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Analogue Boy

Bar 6
Aug 10, 2005
I’m sure most of you are aware of how this planetary aspect affects communications, computers and is a great opportunity to calculate when things are going to go haywire. Even my savvy computer chums say you should never buy a new bit of computer kit when Mercury is retrograde as it is somehow tainted and will never work properly.
As an example....

'I will put that cherry on top of Dido's cake!': Matt Hancock insists he WILL get a COVID 19 tracking app that works after government ABANDONS beleaguered NHS version and announces it will use Apple and Google-based technology instead

Apparently the app doesn‘t work with Apple IPhones.

Personally, and call this superstition if you want, I’ve been affected by Mercury Retrograde more times than I can count and get well nervous when I hear it’s due.
I had never heard of this phenomenon (despite my first degree having an Astronomy component!) until a former colleague had a run of bad luck in the lab and announced loudly, "Well, it's only to be expected when Mercury's in retrograde!" It is true that there seem to be certain periods where nothing goes according to plan, but whether these align to said retrograde, I cannot say. My former Astronomy lecturer would doubtlessly nod in a wise and knowing fashion, and say, "Magnetism..."
Mercury, the planetary ruler of communications went into retrograde on september 27th and will continue until mid october.

Facebook promises it's 'coming back online now' after Chief Tech Officer offers 'sincere apologies' for global five-hour outage across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp blaming 'networking issues': Zuckerberg loses $7bn in HOURS as shares tank​

  • First reports of problems with the platforms came from tens of thousands of users at 4.44pm (11:44 ET)
  • Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger all reported issues which are ongoing
  • Mobile internet services for users of UK phone network EE are also affected, as are other networks in the US
  • Soon after the first report, the hashtag #facebookdown was trending on Twitter

There's also the Saturn Return which is more personal. Both together are trouble.