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  1. ChristLionQC

    The Light: Monthly UK 'Newspaper'

    I was wondering if anyone else has come across this monthly <checks notes> 'truthpaper' being given out in the UK? Three different market towns in North West England in the last three weekends have seen people trying to thrust a copy into my hands when I've made eye contact or stopped to read...
  2. taras

    Conspiracy At The Grocery Store

    People in Pennsylvania finding this note: ...inside things they buy at the shops. In a pack of butter (this week) In a box of crackers (9 months ago) In a packet of Pocky (2 years ago) More (3 years ago) The text and layout of the notes varies slightly but is broadly the same message...
  3. GNC

    Russell Brand: From Comic To Icke-Esque Conspiracist & Possible Abuser?

    Full story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7698417.stm I'm not a fan of Brand, though I don't mind Ross, but hasn't this got a teensy bit out of proportion? How many of those complaining (and isn't complaining easy these days?) have actually heard the programme? I did hear it...
  4. James_H

    Are There More Conspiracy Believers These Days?

    Earlier today I was chatting with a colleague (~25 years old) and the conversation took a turn. She'd previously said things like 'do you really believe the pyramids were built by humans?' (yes) but today she got straight onto 'my ex-boyfriend was inducted into the illuminati' and 'Sam Smith is...
  5. Mythopoeika

    Engineered Shortages

    I (and many others) have noticed that governments of multiple countries have been trying to deliberately engineer shortages of power, fuel and even food. What is the long-term endgame of this? What is the desired result? Some people have noticed that Bill Gates and other super-wealthy...
  6. uair01

    Putin Is Already Dead? Was He Ill?

    I have this from a Czech newspaper site that quotes British newspapers and intelligence sources. Couldn't find an existing thread. Putin may have been dead for weeks, he may have a doppelganger, MI6 agents speculate Russian President Vladimir Putin may be weeks or months dead, and a...
  7. Vardoger

    Behaviour Modifications Of People Done By The Governments

    This video is supposedly recorded in the Pentagon building 15 years ago. It's a lecture on using flu vaccine to make islamists less fundamental and less interested in doing terror attacks.
  8. Yithian

    Birds Aren't Real

    Maybe you`ve seen the billboard near the Highland Strip. If so, you know that a campaign called "Birds Aren`t Real" is bringing its efforts to the Mid-South. Peter McIndoe joined us on Live at 9 to explain what he believes. ‘Every tweet is a lie’: Birds Aren’t Real campaign spreads message...
  9. ramonmercado

    Maths Study Shows Conspiracies 'Prone To Unravelling'

    It figures, or does it? Some will no doubt ask to see his raw data. Maths study shows conspiracies 'prone to unravelling' It's difficult to keep a conspiracy under wraps, scientists say, because sooner or later, one of the conspirators will blow its cover. A study has examined how long...
  10. Vardoger

    The Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Scandal

    Another link to a copy of list. Hard to tell who is clients and who is friends of him.
  11. AngelAlice

    The Meaning Of 'Conspiracy'

    Is 'conspiracy' now used as shorthand to mean "silly theory only nuts could take seriously"? Are there any examples of institutional conspiracy that it's respectable to take seriously? Can anyone give an example where governments or major institutions, like the CIA, or MI5, have conspired...
  12. A

    There Is No Conspiracy!

    THER IS NO CONSPIRACY! Has any conspiracy ever been proven to be anything other than a dumb ass theory? The “American government knew about in advance or was responsible for 9/11” is a good example of this. There seems to be several variations of this...
  13. A

    JFK: Kennedy Assassination Etc.

    Apolgies, ment to post this a few week earleir but forgot. This is a quote from a BBC story covering the release of a portion of Nixon's 'secret tapes', in which he recorded all conversations in the Oval Office. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_184800 'In the same...