Lines Into Form: Symbols With Power?


Existential pixelfixer
Jul 13, 2013
I am frustrated by trying to recollect a partially-remembered concept, wherein the hypothesis is (I think?) that 2-dimensional representations can become imbued with real-world interactive tangibility. In effect, that iconography, symbols, drawings, can (or so the believers believe) become real, through a focussed group belief.

Please note: I'm not saying I personally believe such a situation could be conventionally-true. But it is an interesting idea. Specifically, I was intrigued by a cargo-culture style free-form adaptation of a particular electronic circuit diagram (ie a pseudo-technical drawing) that was being credited with possessing 'special powers'.

It's a familiar trope, certainly in overt fiction, but I was sure I'd posted a thread on the forum about such a thing allegedly (if not worshipped) being treated by its followers as if it were real.

I've searched my posts, and I can't find thread- dammit! I must try and relocate the details of's seriously annoying me.

(This was much-more nuanced than eg pentagrams or evil eyes or was almost claimed to be a picture of a battery/cell circuit that could somehow produce power)