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  1. Paul_Exeter

    The Demon Of County Derry: The Malefic Demonic Possession & Exorcism Of Gary Lyttle

    Crikey :oops: "In 2004, a ten-year-old boy from Northern Ireland found an Ouija board. Discarded by a river in County Derry, the object was cursed, and proceeded to invite a throned demon called Tyrannus into the boy's life. Hellish visions, paranormal poltergeist activity, and -- ultimately --...
  2. lordmongrove

    Swansea UFO Network Presents: Richard Freeman

  3. catseye

    Ghost! A Journey Into The Paranormal, Narrated By Christopher Lee

    Watching this on YouTube. Anyone seen it? It's got our most recent 'most discussed photo of the woman's head on the table on. I haven't got to that bit yet but I'm keen to see what they say.
  4. Tempest63

    Military & Wartime Ghosts

    I have encountered a number of stories of ghosts encountered by the military whilst serving in Afghanistan and the account given below from https://languish.org/forums/index.php?topic=3300.0 (originally in the Times) is either one of those from a podcast I listened to or is very similar to one...
  5. Z

    Australian Ghosts

    An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted. I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on! http://www.smh.com.au/travel/australias ... 120um.html but haunted...
  6. lordmongrove

    Most Inaccurate YouTube Videos

    God almighty this is BAD! First of they confuse Tanzania and Tunisia. Secondly Machimosaurus rex was a thalattasuchian crocodilyform from 150 million years ago. It was not closely related to any living crocodiles. Thirdly, the man-eating crocodiles in Agusan March in the Philippines are...
  7. lordmongrove

    Gadgetology: The Cult That Worships A Cartoon Mouse

    The Cult That Worships A Cartoon Mouse : Gadgetology If you are going to worship a cartoon mouse make it Dangermouse for f**k's sake (the 89s one not the recent awful reboot.)
  8. MrRING

    The Queen Of Anatahan

    I hadn't heard of this story before: one woman and 32 men stranded on an island for years directly following WWII:
  9. lordmongrove

    Strange Tales From The Night Shift In Afghanistan

    The Night Shift in Afghanistan.
  10. MrRING

    The UFO Chronicles: A.I. Created UFO 'Documentary'

    I'm not sure why they are calling it a documentary...
  11. merricat

    West Country Tales & Other Folk Horror Gems

    I tried to locate an existing thread on which to share this yet couldn't find one that felt fitting. Please merge into another if that feels appropriate. I love searching for old folk horror or uncanny fictions on youtube, and have amassed a nice little playlist over the past few years. I...
  12. suburban wolf

    Youtube Channel: North Edinburgh Nightmares

    Something that may be of interest to Edinburgh Forteans is the YouTube series 'North Edinburgh Nightmares' As the name suggests, the focus is on the north of Edinburgh, covering the waterfronts and harbours of Leith, Newhaven and Granton up through Inverleith, Dean Village and the New Town to...
  13. lordmongrove

    Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Universe Ghosts

    Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious Universe Ghosts
  14. Vardoger

    Ghost Hunters On YouTube Faking It

    I think we can use this thread for Youtubers known for faking paranormal videos. Franko TV is the first one. He was a likeable person making interesting videos, but he has been found to fake it once in a while.
  15. mikfez

    The Dubuque Frog Hail (1882)

    An interesting collection of reports and explanations of extraordinary hail and the Dubuque Frog Hail Incident
  16. Comfortably Numb

    YouTube Offerings About Charles Fort

    Maybe of interest? Full details (remove @): @https://youtu.be/wRHl8ecLrcY
  17. C

    Paranormal Caught On Camera (TV Series)

    I've being watching the program mentioned above and wondering if anybody else thinks that a lot of the stuff is not paranormal? Take this for example... Woman in the woods It's called the woman in the woods, maybe it just is a woman in the woods? And the creature in the Thames in the same...
  18. Comfortably Numb

    Lecture About Charles Fort

    I was browsing YouTube recently for any Charles Fort material I hadn't noticed previously and came across the following. Is this possibly of interest?
  19. Comfortably Numb

    The Book Of The Damned - Audio Online

    Would this perhaps be of interest? Presuming it's available because there are no longer any copyright issues (otherwise, please of course immediately remove this post):
  20. Tempest63

    John Cleese Believes In Life After Death

    Is There Life After Death - Moderated By John Cleese.
  21. gattino

    The Fortean Video Archive

    I need a snappier title. But i keep stumbling on iconic original material related to major fortean events of which we've all heard, and instead of starting a new thread for each one thought it might be a good idea to have single thread in which all such stuff can be found and easily accessed...
  22. gattino

    Cardiff Poltergeist [1979+]

    From the old ITV series "Strange But True?" (As an aside I was waiting for the obligatory professional sceptic to turn up for "balance" and say "I believe that THEY believe it, but...". Interestingly there was none, which makes me think this must have been the last show of this kind in the UK...
  23. gattino

    Television Debate On Exorcism (1974)

    Just stumbled on this little gem.. a british audience discussion program following the release of the exorcist. It's fascinating in multiple ways. It gives some credence to the popular belief that the movie strongly upset cinema goers at the time. Just hearing awfully awfully british voices...
  24. uair01

    Forteana & Weirdness On YouTube

    I got the following e-mail and watched the video. Actually - it achieves a nice spooky effect with cheap and simple means :D But how did the author find me? Do you have any more Fortean Youtube links? Right track ? :shock:
  25. A

    John Titor: Time Traveler?

    JOHN TITOR http://johntitor.com/ I was wondering what people thought of this website?
  26. A

    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    Just to mop up the proliferation of small or one-post threads.