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I live in central London. I have to say that what I am about to report has not happened to me for ages now, but about five years ago it was happening all the time, and people were very dismissive (except a few who were with me when it happened).

All of which probably sounds more interesting than in fact it was - basically, street lamps kept going out as I walked under them. Mostly they were full on, some were in that half-and-half state when they are either faulty or just igniting. It wasn't every single street lamp I passed, but it was certainly enough to make me notice it, and then wonder what was going on.

I formulated a few rather unconvincing theories about the capacitance of the human body, and how, when they were in that "just striking" state, that they must be in a fairly easily-influenced situation, but I still found it odd. My reason for contacting you is that I have subsequently been told that this happens to other people too.


Christina Hibbins

Itoopossessthis'power'andfirstbecameawareofitin 1995. It was in fact not myself who noticed at first but a friend. He pointed out that when I walked under street lights they would go out or switch on. I put it down to pure coincidence until the summer of 1996 whentwo strange incidents occurred. While visiting relatives in London I found myself walking along Shaftsbury avenue late at night. As I walked under the protruding entrance of a well known theatre the lights dimmed as I passed along each one. I was with several friends who were witness to this and I was the only one passing under the lights. The second incident occurred again whilst in London visiting and I had been making my way to a hospital in a thunder storm. As I went into the hospital walking along the very long corridor the strip lighting above me would dim to the point of almost going out. People in fact stopped in the corridor to watch thespectacle I still have the ability to make street lights go out especially two particular ones on the street where I live.

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There are two seperate versions of this.

1- A specific person affects all lights.
2- A light is affected by everybody.

A light near where I live used to go out whenever somebody walked underneath it.
It only started after workmen had completed a job there. Some of these cases can be put down to bad workmanship, but others?

Does anyone know how much electricity a body needs to absorb to cause a street light to turn off?

Has anyone who causes this to happen ever tried done so whist wearing thick rubber soled shoes?

Red Dalek said:
Does anyone know how much electricity a body needs to absorb to cause a street light to turn off?

I think it's more a question of interruption than absorbtion, although as there're instances of people in cars having this effect I can't image how this could be done. But street lights have sensors, don't they, that tell them when it's getting dark? Maybe it's these sensors that are being affected rather than the flow of electricity.
Streetlight puzzle

As a keen jogger I have had this happen to me on a number of occasions while running at night north of Bury, Lancashire.
It has happened when running past two lamps in particular on both occasions I was on the opposite side of the road from the lights which would flash off and not come back on.
Both the lamps that I have experienced the phenomena with were in semi-rural areas away from major housing estates or trunk roads.
I know I'm not exactly light on my feet for a marathon runner but I didn't think I was capable of such vibrations that could knock out an electrical connection!:confused:
1. Don't know about other parts of the country, but locally, while some streetlights appear to have sensors, others appear to be 'slaved' to either the light with the sensor or to a central switch - a whole street-full without sensors will switch on virtually simultaneously.

2. When I were but a lad, the streetlights where my folks still live were rather basic - forget sodium lamps, these had 60 watt bulbs. Kicking a streetlight would set up enough vibration (by the time it reached the top) to blow the bulb (and I was about 8 or 9 when I discovered this, so a heavy adult walking by may have had a similar effect). Does this work with modern lighting? (I know an easy way to find out, but I'm no longer a young vandal!!)

3. There's a book that I've read (I was sure it was by Tom Holt, but I can't find it..... Help!) that features fading/dying streetlights, caused by a severely pissed-off Thor, as I recall. Never mind, Holt's books are worth reading anyway!
Can the power of thought affect streetlights??

Well, a strange thing happened to me about a week ago. I was watching a thunderstorm (which was in the distance) from my window at about 1am. I just casually thought "oh, I wish that street light would go out" (because it was right in my line of sight where the lightning was happening) and hey presto it did!!
OK, you may say,perhaps a lightning strike caused a power failure but the electric was still on in the house and other street lights were still on further down the street. It was just that particular one that went out. I noticed that it came back on again too later in the night. Has anyone experienced anything similar???
the streetlights thing was douglas adams (I think it was long dark teatime of the soul)

I used to believe that I could make lights go out, and also that I knew a special code that you could tap into pedestrian crossings to turn them on!

This stuff must relate to those people who can make hoovers explode and watches break. Something to do with the bodies magnetic field? After all there's a lot of electrical activity in the body.
Ahh, that's another story entirely...but probably one that would end me up in prison ;)
Has anybody tried doing this at the Blackpool Illuminations?
I had noticed a similar thing with a couple of friends of mine a few years back. They were a homosexual couple who had recently come out of the closet - and when they were walking down the street, the street lamps would go off with rather annoying regularity - and come on a few minutes later.

As a young bloke we rattled them as well, I do think they have some sort of protective mechanism that switches them off when rattled, and then they come on again - maybe somehow strong emotions can set off the mechanism?? Who knows? It would be interesting though to hear from someone knowing about the internal set up of these lamps.
i have to agree with the hightened emotion theory. for about 10 months a while ago i had many streetlights in Bristol going off when i walked underneath them. this was definately a real phenomena as i was aware of the possibility of coincidence. the effect was observed by several of my friends also. i was at a very emotional and mind bending time. the effect didnt seem to happen any where else except in Bristol. When i moved away the effect stopped and only happens now on rare occasions that could be put down to random events... whatever that may mean!!!!!!!:eek:
I too have a weird effect on streetlights, however it is not an isolated case of electrical interference, as I also cannot carry computer floppy discs on my person without causing them to corrupt beyond repair,

and was frequently asked to remove myself from the lab during experiments, when I was at university, requiring use of extremely sensitive electrical equipment, as I tended to produce extremely strange results, as the graphs would go off the charts.

The street light aspect only ever seems to occur however if I am very upset or angry about something, altho watching the faces of my previously skeptical friends always cheers me up to a degree, I have been known to do up to 4/5 in a row along a street if things are really bad.

do other people also have an effect on other electrical equipment?
Hmm, that does sound interesting. Perhaps you should also try to see if you can do telekinesis, some claim it has to do with the body´s EM-field.

And get a smoke detector, apparently people like you can cause fires unwillingly :)
great excuse for not doing any housework(exploding hoovers anyone?), work with computers (I used to stroke mine to make it work!), etc, red! Downside I guess is not being able to travel by plane ;)
On a similiar line. Many years ago I was in the forces and was in my billet fuming and getting very frustrated over some disciplinary matter where I had unjustly got the blame. I was getting quite worked up and was on the verge of punching something when suddenly my Stereo switched off and I mean the on off switch was flicked over, this was a big rotary on off action and when it happened I was in the room by myself, well I soon forgot my anger and slept in the TV room that night. I tried many times to set that switch to a position where it was possible for the switch to slip back off but never managed it and then of course I tried to do it again myself, even attempting to get the same mindset but nothing ever happened.

One morning, when I was about 16, I woke up and bleary eyed I reached out my arm and pressed the switch to switch on my stereo. With the sudden blare of music I was jolted fully awake. A lookd over amazed at the stereo which was a good three or four feet beyond my extended finger. Since I couldn't have leaned out of bed to reach it without falling out I have no rational explaination as to what transpired. Nor have I ever been able to repeat it (not due to a lack of trying you understand).

Hi Mark,

I had never heard of a story like that involving street lights before, but my grandmother used to routinely set off car alarms simply by walking past them. I remember going shopping with her and she could cause a racket walking through a car park. It wasn't every car, but at least one in every four cars or so. She could also unlock her own car by walking past it. She never had any pins or plates in her body or any other unusual traits and I am baffled as to how it happened. It happened to me twice in a single day about four years ago, but not before or since. I do believe it has something to do with the HEF (Human Energy Field) and perhaps the individual's energy setup. I don't know for sure, but your story is intriguing.
Regarding things switching themselve on and off, I have a fairly new central heating boiler in my kitchen which is set at level 4, every so often it will turn itsef down to level 1, it has a ratchet type nob that no amount of vibration could move, it happens about every couple of months, I had it checked out by the gas company fitter who suggested we had a ghost.:eek:
I've been able to get a dripping tap to drip much faster by hovering my finger a few millimetres under it, but I expect that's easily to explain with electrostatics or something. ;)
I noticed street lights turning off in my presence, whenever I was particuarly deep in thought from the age of about 14 - and others who have walked with me have noticed it too.

I'd put it down to a crafty co-incidence personally, always seemed to happen with certain types of street light as well, never the big concrete ones just the metal and plastic topped ones...

I know nothing about why it happens, but it does seem to happen to me too.
About 6 years ago there was a street lamp near my home in Bristol that always used to switch off as I walked underneath it on my way to the shops. As I returned the lamp would turn itself back on again as I was either very close or underneath it. For a few years I thought nothing of this until a friend commented that it seemed to happen every time I passed this lamp. One evening we watched the lamp from a distance for quite some time (you do when you're a kid with nothing to do :) ) and noticed it didn't turn itself off for anybody else.
I have now moved to a new area in Bristol and again, there is a lamp that switches itself off when I'm around. This time it turns itself off as I start walking up the street (roughly 50 yards away from the street lamp) and as I am directly underneath it turns back on again.
I'd be very interested to hear from anybody who could fill me in on this subject. Is this just a pure coincidince that I pick streets with faulty lamps, or is there more to it????
This also happens to me.Around about ten years ago(when I first noticed it) me and my mates would go out clubbing and because we didn't live that far away we would walk home.One night as I walked ahead down a long straight street, the lights started turning off as I walked underneath them, as my mates caught up with me,(we thought it was just the timers going off),by the time we got to the end of the street it was really dark with only one or two lights left on, we asumed the lights were still on summertime settings even though it was late October.As we were looking back the lights started coming back on in order,it was odd but we all thought it must have been a fault. But from then onwards it happens all the time,sometimes the odd light and other times a few.It got to a point where my mates would ask me to walk under a few streetlights and they would have a friendly bet to see how many would go off.As I got older it doesn't happen as often,but I still have days when it will, I have even been walking along during the day in broad daylight and lights have turned on above me.
I thought I was the only person this has happened to,until I read your pages,I definitely think it is to about emotions and the bodys natural electicty "overheating".
This same type of thing has happend to me for several years. Many of my friends would watch to see how many of them would react to my passing. One friend blamed it on headlights aimed too high,so I would get out and walk under them, same thing , they would dim or go completely out.
My wife did not believe me until I told her to keep watch,and she also noticed an unusual number of them.
This only happens when I am in a charged emotional state,whether it be anger ,anxiety or some other upset state of mind. I have no explanation for this but was somewhat relieved to find that it happens to other people.
Possibly related fact: my father has never been able to wear a mechanical watch, they always stop and never run again,magnetized maybe?

Todays science is tomorrows superstition
those blinking lights

Most street lights are high intensity discharge lamps, either mercury or sodium vapour filled. They have a long life but when they fail they literally go 'on the blink'. They cycle on and off over a period of several minutes. This can go on for days and days until they finally die. What you are witnessing is probably a coincidence. When you walk past this lamp post the light goes out, only to come on again a few minutes later.
I definitely agree that some could be a coincidence,but it is not only street lights.I have spent a fortune on replacing our domestic light bulbs,because whenever I get tense or annoyed,they seem to blow there fuse!Once again some could be a coincidence but it happens to often,I have even been stood chatting or just walking under them and they just shatter,not only in my home(maybe you could say dodgy electrics)but even at many friends houses,I can arrive and walk in and a light might go out or even smash!Its becoming a bit of a laughing matter now among my mates (apart from the ones who haven't got a spare light bulb,they can get quite annoyed as if its my fault!),but its definitley more than a coincidence, its happened to many times.
This light thing has happened to me too a fair few times in the last year. However, i don't think it is down to me- I tend to think it is caused by the discharges of my invisible stalker, Sissy. She wears a Tesla coil...
You can joke about this, but I am not!! This really does happen to me and theres no invisible stalker or no tesla coil.If you could ask my friends they would tell you that not only do I smash there light bulbs all to often,just by walking near them,but many of them,sometimes,can also can get little electric shocks by sitting near me or brushing past me,although this could just be static.
My cats are even cautious of me now as I have accidently given them shocks and they now think twice before letting me smooth them.
It doesn't happen all the time but every now and again it will, too much to be a coincidence.
In fact,only the other day,when visiting my mum,I made her cheek go numb by giving a kiss goodbye ,she said it felt like she had just been giving a minor electric shock.
The only thing I have noticed is this usually happens when I get hot or warm.
I am not looking for a round of applause!!!
Just a possible logical explaination.
the only streetlight interference ive seen in the papers was the one with the bloke 'degrading' himself and the lamppost and the obvious people tapping in to the power supply of the lights
DJ Spirit thought I was joking... Well maybe a little bit about Sissy (but that's another story).

For the record, the street light thing DOES happen to me. I tend to have one or two 'events' every couple of months.

And, the street lamps near me are of the solid, heavy concrete variety, not yer flimsy tin contraptions...

Just out of interest, I live in Leicester UK. If anyone else here is in the vicinity I can give the exact locations of the two lamps which do it for me most often and they can spend a happy evening running two and fro...

And, finally, has anybody had the experience of a lamp lighting up in daylight as they pass??????