BBC story covering the release of a portion of Nixon's 'secret tapes', in which he recorded all conversations in the Oval Office.
'In the same conversation, Nixon gave new fodder for conspiracy theorists who question whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter involved in the assassination of President John Kennedy.
Referring to the report by the Warren Commission, "it was the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated," Nixon said. He did not elaborate why he questioned the report'.
Seeing that old tricky Dicky was in Dallas the day JFK died, maybe he had good reason to question the Warren Commission.
JFK's Driver

At risk of being told to RTFM and RTFT, does anyone know or know where to find out anything about the driver of JFK's car the day he got assasinated. The car to my mind deliberately slowed down and set JFK up ( Not that he was a difficult target, except from the book depository of course!) Yet I do not remember even coming accross any references to him or any questioning of him.
Thanks in advance to anyone who cam shed any light.
Well he doesn't sound bright enough to be involved in any kind of conspiracy.
The hesitation is a natural reaction and nothing sinister. Supposedly it is a technique of assassins using the triangulation of fire tactic for one to do the first shot and as the target freezes or hesitates for the others to open fire on the stationary target. Whether you subscribe to the LN theory or the multiple gunmen theory the driver would still hesitate for a moment.:)
The driver only slowed down because he spotted David Icke's dad brandishing a turqoise shell suit. Those things were pretty fly back then, like Nike Windjammers were in the 80's.
charlie said:
The driver only slowed down because he spotted David Icke's dad brandishing a turqoise shell suit. Those things were pretty fly back then, like Nike Windjammers were in the 80's.

Oh dear, looks like another thread is going to be sidelined into a stupidity cul-de-sac.
Stupidity is rarely a cul-de-sac. It is more a service station which, though distracting and adding time onto the journey, offers light refreshments, rendering the whole trip a rather more pleasent one. Though I would avoid the Ginster's pasties.
The beginning and the end of a journey are surely the same. Only in the middle does anything change.
charlie said:
The beginning and the end of a journey are surely the same. Only in the middle does anything change.

I like this guy. Can we keep him?

(or Her/It/Whatever)

Niles "It's Late" Calder
Thankyou naitaka Fireclown and Ogopogo. The testimony of william greer will take me sometime to read and inwardly digest but thanks again. As for the hesitation all I can say is twice I have thought I was under or going to be under immediate fire whilst driving and I certainly like to think I had no hesitiation at all ( Fortunately I was wrong both times so maybe that does not count). The Site about heim shooting JFK is interesting ..for other stories as well. As for journeys, only when returning to the same point are they (the beginning and end) the same. Most journeys of intrest take you to another destination. And yes unfortunately alot of people? seem to try to divert the original threads on these forums. But its more or less the same everywhere so just humour them. Sometimes they are even funny.
Who wacked bad back Jack?

Its a bit of a old chestnut, but I am interested in people's thoughts on who actually killed JFK
At the time there was a motley crew of Batista supporting anti communist Cubans, Mafia men who wanted Cuba back the way it was which was very profitable and were furious at the Kennedy's cracking down on them after the mafia had been so 'helpful' in the election campaign and a bunch of contract CIA (CIA have strong links with American oil companies and their ruling elite)guys who were funding and directing the anti Castro operations. All of these far right loonies were very angry over the Bay Of Pigs fiasco in which some of their associates were killed. Some of them were angry enough to kill him.

Oswald. American marine. Taught Russian at US military base then quickly discharged and defects to the USSR. Yeah right. Comes home two years later and gets involved in the political scene in New Orleans. Sometimes he portrays himself as a communist at other times he shows up on the other side. Some people now say he was working for the FBI as an informant on gun running. Others present facts pointing to Oswald being CIA. Neither are conclusive but it appears he was working for the govt. or hoped to provide enough information so they would hire him.

Garrison was a grandstanding wannabe and has no stature in this case at all these days. The Warren Commission is laughed at. The Senate Committee in the late seventies concluded that Oswald was the assassin and that it probably was a conspiracy. The current state of play is that the SBT (Single Bullet Theory) has now been conceded last week by the leading LN (Lone Nutters) theorist John McAdams and Warren Commission supporters as not true. Still, they kept us argueing over a farcical theory for nearly forty years while the trail went cold and has now virtually gone which I suspect was the idea. On the CT (Conspiracy Theory) side are a bunch of paranoid loonies writing nutty books, unscrupulous shysters out to make a buck and a few brave and dedicated investigators and academics willing to trash their career by researching forbidden territory.

We will never know for sure. There are 6 or seven people I am deeply suspicious of and the tough Russian speaking ex marine named Oswald is definitely one of them.
O.K. Totally off the wall theory.

No-one shot JFK. The person in the car was a double set up to take the hit, so that JFK could "go into hiding." (Probably getting riding lessons on Shergar. ;) ) All of the strangeness surrounding the assassination derives from the cover-up to protect this.

Sorry? Got to go. Time to take my pills. (People around me seem to get anxious when I stop taking them.) ;)
Fortis fits into the deranged loony camp even though he didn't mention 12 foot tall shapeshifting lizards from Neptune.

An episode of Red Dwarf exposed the real killer.:D
The Fireclown said:
Fortis fits into the deranged loony camp even though he didn't mention 12 foot tall shapeshifting lizards from Neptune.

An episode of Red Dwarf exposed the real killer.:D

Ah, but the lizards were never 12 foot tall. They were only 12 inches. (Bit of a cock-up with the " and ' ;) , you must have seen "This is Spinal Tap.")
Spinal Tap is a great movie. I read somewhere the Stonehenge bit relates to a Hawkwind tour.:cool:
The Illuminati sent Oswald to kill JFK because he had decided to go it alone.

The Network deleted him because he would have made public the technology that they needed secret.

The Time Travellers killed him with an android because he was otherwise destined to set off the Final War.

The Gnomes of Zurich paid to have him killed because he hadn't made his last repayment.

The Servants of Cthulhu sent a full circle of thirteen acolytes to kill him because spelt backwards his name was that of an Elder God and they couldn't stand the competition.

Jackie sent Joe diMaggio to kill her husband after she found out about his dalliences with the diMaggio's late wife.

The Discordians sent four psychics to fry his brain seconds before the bullets of all the others reach him because they wanted to see the American public freak out. 23 is also a sacred number to them.

A FBI man later found a golden apple upon the grassy knoll and asked himself "How many people wanted this guy dead anyway?"

Niles "has fixed his Spirometer" Calder
Richard Belzer's Excellent Book

I'm currently reading Richard Belzer's excellent book, UFOs, JFK, and Elvis; Conspiracies You Don't Have to be Crazy to Believe, and in it he says his take is that the Big Oil and Intelligence guys got together to off JFK. Makes sense, given that he was not only messing with Big Oil's profits, but cutting into the Federal Reserve by having millions of US notes printed.

The rich are powerful and he stuck his fingers in their eyes. Worse, he and Bobby were after the Mob, too, and JFK had threatened to break the CIA into a million pieces.

I'm sure the billionaires had no trouble finding help among the FBI, CIA, Mafia, Cubans, and so on.

And look who nailed Oswald into permanent patsy status: Jack Rubenstein / Ruby, mobbed up dude who once worked in Chicago for Tricky Dicky Nixon.

Oh yes.

Neat little bow, this package has. And LBJ knew it was coming -- there is film of him duciking BEFORE the first shots in Dealey Plaza. He'd been warned, but still feared for his life, as is evident from subsequent actions, such as panicked flight from his home state...

Fascinating topic.
LBJ's wife swears that the night before the assassination he told her that "after tomorrow we will never have to worry about JFK again". Nixon wasn't involved but his backers knew/were involved and so did he. I dont like seeing the political hardball US oil interests deal in being linked with Elvis sightings or UFO's because it is happening to us right now and it is real. It is no coincidence that Iraq is a major oil producing nation and that the Taliban were hindering an oil pipeline worth billions.
Title Mistake

Interestingly, Belzer, in a recent interview, admitted his light-hearted title had been something of a miscalclation, as it has consistently gotten his book mis-shelved in bookstores and sneered at by reviewers.

You're quite right, there is nothing really funny about how we're being victimized right now by the C3 right wing bastards, and I can't emphasize enough that Belzer agrees with us. His book is angry and quite serious, depite the occasional laugh to prevent us all from going insane.
McAdams ceded the single bullet theory? Get outta town!
I never would have thought it, despite the fact that to the layman (namely me) it seems like the biggest load of crapola going.
I must have a visit to his site.
Whatever happened to that story last year about acoustic evidence showed it was 99.5% certain that there was more than one shooter?
Does anyone else think that if the "truth" were to be admitted to the American public tonight, the vast majority of "bovine america" (tm Bill Hicks) wouldn't actually give a toss?


Actually, most of USSA's dire denizens, consumer units though we be, and disposable and interchangeable as doughnut holes, have long since realized it was THEM and that there isn't much anyone can do, what with THEM being the puppeteers behind the current marionette show on Capitol Hll anyhow.
To be quite honest. All I can remember about the whole incident is Millicent Martin singing a very sweet, sad song on `That Was The Week That Was.' So I don't think I'm a very reliable witness. After that, my memories jump forward to the funeral. I remember my mother was quite sad.

Do you think my memory has been erased?
Previous discussion here for those who can't remember when it all used to be fields around here.
Sorry Fraterlibre, didn't mean to offend. Instead of bovine america, I should have put "bovine humanity". No reason to suggest that the yanks are any different to the rest of us.
First, apologies if this is reseurrecting an old thread, but I'm just a young whippersnapper, so go easy on me.
I like the theory/timeline James Ellroy outlines in his American Tabloid.
Kennedy was killed by the Mafia for two main reasons:
his failure to win back Cuba and all those mob casinos, his brother's assult on Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamster Pension Funds. Plus sleeping with Sam Giacana's girlfriend wasn't a wise idea.
Both the FBI and the CIA knew the assissination was going ahead. The CIA knew through their contacts with the Miami mob boss, Trafficante, who was their buyer for the opium smuggled out of Laos and Vietnam. The FBI knew through their extensive wire-taps on Mafia premises.
Neither agency did anything to prevent the hit. Hoover knew Kennedy would replace him in 1964, and he also didn't like the man on general princple. The CIA were smarting over the failure of the Bay of Pigs.
Once the hit took place, Hoover used certain elements within the FBI to cover up the death, while the Mafia silenced Oswald, and the ultimately, Ruby.
I like the theory/timeline James Ellroy outlines in his American Tabloid.
What were Nixon and LBJ. doing on the day in question, and why?