U.S. Sizing Up Iran?


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Jan 15, 2017
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The Soleimani assassination has been widely reported as a joint CIA-Mossad operation (though we don't know for sure), and it is possible that it would not have happened if Biden was President, given the direct nature of the attack and the status of the target.

Whilst Israel would have every motive for the the recent explosions/fires in Iran, these being largely property damage, I strongly doubt that these would depend on America having a Republican President.

Because there were operations against Iran whilst Democrat Obama was President.

The Stuxnet operation was reported as joint CIA-Mossad venture in 2010.


And four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated 2010 - 2012.


Israel acts against Iran of it's own accord, and has done so for many years.
The type of attack, the "tone" of the attacks, might depend on the influence of the American President. That is possible.
But then again, there is also chance the CIA would act without telling the President.


Aug 19, 2003
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This is a review of a documentary on the 1953 Coup in Iran. Torab Saleth is an Iranian dissident who lives in exile (he has to, otherwise he wouldn't be alive).

Regime change MI6-style
Torab Saleth reviews the online documentary 'Coup 53' which was written, produced and directed by Taghi Amirani

This is a well made documentary about the August 19 1953 British-American coup which overthrew Iran’s democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in order to scupper the nationalisation of the oil industry.

Although nothing is revealed that was not already known, it is a well researched piece of investigative work, showing all the main details about this criminal coup - for which the guilty parties have gone unpunished to this day.

Given the recent scandals about the institutional racism which pervades all aspects of life in Britain from the royal family down to the tabloid press, Coup 53 shows once again how the current British ruling class and its state has been built on centuries of world plunder. The oil concession granted to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company by Reza Shah - father of Mohammed Reza - is one of the most shameful examples of an ‘unequal treaty’. Iran only received 16% of net profits and the country’s government was not even granted access to the books in order to see how its pitiful share was calculated. Of course, Reza Shah had been himself placed on the throne after a British-made coup in 1921.

Although the USA has admitted its role on many occasions, the British to this day deny playing any part in the 1953 coup. This documentary, however, proves in no uncertain terms that the British were the main instigators and organisers and, despite later American bravado about taking the lead, in fact, they only played second fiddle. The Americans were basically fooled into joining the coup plot by being fed all the horror stories about how Mosaddegh was just about to hand over the whole country to the Soviet Union. In fact after the first coup attempt, on August 16, which failed miserably mostly because of the inept operational leadership of the CIA’s Kermit Roosevelt Jr, both the shah and the Americans fled. ...

Coup 53 was released in 2019 and, as you can imagine, has faced many distribution problems. Now, at last, it can be viewed (alas with a payment) online via the following site: coup53.com/watch-coup-53