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The Almasty Thread

So they had some possibly revolutionary samples, nothing was published, no further work was done and the evidence doesn't exists anymore? That seems an odd sequence of events.
It sounds like an enraging sequence of events.
According to an article in FT417 the Almasty fingernail is a hoax. It seems to have been carved from bone or something, and had animal fur stuck to the top (dog, goat, etc). Someone's been wasting our time.
Just watched this 'documentary' I was involved in a couple of years back, What a parade of shit. When i got involved in this i was told it would be about the Russian military and their encounters with relic hominins. I filmed a whole day for this and very, very little was used. I spoke about my own expeditions to Russian in search of the almasty and hominin sightings throughout Soviet Central Asia. Almost none of it was used. Instead we have paranoid, conspiracy theory garbage about genetically engineered yetis. The time and money spent on this could have been used to make a real documentary searching for the almasty and looking into what it might be. A wasted documentary and frankly i'm mortified to have been involved in it. I thought this would be a serious look into soviet hominology.
Oh, thats a crying shame.

Its not like there is nothing of interest locally.