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Richard D Hall: A British Alex Jones?

A bit of digging turns up one supporter (I presume) who appears to believe that the plaintiffs case has been bankrolled by the BBC. At least, that's the impression I get from his FoI request:

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Can you please tell me if any public money ( licence fees) has been used or is likely to be used to help private claimants take legal action against a) Richard D Hall and b) The Irish Light Newspaper....


There's a lot of sensible stuff on there too, but WhatDoTheyKnow is a great source of nuttery for those who - like me - miss the quality of insanity that used to express itself in old-school letters pages, but which has now all been swallowed up by the insatiable maw of the internet.

For instance - another Freedom of Information request from the same individual who made the above:

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,
I would like to know how the decision to require newsreaders and correspondents to put a stress on every third or fourth consecutive word in a sentence was made. It is totally annoying, makes it difficult to follow the gist of the message and is, quite simply, bad use of English!!...

I mean, even if you think he does have a point, would you make a Freedom of Information request, or would you just shout at the telly for a bit, like any normal person?
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Or possibly he sacked them when they insisted on telling him things he didn't want to hear, however based on common sense and legal knowhow those things were - another not uncommon habit of the accused egotist.
At least they're not in the position of 'shooting the messenger'.
Victory for the victims!

Two survivors of the Manchester Arena attack have won their bid to sue a writer who said it was faked.

Richard Hall's claim that no-one died in the 2017 attack, which killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert, was "preposterous", a judge said.
Judge Richard Davison ruled in favour of Martin and Eve Hibbert, who sued Mr Hall after he said they were not there. The father and daughter were injured when suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a device.

Mr Hibbert, who lives in Chorley, Lancashire, was paralysed from the waist down, while Eve, then aged 14, suffered a life-changing brain injury.

Mr Hibbert said Mr Hall "went way too far" when he approached Eve and her home.bIt is unacceptable to bring anxiety and distress to us in this way and a stand had to be taken. I am pleased that a court saw through his ridiculous assertions."

At a High Court hearing in January, the pair applied for a summary judgment for parts of their claims against Mr Hall - a legal step which sees those aspects decided without a trial.

Mr Hall, who published extensively about the attack on 22 May 2017, said the event was a "a staged operation".

Judge Davison described his claims that Abedi did not die in the attempt, but escaped and was later cleared by authorities, as "fanciful."
In his ruling, he said Mr Hall's claim the Manchester bombing was "an operation staged by government agencies in which no-one was genuinely killed or injured" as "absurd and fantastical". ...

He added Mr Hall, who represented himself, had "no real prospect, indeed no prospect at all, of success" in the case and said there would be a further hearing to decide costs and directions. The father and daughter took legal action against Mr Hall for harassment, misuse of private information and data protection. ...

I can't decide if he is a total nut job or a grifter hoping to make some money like his fellow travelers have, knowing someone that was in the vicinity of the bomb I can assure you it happened (but most right minded people don't need to be told this ) this is the problem nowadays these people have an audience like never before, in the past they would be wandering around your local area with a sandwich board handing out cheaply made leaflets

The problem for them is having gone this far it's almost impossible to fully recant, they have built there entire being on bizarre notions

If he is not a grifter he really needs some serious mental health intervention which is sadly lacking nowadays