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The Loneliness Of The UFO Observer



One evening, sound in body and mind, I was carrying out the rubbish when I glanced up and saw the stars going out. A shape appeared overhead, and then picked up the orange glow from the Shrewsbury streetlights.
It was a UFO...massive, about the proportions of a box of Swan Vestas matches, or a rather wide surfboard, with rounded ends.

I ran into the house to fetch my wife, but as she emerged the UFO was already disappearing into the distance, though still just visible, it nwas hardly a clear sighting.

A strange and profound sensation came over me...extreme lonliness. Desolation.
That no-one else had been there to see it.

Without backup, what I has seen felt meaningless, even to me.
I forgot about it.
Maybe it`s foolish, but IMO life is too short to chase or think much about UFO`S. When they wish to make contact..if they exist...then I`ll think about about it.
So..I`ve seen one, but don`t `believe` in them, and rarely discuss this sighting.

Then one evening I watched an American UFO programme. It eneded with a cowboy type figure discussing a video, said to be, if genuine, `the clearest film yet of UFO`S`.

With one ear I listened to the guy talking about his sighting and film. Then he said something that shook me to the core.

`I felt lonely, he said, `so lonely because noone else was there to see it with me`.

A strange thing to say..but in his words I knew the guy was telling the truth. So his film is genuine.

Can someone tell me...is this emotion `normal`?
Should I now `believe`?

Its normal!

That will happen with almost all personal hobbies or obsessions.

However.........how do you know that you were the only one that saw it?:)

It may not be as lonely as you think!
Me too

I know exactly how you feel. I was on my own when I had my encounter, a classic cigar shape ufo with bright 'porthole' lights across the middle, hovering in the night sky.

I remember feeling very alone, and vulnerable, and also a feeling of not being able to believe my eyes, as there was no-one around to confirm what I was seeing.

For some reason, rather than convincing me of the existence of ufo's, I'm still left with an feeling of not being sure. Not of what I saw, but just not the conviction of their existence that I expected to have if I saw one myself.
Sounds to me like a classic "Oz Factor" situation...

Pick any Jenny Randles book for a definition!
Sibick...thanks for the reply....I tend to believe YOU...but am still not sure about ME!:p :D

Filthy le dog....
....know the viaduct well. A friend here in Wales does too. He went to uni nearby, and told me Stockport was a great place for a night on the tiles, for in those days, when paraletic, the arches were always a suitable and safe place to crash out.

..but please...til I find a Randles book...could you define the `Oz factor` for me?
The "Oz Factor" refers to the strange sensation when something odd is occurring eg. UFO sighting, ghostly vision, etc.
Everything seems to be quiet, nobody else seems to be around and it's almost as if reality itself is distorted (as in the Wizard of Oz).

Hagrid - wouldn't be so sure about kipping under the viaduct nowadays. Dodging the needles would probably keep you awake!

I'll see if I can find some links for Jenny's Oz Factor together with some examples...

Here ya go...


and a story with an example...