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Most Inaccurate YouTube Videos


Justified & Ancient
May 30, 2009
God almighty this is BAD! First of they confuse Tanzania and Tunisia. Secondly Machimosaurus rex was a thalattasuchian crocodilyform from 150 million years ago. It was not closely related to any living crocodiles. Thirdly, the man-eating crocodiles in Agusan March in the Philippines are Indo-Pacific or saltwater crocodiles. One huge individual called Potol (Slasher) is around 29 feet long. Fourthly they photoshoped stupid looking spines onto the picture of Lolong, the 20 foot crocodile caught their a few years back to make it look more 'pre-historic'. Neither saltwater crocodiles or thalattasuchian had such appendages.
This is wantonly stupid and misleading.

RIP lolong,I was lucky enough to see lolong (Grandfather as in Lolo)in the flesh when I was last on Mindanao,Adam Britton the rather unsavoury croc expert who verified his length for Nat Geo is currently languishing in an Australian prison.There’s a full sized concrete cast of Lolong in Davao crocodile park if anyone ever finds themselves that away.