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Jul 30, 2003
I need a snappier title.

But i keep stumbling on iconic original material related to major fortean events of which we've all heard, and instead of starting a new thread for each one thought it might be a good idea to have single thread in which all such stuff can be found and easily accessed in future.

To be clear, there's no point just posting anything paranormal related off the internet. That would just get untidy and pointless. The idea is the major, famous, iconic stuff. Someone posted footage of the Philip Experiment on another thread the other day. That could go here. As could an earlier post of mine showing Arthur Conan Doyle's full interview in which he talks about his spiritual/psychic interests. And the BBC debate on the release of The Exorcist movie. I'll gather and repost those later. But to lead with example lets start with...

The original 1978 BBC radio documentary reporting on events currently going on in a house in Enfield......

The original audiotapes of Barney Hill's hypnosis session which essentially started the classic alien abduction phenomenon.

Orson Welles' 1938 broadcast of War of The Worlds which allegedly caused such panic

Some may remember seeing this on TV as clearly as I do. Rupert Sheldrake's seemingly and impressively successful testing of telephone telepathy with the Nolan Sisters.

Like Kulagina, Ted Serios and his "thoughtography" used to appear in montage on any documentary or article on psychic matters...here's the man himself on Arthur C Clarke's mysterous world...
Akin to the Conan Doyle one, here is a 10 minute cine-interview with the famous psychic investigator Harry Price. He seems to be putting on his best "telephone voice" for the camera. I can imagine him saying "a book what I wrote"

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The backlash after the BBC's Ghostwatch (personally i find it remarkable that people go on about that show.. i saw it and was never remotely under the impression it was real)

Some great stuff here. Keep it coming.
Contemporary news report on the Marian visions coming out of Medjugorje in Yugloslavia...

If you can't bear to watch those videos of a TV set for too long, here's a full BBC documentary from the same time..

The phoenix lights phenomenon that hit the news around the world.
and a near contemporary news report
"In 1972, British script writer Henry Lincoln introduced the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château to the English speaking world through his documentary "The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem." It immediately created a storm of publicity and eventually led to the production of a 2nd documentary "The Priest, the Painter and the Devil" in 1974 and the "Shadow of the Templars" in 1979. This last documentary was already co-researched by Michael Baigent which later led to Henry, Michael and the late Richard Leigh writing the international bestseller Holy Blood Holy Grail. " (which in turn was taken wholesale for the plot of the Da Vinci code, leading to a famous court case)
I've posted this before elsewhere, but here again is a BBC discussion show on exorcism and possession, following the release of the Exorcist, which appears to give confirmation to the popular claim that the movie caused true shock and horror in audiences on it release.

Which is an excuse really to include by association this famous Life of Brian debate between two Pythons, Malcolm Muggeridge and a bishop.

Which sounds like the set up for a joke. So, as if by magic, and for the sake of completion, here is the equally well known Not The Nine O'Clock News parody of that debate.
This may be fitting here:

Dr Barry Taff discusses the Doris Blither haunting, better known as the 'Entity Case'.
Here is an original..actually THE original...Bridey Murphy regression tape. The book about these sessions in the 1950s introduced the concept of past life hypnotic regression to the general public and became a cause celebre at the time, spawning the industry that sill exists.

Great find! It does sound like a stream of consciousness ramble, albeit guided by the hypnotist. I remember when Nicky Campbell tried it on his Radio 1 show it worked for him too, and his impression was of being questioned as a boy from olden times was "Who is this idiot asking me these stupid questions?!" Which may say more about Campbell's personality than anything historical.
Contemporary 1947 radio interview with Kenneth Arnold, whose UFO sighting kicked off the modern experience of the phenomenon and which introduced the term Flying Saucer into the language

Interestingly at no point is other worldly craft suggested as an option...but ufos not being a thing in the popular culture to that point of course it wouldn't be. Througout the excitment seems to be about some incredible new secret military craft. Also interesting is his description and calculation of the speed makes the "solution" posited in the FT a few years ago that it was misidentified birds sound preposterous.

See Also:

Kenneth Arnold (Seminal UFO Sighting; June 1947)
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Jesse Marcel, the air force officer in charge of the Roswell wreckage retracting the weather balloon story years later...

Also interesting is his description and calculation of the speed makes the "solution" posited in the FT a few years ago that it was misidentified birds sound preposterou.
Of course... if Anold's speed and distance perception were reliable.

When I wrote that article, the premise was that they were not.

Keep in mind, Arnold had a number UFO sightings - objects which appeared to be ducks, only ducks don't fly that fast, etc.

Keep also, very much in mind, that every distinct characteristics of Arnold's description re the flight characteristics - the formation flying, the 'fluttering and then gliding', resembling a kite's tail, etc., matches the distinct characteristics of our American White Pelicans. That's why their collective title is a, 'squadron of pelicans'.

Anyway, I have a related photograph which seems to be a rarity - never seen it published anywhere previously.

It's an image of Arnold holding a sketch, depicting one of the objects. This is not that well known photograph - it's quite a different image.

I will try to locate this again (on a backup CD *somewhere*) and most certainty upload same today.

Been meaning to do this for ages, actually.
I'll bow to your knowledge as mine is non-existent. It does however sound to me that in the interview - which from the interviewers commentary sounds like its within 48 hours or so of the story breaking - he gives a very unbird like physical description of their appearance. I know nothing of his unreliable other ufo sightings, but im assuming they weren't before this one but after. It's not hard to imagine after the fuss surrounding him he'd get in the habit of watching the skies and jumping to conclusions..

But im arguing from ignorance. There is however a general problem I see with a mundane debunking of this "first flying saucer" experience. That there are and have been for at least 70 years wide spread reporting of impossibly fast, impossibly manouevering aerial objects like his which are not dismissable as birds. So it would seem like a monumentally odd coincidence that his experience was the false template for a real thing. If you see what I mean. That UFOS (whatever their nature) are real, strange and mysterious but that the incident that introduced them to the world at large wasn't. :thought:
This is the sketch...


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