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The Time Cube



Time Cube

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this website, or if it's ever been mentioned here before (if so, sorry)
The guy is nuts, and it's full of babbling nonsense (in my one corner opinion) about ... er...
Well, I'm not exactly sure, but it has something to do with a 4 sided day or something. The guy who wrote it seems to feel victimized that his theory has never been listened to, or accepted, although he did do a talk on it at MIT.

He offers $10,000 to anyone who can disprove time cube.

And yet, I feel stupider for reading that page.

Conspiracy? I doubt it, but there wasn't a section for crazy people so I thought it best to post here. And gee, who knows, you people are smart, maybe there really is something in that time cube crap that I don't see. Maybe I'm missing out on my 8 day weekends, maybe that's the real conspiracy. Man would I be pissed.

"Your Professors are Liars,
and fear Time Cube Truth."

"Linear Time is an 'evil lie'. "

"Is your university so evil -
as to suppress Time Cube? "

And also this, which is suprisingly true, yet useless but it sounds wise. Like yoda.
"Mother&baby are same age.
No mother until baby born."
the language is very strange. Sometimes (s)he sounds like a japanese tourist and then (s)he'll throw in a peculiar word like 'scam' which jars even more.

how come these nutters understand how to use a computer better than I do?
Well, the lecture does seems to be on the MIT website.

Whoever he is, Mr Ray doesn't seem to like interracial marriages or Jews.
Time is a helix or spiral (a la Dinotopia) everyone knows that, surely?
Just out of curiosity, wouldn't it only be a cube if it had three dimensions, rather than four, or does he/she/it mean four faces, in wich case, it's clearly a triangular based pyramid, as a cube would require six...
You can get a video of the lecture.

Google comes up with loads of Time Cube sites.


Including an interview with Mr Ray himself!
Oh gawd, this guy. He's hatstand! Hard to tell if he means it or if he's just winding everyone up. Think that video's been removed now, sadly, but seem to remember it largely consisted of him ranting and then being mocked by MIT scientists, so it's an odd kind of wind-up if it is one. 'Noone can disprove Time Cube', eh? I wonder why...
I challenge you to prove that the universe is not contained within a vast bramley apple pie. Can't, eh? Can't bloody well prove it is, either.
Inverurie Jones said:
I challenge you to prove that the universe is not contained within a vast bramley apple pie. Can't, eh? Can't bloody well prove it is, either.

Schroedinger's Pie, mate: there are stars and galaxies on the inside of the All-Butter Shortcrust Pastry lid, but cut the pie and there is an instant event that wipes them all away.

Unless you bake a cat in there along with the apples, attached to a radio mike, and ask it....

I need more sleep, I think. Bloody physics, always does my head in.

Back on thread: That bloke's a nutter!

Oi! Nutter!
Time Tesseract

He's stealing some of my early work on Time Tesseracts, of course, the poor nutter. Used to sweep up at the lab and we'd feed him bits of our sandwiches to encourage him to dance with the broom.

(Literalists: I'm kidding. He used a mop.)

You can't prove a negative, which is why he's safe making such loony challenges.

This one was fun, and funny. Takes all kinds to screw in SOME light bulbs, doesn't it?

He's obviously misunderstood and stolen my mate's work: the Venus Theorum.

This explains space-time as being a 27 dimensional hypercube, containg three dimensions of Space, three of Time and three which are Absolute dimensions.

If you were to picture the hypercube Space would be length, Time breadth and the Absolutes as height. Or something; I don't really understand it myself.

Niles ":rolleyes:" Calder
Well I have read his site (the large print and the colours are annoying) and concluded that the uni must be allowing him to lecture purely for the sake of light entertainment.

Mind you, physics isnt my strongpoint. I can still spot a :blah:nutcase:blah: tho
Situational Sanity

Perhaps he remains relatively sane while lecturing, or perhaps he was sane and has since gone bonkers. This, presuming he's ever actually lectured there at all. It could be that his work, or name, on the university's site is the result of hacking. Could also be this nut isn't the actual fellow, but only someone misusing his name, eh?

For all we know, this is a joke.
The Timecube guy has followers!

And I am very, very scared.
I'm pretty sure this isn't something the Timecube guy did, as its- this is the scariest part- WRITTEN COHERENTLY.
I'm scared.

I'm taking the personality test now... its hillarious.
Questions like this:
8. How often do you feel that those who are closest to you are secretly conspiring against you?

I just finished the test.
I am stupid and evil. Damn.
Wow... I love this site. Check out the tracts.

eh its a joke

at the bottom of every page, REALLLLY small (my roomate noticed it on her linux computer) it says PARODY.

Its a pretty extensive parody/hoax/joke. I'm confused.
Yup, it's a hoax. Go to the "wisest" page and scroll down to the bottom. It's too overstated to be serious.
Well its defiently a hoax, which is odd... its not funny/critical enough to be a parody... hmm.
Thing that confused me was its associated with this other site, which also seemed to be real... but maybe its just an excuse to put up funny audio of the guy to laugh at.
bottom line..

The square's trying to make a buck (pound), notice ..credit card donations excepted..they'll be a nut or two that'll send 'em some $$$$..just a jerk of a scam..nuff said!:hmph:
I joined the forum just to complain that they called me and my loved ones evil, they were not even willing to appologise:mad:
I think you should take this up with the evil talking dog... you might have a class action lawsuit.
Ah, Leonard. Here you are. We've been looking for you...

Ah, Leonard. Here you are. We've been looking for you...

It's not about apologising. It's merely that the fundamental steps anyone needs to take before they can begin their journey to Cubic Consciousness is first to realize that they are STUPID AND EVIL. Taking such a defensive attitude to these prerequisites is a knee-jerk response programmed into your subconscious by the EVIL ACADEMIAN CONSPIRACY.

It's nothing personal. But we really feel that in your case it's of vital importance that you come to terms with your EVIL and learn to accept it before you can overcome it. Particularly if you wish to STOP WORDMURDERING YOUR CHILDREN. We aren't trying to insult you. We're trying to save you. From your own EVIL, that is. Oh, yes - also the STUPIDity. We must never forget that.

But until you learn to accept these two basic facts about yourself - facts which comprise the basis of your entire personality - you have no hope of ever escaping them. Thus the only way you can even hope to be able to claim that you are not STUPID AND EVIL is first to admit that you are. Make sense now?

Ta. :D
Its all a prank,that timecube stuff, time is circular!
LOL, :spinning
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I'm sorry elbruce but I don't think that you will be able to convince me that all I know is wrong, what I know makes sense to me and I am perfectly happy with the way my life is at the moment. I can't understand how changing my beliefs and ways of thinking will make my life better? I think that I will stick to what was good enough for my past generations, they were cool.
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Am I alone in not knowing what the flippin eck is going on?

OKay this is just waaaay to weird for me - "<p align="center" class="copytext" style="font-size:2px">Parody" indeed - but who the hell is that crazy elbruce character - and why are they taking it so seriously when the creator of the cubarian website was taking the p**s?

Some people really need to lighten up.
Excuse the Awful Sounds

It's just another layer of irony to take an obvious parody AS IF seriously, isn't it? Nothing difficult here.