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The Ancient Ram Inn


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Sep 16, 2003
I expect this subject has been touched on before, but I'd really like to hear some first hand experiences people may have had at this infamous location, as I'm visiting soon. Ta, and wish me luck!:)
Where is it? I've looked though a couple of my haunted pub guides and I can't find the name.
Ram Inn

It's a now privately owned former pub in Wooton-Under-Edge, just outside Bristol, and has been the focus of much media interest for years. A search on the web will throw up some info, but first hand experiences would be good to hear!
Ram Inn

Have a look at my web site:

Memoirs of a Ghost Hunter - I've put both of my
trips there on the page. Be patient, it is a big file.

You may also want to get in touch with Mark and Julie Hunt.
They have been there 14 times, and Julie got the famous ghostly vortex on the staircase picture. Their email address in on the webpage.

Best wishes

Ram Inn

Cheers Paul,
excellent record of your experiences there, thank you! I've known of the Ram's reputation for about ten years or so, but only recently decided to visit. A place so (in)famous can obviously create all sorts of preconceptions and expectations before visiting, but I intend to remain resolutely open minded and see what happens. Just hope there's a decent pub in Wooton for the inevitable dutch courage!!:D
Re: Ram Inn

Originally posted by paulsamfreya
Just hope there's a decent pub in Wooton for the inevitable dutch courage!!:D

You could try the Ram Inn:confused:
Sadly, it's a pub "in the residual" only, as "our Derek" might say, there not having been a pint pulled there since the sixties! :_pished:
Pubs in Wooton

From memory, I can think of four pubs in Wooton (one is closed for refurbishment).... I think you can find more on regularsreunited.co.uk (??)

Best wishes

arggghhhhhhhh... !!!!!! its Wotton Under Edge not wooton !!!!!!:mad:

its pronounced wooton, after visiting the pub you could go down the road to North Nibley and have a look at Tyndales Monument, I don't think its haunted but if you climb to the top (it is very high)and look down you might get the same feeling u get when a phantom hand has poked you in the back ....plus you get a great view of gods county.:D
" arggghhhhhhhh...!!!"

Oops, sorry, you're right!!!! :_omg:
My excuse would be that I'm an ex-pat Lancastrian, but as I've lived in "Bristle" for 20 yrs that won't wash!
Ram Inn - post visit

Fascinating place, it has to be said. We spent a relatively quiet night in the Bishops room, disappointing really for the alledgedly most haunted room in alledgedly the most haunted house in Britain. Then again, whilst open minded, I appear to be as psychic as a house brick, so maybe that explains things. I can also safely say I have never felt so cold in my life. A friend did swear that at one point she felt a hand on her head; later I'm sure I heard a voice make a "sushing" noise in an otherwise empty room, so who knows?.

It is a remarkable building though, and nothing short of a scandal the way in which various bodies appear to be letting the place fall down around the owner's ears.

We did have a couple of odd photo's as a result; orbs (yes, I know!!!!) and an odd misty form in the attic, The place undoubtedly leaves an unforgettable impression that leaves one compelled to return....
Just to let you know that the British Psychic and Occult Society group, http://groups.msn.com/FriendsofDavidFarrant have plenty of photographs taken by Dave Milner at The Ancient Ram Inn recently. Plus there is some info about the site as well on this group. The British Psychic and Occult Society are also hoping to do an all night vigil at the Inn some time next year if arrangements can be made.

Hope that all readers enjoy the rest of Christmas Day. Thanks

Catherine Fearnley
Regional Secretary for The British Psychic and Occult Society
The Ram Inn

Thanks Cath for link!
Don't know what to make of the Ram Inn...
Here are some photo's - the first an "orb" ( yeah, but at least a good one) second a really odd mist in the loft area, where the only person there ( the photographer ) was a non- smoker.
Any opinions???

Can't get the damn things to the board, I'll keep trying!!!:headbutt:
Photo from the Ancient Ram Inn

I'm staying at the Ram Inn tonight. Whilst I'm away, what do you make of this photo, taken on our last visit? It's up in the attic, nothing visible at the time, no-one was smoking (you wouldn't dare at the Ram for fear of burning the place down!) The next phot taken was completely clear. We tried to recreate the effect by photgraphing our breath, but couldn't reproduce an image like this, so I've discounted that. :confused:
I've seen this effect quite a few times on photos, none of which were taken in haunted areas. It happens so often that there must be some photographers on the Message Board who can tell us what this is?
I've seen it happen in photos taken in locales that aren't 'haunted', so I wouldn't consider it anything more than a film/camera/developing defect, or something ordinary that you simply just see at the time (especially if the location is cold, dusty, etc., for example).
It could be a combination of the use of flash and usually invisible fine dust, of course.

I prefer to think it was the manifestation of an ethereal presence, perhaps making use of the available resources.

Nice photo, anyway. :)
Here, to compare, is the next photo taken literally seconds later. Both on digital camera, by the way (yes, we did get "orb" photos too, it is a dusty place!!)
Hmm, speaking as an occasionally amateur photographer, I've never had anything like that turn up in a photo that wasn't caused by someone smoking, or breathing (cold day) near the camera. So if you can eliminate that (or any other cause of smoke/condensation) ... ?

Cant see anything odd in the second pic
Now I'm not saying this means your picture hasn't captured some kind of ectoplasmic creature so please don't go all Penrod on me when I simply point out that the second picture is darker and taken from a slightly different angle. Light can show up reflecting off some things from one angle and even the slightest change in your position can render the same object invisible to film, especially mist and fine dust.

Was the roof of the inn thatched by any chance?
It's just my thought that it could be mildew hanging in the air or that if it was a warmish night that could account for some mist build up.

Edited for correction.
A dry summer night a couple of years ago I went for a midnight/early morning stroll in Burton Joyce (Nottingham) & took a few test shots of the local church with my new camera. (Flash used in these 2 shots, it was very dark)

Anyway, one of the photos came out with an odd mist, yet the very next one (done perhaps 5 seconds later in very close proximity) there was no trace, yet I had altered no settings on the camera..

I don't mind admitting to being a little spooked when examining the preview screen at the time, but when I examined the actual image at home later on noticed the mist seemed to be comprised of 'diamond shapes' which led be to conclude it was somehow an artificial effect (I'm strictly amateur when it comes to photography, so I can't really explain it better than that)



..For what it's worth!

*edit - I took this post down because I was going to start a fresh one with it.. No point really, this is as good as any*

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Oops, my post was meant to begin with "Now I'm not saying this means..." Sorry for any confusion or misunderstandings that little typo may have caused.
This looks just like light or chemical fogging. Seeing as how it was taken by a digital camera it would have to be from light fogging. If you look closely at the image you will see that there is a green or red tint to some areas. This is indicative that it occurred at the sensor--not in the lens or in front of it.