Sea Serpents & Monsters (General; Miscellaneous)

Odd animal filmed in Lago Ranco, southern Chile. Looks too elongate for a southern river otter. Too far south for crocodiles and caimans and too far south for the giant otter. Starts at 13:00.

Any idea what it might be? It appears to be "puffing" air out of the end of its snout.
Apparent long-necked creature (or maybe a log), compared to Nessie, spotted in the Bristol Channel.

"Anna Purse was out enjoying a walk with her six year-old daughter Grace along the seafront on Sunday when she caught a a glimpse of the ‘monster’ bobbing about in the water. She said: “Myself and Grace were were sitting on one of the benches before the pier. The shape was right next to the pier and I noticed it moving.
“It moved all the way along the sea in front of us while we were sat there. Grace said it looked like a sea monster, just the shape of it reminded me of Nessie.”