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The Time Cube

mind you, people take david icke seriously :madeyes:

It just seemed odd that he went to the bother of tracking you down on a different forum.
dot23, I have been back to his forum and sent him an email asking him why he came to this forum:confused: :confused:
The board is SCARY.
Read the Leonard Nemoy cloud thread... I think its a bunch of people fooling around. With maybe one or two loons who don't know whats going on.

Leonard, I have replied to your email. Sheer coincidence, actually.

So far we have ensnared one bona fide loon, who (believe it or not) is trying to disprove Time Cube using the theories of Alex Chiu.

Perhaps we'll finally learn if two negative IQs equals a positive result.

(One thinks along the lines of matter meeting anti-matter, perhaps, resulting in mutual annihilation.)
Wouldn't it result in creation of an IQ of 0? ie. the creation of a small rock.
A Piece of the Auld Sod

Considering that we all dig rocks, I must say I've met some pretty smart ones. Well, smart relative to some others I've met, who shall remain nameless in their portable pools of drool.

Congress, for instance. Parliament. (not Funkadelic, of course)
Bump! Updated Timecubism sites from Goldstein.
Re: Cubarians

Goldstein said:
or take the Cubarian Personality Test: http://cubarian.com/next/test.html

I'm guessing I failed the personality test. My results:


Evil EDUCATORS have taught you to WORD-MURDER your children!

Give up your CANNIBALISM and kick the
evil 1/4 SANTA-GOD out,

You are Slave to all media.

YOU DO NOT EXIST, for you are never more than a 1/4 or 1 of 4-different lives during life metamorphosis.

YOU Live Under A Curse. Where did your mind go?

You educated STUPID bastard are unworthy of Earth.

You are STUPID student
without Cubic life wisdom,
and yellow belly coward.

YOU are the lowest form.
YOU can't procreate alone.
YOU destroyed the village.
YOU destroyed the family.
YOU destroyed childhood.
YOU destroyed naturalism.
YOU don't know the Truth.
YOU pitiful mindless fool,
YOU are educated stupid.
YOU worship cubeless word.
YOU are your own poison.
YOU create your own hell. YOU must seek Time Cube.

That's just plain wude Ogo, I guess we won't want any of these Cubarians coming around these parts, ghastly folks.
D'accord Niles

Well, they are blockheads, after all.

And besides, my Time Cube keeps draining the battery and may need a new alternator.
Sounds like your big end's gone Frater; just can't get the parts these days. I always pop back to Atlantis for my replacements...
Hes right tho
there are enuff stupid people out there to buy his video and keep him on the lecture circuits of " this weeks looney "


We need a smilie for looney
oh yeah we got one

And at least he's offering something for the money, which is better than those "college kids" who beg for donations to their education funds but offer nothing in return.
the website proves once again, like so much else in life, that as long as theres a self assured shepard the sheep will flock, geez... :rolleyes:
Thorough Thoreau

As Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Any fool can make a rule-And every fool will mind it."
I get a kick out of it when people use "evil" to explain anything.
Evil As an Explanation

Yes, using "evil" as an excuse or explanation is always good for a chuckle. Remember Ron E. Ray Gun's "Evil Empire" or the Bush League's "Axis of Evil"?

Loons, all.
Wastrel said:

Was particlularly taken with this passage from the first page...
Sixty-Seven Bible Verses which tell us that it is the Sun and not the Earth that moves can be found HERE. There is not one verse in the Bible that upholds the concept of a rotating, orbiting Earth. If you trust the Bible as God’s inerrant Word corroborated by all true science, here is your chance to read the verses, then study the evidence of massive deception surrounding all of modern cosmology--beginning with The Copernican Revolution--and decide whether you will keep quiet or not....
...blimey :rolleyes:..still, keep the tinfoil hat manufacturers happy :).
WOW!!! That is more extreme than most of the God grovelling loonies you find on the net.

I never thought they let you have net acces in a special care facility.
Hannibul was totally sane in comparison to that god squad.

Eating human flesh is normal compared to saying that the earth does not revolve...
Stu Neville said:

Was particlularly taken with this passage from the first page......blimey :rolleyes:..still, keep the tinfoil hat manufacturers happy :).
Mind, it also provides a nice problem for those "moderate" believers in biblical inerrancy. Now to wait for the Jehovah's Witnesses. ;)
Is that the first cuckoo of spring I hear? :p

Moved to General Forteana because it is bloody weird...
Tell me about it. I read that a while back and he keeps ranting about time cube and never explains anything. Just keeps yelling how everyone is stupid but him.