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Australian Ghosts


Gone But Not Forgotten
Nov 8, 2007
An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted.

I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on!

http://www.smh.com.au/travel/australias ... 120um.html

but haunted Canberra? Maybe haunted by the ghost of people who have died of boredom! :lol:
Non-Canberrans just think Canberra's boring because they don't get invited to the fun parties. Or maybe they were in Queanbeyan by mistake.

After all, we have legal pornography, prostitution, and porn.

Anyway, Tim the Yowie Man (yes, that is what he calls himself, and I can't be arsed checking his real name, if he has one) claims that Canberra is the most haunted city in Australia. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the ghost tour business he runs. (I bought his coffee table book on the subject, and one day I intend to read it. And maybe one day I'll take his tour.)
Anome_ said:
After all, we have legal pornography, prostitution, and porn.

Anyway, Tim the Yowie Man (yes, that is what he calls himself, and I can't be arsed checking his real name, if he has one)

Don't forget the legal fireworks! I think Tim has changed his name legally hasn't he?
They banned fireworks just recently, so we've just got the porn and drugs now.

Still, a fun night out.
I've been to Canberra dozens of times and it never seemed like a spooky place to me. But maybe I shall dig deeper next time.

(I hate what they've done to the Tradies Club though - getting rid off all of that nice old stuff...)
From http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/sout ... 6553300939

Book details the ghosts of the south including Willunga's Alma Hotel

MOVING appliances and an eerie feeling is Melinda McCauley's experience of a ghost that is said to haunt Willunga's Alma Hotel.
The hotel's co-owner says she and other workers have had a number of spooky incidences at the pub, which is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Tim O'Brian, who fell into a well outside the hotel in the 1800s.

The hotel features in author Gordon Marshall's new book, Ghosts and Hauntings of South Australia.

Mrs McCauley recalls one unsettling experience two years ago.

"I was closing up the hotel and I did the second check and I went into the kitchen to do something and all the fans were going,'' she says.

"And I knew the fans were off because I'd done a security check.''

Mrs McCauley says a number of previous staff members have shared similar tales.

"We had a big publican day where ... previous publicans ... told stories about the hotel and the ghosts was a common thread,'' she says.

"Sometimes ... the jukebox would turn on.

"They used to put chairs on top of the bar and they would fall off from the bench on their own.

"Lots of staff have talked about eerie feelings out in the kitchen.''

Mrs McCauley, of Christie Downs, helped Mr Marshall and clairvoyant Richard Shar with their ghost research of the pub.

Mr Marshall and Mr Shar visited about 60 sights in the south and across the state as part of their book on ghost haunts.

"The Alma Hotel is haunted by several ghosts, including Tim O'Brian,'' Mr Marshall says.

"His body was removed but the ghost remains in the well and comes out sometimes.

"The location of the well is now lost, but we are hoping to find it on our next visit and perhaps release the ghost.''

Other southern "ghost haunts" listed in the book include:
THE Star of Greece shipwreck site near Port Willunga is believed to be haunted by those who died in the 1888 naval tragedy. The crew who were drowned have been repeatedly heard at night walking past a local cottage on their way to a place near the hotel, where the bodies were kept before an inquest.

A GHOST is said to haunt Port Noarlunga's White Dove restaurant, which used to be a boarding house.
THE Willunga Courthouse is believed by some to be haunted by a badly beaten prisoner who had to be removed from one of the cells. There is also said to be the ghost of a 19th century policeman.
THE Ostrich Farm at Old Noarlunga is said to be haunted by an old man, whose ghost is largely transparent.
I'm a bit disappointed not to see Hanging Rock on the list, but that's not a building and the famous story about it is fiction, but it would have been nice to read there was a genuine spooky story connected to it.

I notice there is one theme park there, but no mention of Sydney's Luna Park which I would have thought would be perfect for a ghost (my source is that Tiny Tim documentary from the 1990s).
Sadly' I've never been to any of them, though some are close enough for me to visit.
Fremantle prison

My daughter and I visited the Fremantle prison this year and I took lots of photos. There are orbs everywhere. One photo I took of the safety mesh between floor levels shows a large orb which is on the other side of the mesh, discounting any claims of dust on the lense. If I can figure out how to post this picture I will.

I have also been to port Arthur and have a misty outline of a ghost walking across a lawn.

I will seek out more ghosts in this country wherever I can.

Beechworth asylum is on the cards as my son had a very frightening experience there, while using his phone to light a corner of a room he saw a white figure with black eyes turn to look at him, he said he used his girlfriend as a battering ram to get himself through the crowd and out of there haha!
I know this is bumping a thread from years back, but I'm doing a 3 hour paranormal investigators tour of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum on the 27th of this month. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in the country and I am looking forward to the evening very much.

Here's some info on the place, like most asylums, it was a place of misery for those unfortunate enough to have ended up there:
Beechworth Asylum on Wikipedia
The Haunted History Of Beechworth Lunatic Asylum
The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - Victoria, Australia
Australia's Skinwalker Ranch?

The Australian Skinwalker Ranch?​

With the release of a recent book and several television productions, public attention to the remote area of Utah known as Skinwalker Ranch has grown. Competing sites such as Blind Frog Ranch (also in Utah) have cropped up as well, along with others. What they share in common is a series of reports of unexplained objects in the skies, bizarre creatures, haunting sounds, and noncorporeal figures.
Based on these tales, one might be tempted to assume that this sort of phenomenon is restricted to the American west. But these types of hotspots or "window areas" have been reported elsewhere. I recently interviewed some people associated with an area that appears to be strikingly similar on the other side of the world.
Quinyambie Station is a cattle range in Australia located in the northeastern corner of South Australia near the border with New South Wales. It's one of five connected ranges currently owned by the Mutooroo Pastoral Company and is home to more than 9,000 cattle. It is a desolate stretch of wilderness covering three million acres of land, with the nearest small village being more than 100 kilometers away. And in the 1980s, it was reportedly home to more than just livestock and kangaroos.
An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted.

I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on!

The Quarantine Station is an extraordinarily creepy place. I spent an evening there 10 years ago and certainly felt and saw activity.
In the Second Class Dining Room, a large dining hall, I was there with 14 others and moved to one end of it where no one else was to check out an area where a reported cold spot occurred. The lighting was dim but light enough for it to cast my shadow against the wall. Within moments, I noticed another shadow next to mine, although this one was much smaller, definitely that of a child's.
Turning around, there was no one there, the rest of the group still at the far end of the hall, and when I turned back around the smaller shadow had gone.
I may also add that there were no children in the group I was with.
Great stuff, thank you. :cool:

I do love ghosts. :loveu: