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Philip, The Imaginary Ghost (Toronto; 1970s)


Gone But Not Forgotten
Nov 11, 2004
Dear all,

I am looking to get hold of a copy on video of the old 15-minute documentary "Philip, the Imaginary Ghost" as an aid to a current research project.

If anyone has a copy, or knows of a place where I could obtain one, can you please let me know via this board so that I can make contact.

Many thanks.
Its a rather old link but....

There's a guy here who says he has a copy of the film and he gave the link to it for a short while. Maybe you could contact him and ask for the link to the film?
I remember reading about the case in The Unexplained part-work.

Rather jolly fun, I say!

Thanks for the reply. I have already emailed this contact a few days ago as I had spotted that one. Unfortunately, although the email address still seems to be live, I have not had a reply.

That has been the only avenue I have been able to find up until now though, unfortunately.
I have a book by John Spencer with a chapter in it about the created ghost Phillip. Its a very strange thing they appeared to have done and any more info on it would be great.
David Ambrose's novel Superstition is an excellent riff on this investigation.