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  1. Aydee_Aitchdee

    Spirit Rave?

    Found this on Facebook, wanted to hear what you all thought (Mods, move to appropriate thread if a better place exists)
  2. AnonyJ

    Do You Prefer To Read, Watch Videos Or Listen To Fortean Content?

    I was wondering if there is a clear split between those who like to read text on Fortean topics, either online or or magazines and books, and those who get much of their information and weirdness via short video form (Youtube et al.,) plus the possibility of another section of folks here who...
  3. Z

    Australian Ghosts

    An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted. I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on! http://www.smh.com.au/travel/australias ... 120um.html but haunted...
  4. Paul_Exeter

    Strange Creature Filmed In Water, South Carolina

    "A South Carolina resident was left scratching their head when they spotted a mysterious creature that some have likened to a submerged bird swimming in the water near a bridge" https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/watch-mystery-creature-filmed-swimming-near-bridge-in-south-carolina/
  5. maximus otter

    Watch The Australian Army Use Telepathy To Control Robot Dogs

    The mere thought of controlling a robot is good enough for the Australian Army. In a new test, the land force has paired with a host of technology researchers to use telepathy to control robot dogs, part of a new wave of research aimed at eliminating the need for verbal or physically inputted...
  6. Comfortably Numb

    YouTube Offerings About Charles Fort

    Maybe of interest? Full details (remove @): @https://youtu.be/wRHl8ecLrcY
  7. Comfortably Numb

    Lecture About Charles Fort

    I was browsing YouTube recently for any Charles Fort material I hadn't noticed previously and came across the following. Is this possibly of interest?
  8. Comfortably Numb

    The Book Of The Damned - Audio Online

    Would this perhaps be of interest? Presuming it's available because there are no longer any copyright issues (otherwise, please of course immediately remove this post):
  9. gattino

    The Fortean Video Archive

    I need a snappier title. But i keep stumbling on iconic original material related to major fortean events of which we've all heard, and instead of starting a new thread for each one thought it might be a good idea to have single thread in which all such stuff can be found and easily accessed...
  10. gattino

    Television Debate On Exorcism (1974)

    Just stumbled on this little gem.. a british audience discussion program following the release of the exorcist. It's fascinating in multiple ways. It gives some credence to the popular belief that the movie strongly upset cinema goers at the time. Just hearing awfully awfully british voices...
  11. lordmongrove

    On The Track

    A new episode of the CFZ webshow
  12. Mythopoeika

    Videos About Fortean Subjects

    I couldn't find a suitable thread in which to post this, so I created a new one. I discovered this channel on Youtube, which has a lot of interesting weird stories on it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW9QJjdFT9IdCjGpf1U74GQ I can't work out whether or not this is a video form of...
  13. lordmongrove

    Footage Of 'Hibagon'

    Supposed footage of Hibagon. Looks like he has shoes on to me.
  14. uair01

    Forteana & Weirdness On YouTube

    I got the following e-mail and watched the video. Actually - it achieves a nice spooky effect with cheap and simple means :D But how did the author find me? Do you have any more Fortean Youtube links? Right track ? :shock:
  15. J

    Fortean Documentaries

    What do you make of them, are they worth bothering with at all? Of course, they may not have much to say to the veteran paranormal interestee, but at least you may get to see what the actual people and places involved are like. There have been a couple of different ones about Roswell over recent...
  16. A

    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    Just to mop up the proliferation of small or one-post threads.