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Deputy fire chief faces indecency charge

The Arizona Republic
Mar. 7, 2006 10:17 AM

Leroy Donald Johnson was caught this weekend in a barn with his pants down, literally, according to a sheriff's office report.

"You caught me ... I tried to (expletive) your sheep," Johnson told his neighbor, according to the report.

But the Mesa Fire Department deputy fire chief changed his story when a sheriff's deputy arrived on his doorstep minutes later, denying anything happened.

Johnson, 52, was jailed on suspicion of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing after the neighbor told investigators he found Johnson, unzipped and holding a sheep down on its side.

That's the sanitized version. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office report released Monday night is a little more graphic.

Johnson's neighbor told sheriff's deputies he was called home Saturday afternoon when his 13-year-old daughter saw Johnson drag one of their sheep into a barn.

The teenager said Johnson had first knocked on the front and back door of the home in the 1200 block of East Catclaw Street, in a county island in Gilbert, before grabbing the small gray lamb, records showed.

One of the deputies noted that Johnson had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, and neighbors who confronted him said he admitted everything.

According to the deputy's report, "(The owner) took me into the back yard and showed me where he and (neighbor) pulled up. He took me through the corral gate and I saw the victim for the first time. She was a small gray lamb about three feet tall and four feet long."

The men then told the deputy they walked over to the small barn, opened the door and "saw Leroy holding the lamb down on its side in the hay with his pants down trying to have sex with it. That's when he made the statement about (expletive) the lamb."

The men said Johnson stood up and zipped up his pants.

"The sheep ran out of the barn at that point," the report says.

Johnson apologized, according to the report, and said he'd had "too much to drink."

The Mesa Fire Department placed Johnson, on paid leave Monday pending an internal investigation. Johnson, deputy chief of technical services, has been with the Mesa Fire Department for nearly 26 years.

Assistant Fire Chief Mary Cameli said Johnson has been an "exemplary" employee with a spotless personnel record.

"We were all very surprised by this," Cameli added.

Johnson did not return a call for comment Monday.

When confronted by a deputy at his home, Johnson initially denied the incident, saying he had been at his neighbor's house to talk about annexation.

Johnson said he went into the barn after hearing noises. The deputy said to him, "I believe something more than that happened," and offered help.

Johnson responded, "I probably do need some help, but I don't know if this is the time or place for it," according to the report.

When asked how the animal got into the barn, Johnson said, "I'm not going there," then asked if he was going to be arrested and demanded to know his legal options.

He continued to deny that anything happened in the barn and was arrested.

"I think it's disgusting," Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. "I think of Ghandi who said you judge the morality of a country by the way they treat their animals. . . . I do look at (bestiality) as some type of animal cruelty."
Oh my :shock:

Ouch! With sex injuries, love really hurts

Broken penises, lodged foreign bodies give new meaning to unsafe sex
By Brian Alexander
MSNBC contributor
Updated: 2:32 p.m. ET March 2, 2006

The British erotic retail chain Ann Summers recently released a poll asking people if they had ever been injured during sex. One in three said they hurt themselves somewhat routinely, though the injuries were about what you might expect: rug burns (to, ahem, the knees), muscle pulls, a conk on the noggin from, say, banging into the headboard.

But at Sexploration we hear stories, sometimes from emergency room doctors in bars. By the third martini, the stories often begin with, “You wouldn’t believe what I saw last night…”

And so I decided to call around to emergency rooms and ask sober ER docs about the things they see, and, more importantly, what advice they might have based on their experiences, not only how to avoid the damage, but how to handle the delicate task of seeking help once the damage is done.

I didn’t have much luck. One prig in a Phoenix ER became outraged and hung up on me — twice — before I could even explain the context of my questions. “This is a very inappropriate topic,” he shouted as he slammed down the phone.

Inappropriate? Tell it to this guy, who I read about when I started scanning the medical literature: "A 29-year-old man heard a snap during sexual intercourse followed by immediate detumescence and a swelling of the penile basis and scrotum, due to a penile fracture."

I’d call that an emergency.

In fact, as much as I wish it were, breaking your penis isn’t rare. Guys do it when they get all pile-drivery and they miss the bull's-eye, or when she’s riding Bronco Billy and slips off the saddle. Bend a penis past the breaking point and you can snap the inner chambers, releasing blood into surrounding areas.


One guy, whose girlfriend made an awkward landing in 1994, underwent emergency surgery and subsequently sued her claiming that years of sexual dysfunction resulted. He lost in court.

Don't try this at home

But men don’t need women to help them break their penises. It’s amazing what guys do to the poor thing. They “incarcerate” it in steel rings, attach radiator hose clamps, play mumblety-peg with it and a staple gun.

From another journal report: “We report removal of heavy iron (barbell) and steel (sledgehammer head) items incarcerating the penis with a heavy-duty air grinder provided by the fire department.

If there’s an imaginable way to masturbate, some man has tried it.

“In the hospital the patient reported that his penis got caught in the hose attachment of an old Kobold vacuum cleaner…”

Women are no slouches either.

“We present the radiological findings of a healthy young woman who presented with acute onset of abdominal pain and was found to have extensive pneumoperitoneum.” That means she had air in her abdomen. And where did the air come from? It was “Jacuzzi-jet induced.”

Many sex injuries happen simply because somebody gets a little carried away.

“A 64-year-old Italian woman presented to our department with a three-week history of sudden, severe lower back pain…” Turned out she had fractured her pelvis. “We were enlightened as to the aetiology [origins] of the fracture by a nuclear medicine technician who spoke Italian, to whom the patient had explained the nature of her complaint. The severe pain commenced after a rather physical sexual encounter with her husband.”

Aside from the old saw about having a heart attack during sex (which isn’t really all that common) going aerobic in bed can cause other problems you’d never suspect.

“Six patients presented with a precipitous decrease in vision in one eye with no apparent predisposing factors. After obtaining a careful history, each patient revealed that he or she had been engaging in rigorous sexual activity…”

In these cases, the patients popped blood vessels in their eyes, perhaps from screaming during orgasm.

You can hurt yourself even when you’re trying to practice safe sex.

“A 27-year-old lady presented with persistent cough, sputum and fever for the preceding six months … history also confirmed accidental inhalation of the condom during fellatio.”

As this case proves, the sex injured wait far too long to seek medical care.

“People often do not seek treatment as soon as they normally would for other injuries,” says Dr. Ted Chan, an ER doctor and professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Diego. “They fear the embarrassment, but there is a lot of privacy in the ER. Their privacy is protected.”

“During the orogenital contact, the patient noted intermittent searing pain, which he subsequently discovered was the result of superficial trauma from dental devices (braces) that inadvertently scraped the glans. After two days, he developed multiple erosions; these rapidly coalesced into an extensive, extremely painful ulcer covered with necrotic debris.”

Call me crazy, but the “intermittent searing pain” would have been a tip off. Had he sought medical care sooner, he could have avoided “necrotic debris.”

Why feel apologetic when totally normal sex can cause serious damage? The same air-in-the-abdomen syndrome, or pneumoperitoneum, can occur during cunnilingus if your lover’s a prankster and decides to blow in your vagina as if it were a balloon. Women have died as a result. No kidding.

DIY dangers

Of course, it’s a big sexual world out there and people are always looking to try something new. But again, perhaps from embarrassment, or just to save money, they don’t want to walk into their neighborhood erotic boutique and buy the proper gear. So they DIY, and that’s just not a good idea.

“A prospective database and photographic record of patients who presented with retained colorectal foreign bodies…The foreign bodies included a pen knife, an aerosol deodorant spray can, a blue plastic tumbler, a plastic bag containing two bank notes and some marijuana, a plastic packet containing fish hooks, a penlight [flashlight], a broomstick, a battery-powered vibrator, a primus stove, a cap of an aerosol can, a piece of wire, a piece of hosepipe wrapped with wire, and an iron bar.”

Seriously, if it’s possible to put it up your butt, somebody has done it — everything from tennis balls to samples from all four food groups.
But they get stuck up there and then you find yourself in the ER lying face down.

Sometimes the DIY has tragicomic consequences.

“We report two cases in which men used the hydraulic shovels on tractors to suspend themselves for masochistic sexual stimulation. One man developed a romantic attachment to a tractor, even giving it a name and writing poetry in its honor. He died accidentally while intentionally asphyxiating himself through suspension by the neck…”

If you’re going to masturbate with the help of heavy machinery, for crying out loud, use the buddy system.

Sex isn’t a minefield of danger, but accidents can happen. So when you’re imagining how good it will feel, also try to think of how bad it could feel if something went wrong.

And if it does go wrong, do not allow embarrassment or fear of snarky questions from ER personnel to keep you from seeking help. In most cases, says Chan, even your regular doctor doesn’t have to know. So you won’t get any questions about how that zucchini got up there.

Brian Alexander is a California-based writer who covers sex, relationships and health. He is a contributing editor at Glamour and the author of "Rapture: How Biotech Became the New Religion" (Basic Books).

Sexploration appears every other Thursday.

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Listing of Unsafe "Safe Sex" materials
Novelty Products Not Safe At Any Speed

* Nonoxynol-9 removes skin. Really. Avoid any and all lube, condoms and "toy cleaner" with Nonoxynol-9. N-9 is a detergent that has been shown to cause cervical abrasions, strips away rectal lining, and only kills HIV/AIDS in clinical settings. if you're curious, look for the article, "The Nonoxynol-9 Scandal: How 'AIDS Prevention' Put Women and Gay Men at Risk by Patrick Califia" and also read, "The Scandal of Nonoxynol-9".

* Anal-Eze can really hurt you. Lubricants with benzocaine, and numbing agents such as Anal-Eze, "good head gel" and desensitizing creams contain oils, flavors and colorings, and they are very unsafe. Numbing the back of your throat, the penis, the vagina, and especially the anus can lead to serious injury and infections that can (and often) land users in the doctor's office or ER. Think: you can't feel the skin breaking or tearing, and if it's the anus, there's fecal bacteria. When you can't feel pain, you are getting injured, period. Pain sucks, but it's an important tool during anal play, telling you something's not right. If it hurts you're either going too fast, you need more lube, the item is too big, you're not aroused enough, or you're not really in the mood. And when I researched my fellatio book, I communicated briefly with a dentist who'd seen signifigant bruising *inside* the throat of a female patient -- again, just think about it.

* No one knows if "Shrink Creams" can hurt you. Widely available "shrink creams", "sure grip", "tighten up" and "feel like a virgin again" claim to make the vagina smaller or tighter. The key ingredient in these creams is alum. Alum absorbs water out of the outer layer of the skin; as more water is absorbed, the cells begin to swell, closing the ducts that water would normally flow through. No study has been done on the effect of these creams on the cervix, which is what they eventually end up getting rubbed on during penetration, but I'll wager it's not good. I kind of want to make the manufacturers snort a thick rail of alum, so they can study the effects on their own mucous membranes. What I really hate about these "shrink" creams is the fact that they're trading on female insecurities about the vagina not being tight, pretty or good enough for their male partner -- like we need any negative reinforcement from our pussy-phobic culture about how we look, feel or smell down there. The marketing text runs, "China Shrink Cream is formulated to tighten the vaginal walls. China Shrink Cream is to help with loose vagina due to multiple child birth and frigidity." I also want to throw up every time I see the packaging on these creams, as they are often called "oriental" or "China Shrink Cream", paralying off of racist stereotypes and exotifying Asian "sexual mystery", much the same way the porn industry fetishizes skin color and markets (I think racist) negative stereotypes about black male sexuality with its "interracial" videos.

* Beware any toy sold as an anal toy that doesn’t have a flared base. Novelty companies put "anal" on the packaging of toys unsafe for anal use *all the time*, and no one wants a trip to the ER to get a Pocket Rocket removed, even if the package said "anal" on it.
You certainly wouldn't want to get "Shirnk Creams" on your fella (good to see Rampant Bully Jelly isn't listed ;) ) but this guy seems to need it:

Erection keeps burglar out of jail

A German burglar has escaped a prison sentence - because he suffers from a permanent erection.

Maurice Baumann, 32, was sentenced to a year's jail for burgling homes in the British army garrison town of Bielefeld.

But he escaped prison after entering hospital as an "emergency case" for his unrelenting priapism.

After a week's treatment, doctors admitted they were only able to get his manhood down to "half-mast".

Baumann told a court in Bielefeld: "I woke up one morning with a hard-on. I didn't think anything of it - that happens to men a lot. But mine never went down."

A medical report revealed that doctors stuck needles in his manhood for 90 minutes in an attempt to reduce its size. But five minutes later it was erect again.

They also injected medication into it but that didn't help either.

A court ruled that he could stay out of jail while his problem persisted but the chief prosecutor of Bielefeld is not happy.

Harald Krahmoeller said: "Only patients with acute medical problems can stay out of jail and I don't regard him as an acute case. I hope to have him behind bars within two weeks." ... s.quirkies

A crate of Anne Widecombe porn is on it's way to help the poor man out.
"A court ruled that he could stay out of jail while his problem persisted but the chief prosecutor of Bielefeld is not happy. "

I hear his cell-mate is pining a bit too. :kissers:
The Times March 15, 2006

Lion's cousin really is a big cat

By Lewis Smith

WHATEVER men and smirking wives may say about size not mattering, the fossa, a diminutive and distant cousin of the lion, clearly isn’t listening.

The creature, dubbed the Pink Panther of Madagascar, has the largest penis bone of all the cat-like species which, scientists believe, ensures that it is the real king of its island jungle.

An adult fossa is about 3½ft long and has a penis of about 7in, a sixth of its body length. If Man had the same ratio he would be 3ft tall and very smug.

Scientists believe that the fossa is so well-endowed because of the demands of the female and the need to outdo male competitors. Lesley Dickie, presenting a study to the Zoological Society of London yesterday, said the large penis bone, the bacula, may be the secret to the fossa’s ability to keep up an acceptable performance during mating sessions that last for up to eight hours.

“It provides extra rigidity,” she said. “It’s nature’s Viagra and in the case of the fossa size might be everything.”

Dr Dickie said that the bacula’s firmness and support is required to stimulate the female sufficiently and persuade her of the male’s virility. If she feels the male has not lived up to expectation she will go on to mate with another fossa and will mate up to five times in a week until she is convinced that she has found the best genes to pass on.

Dr Dickie said: “It’s been suggested in previous papers that the fossa has a large bacula, compared to the body size. It’s not — it’s absolutely enormous. It’s extremely unusual.

“For something like a fossa which has a very large penis it’s likely that the bacula adds the necessary rigidity during the long mating time. It might also be that the size of the bacula is a signal of quality.”

Like the domestic cat, the fossa’s member has spikes that make withdrawal a painful and drawn-out business. Equally wincingly, the bacula can easily break.

Baculas are found in five orders of mammals — primates, Carnivora, Insectivora, Rodentia and chiroptera (bats) — and are thought to have been an early evolutionary development that has been discarded by many animals, including Man. Among the creatures that still have them are wolves, genets, bush babies, cats, badgers and stoats. A lion’s is the same length as the fossa’s.

The fossa, which weighs about 15lb (6.8kg), is the largest predator on Madagascar. Its main prey is the lemur but it will also catch hedgehogs, lizards and frogs. Villagers on the island are fearful of it.

Like most animals on Madagascar the fossa is suffering from habitat loss.

It is endangered and only 2,500 are left in the wild but the island’s Government promised recently to help to protect the fossa by ensuring that a tenth of Madagascar has protected status by 2008.,,2-2086558,00.html
MrRING said:
Listing of Unsafe "Safe Sex" materials
Novelty Products Not Safe At Any Speed

* Nonoxynol-9 removes skin. Really. Avoid any and all lube, condoms and "toy cleaner" with Nonoxynol-9. N-9 is a detergent that has been shown to cause cervical abrasions, strips away rectal lining, and only kills HIV/AIDS in clinical settings. if you're curious, look for the article, "The Nonoxynol-9 Scandal: How 'AIDS Prevention' Put Women and Gay Men at Risk by Patrick Califia" and also read, "The Scandal of Nonoxynol-9".

Nonoxynol-9 is not a "novelty product" is an effective and relatively-safe spermicide. It is of course pointless to use during gay sex and indeed is ineffective at killing HIV, but this doesn't discount the fact that it has legitimate uses for vaginal intercourse.
GreenJeanz1 said:
Nonoxynol-9 is not a "novelty product" is an effective and relatively-safe spermicide. It is of course pointless to use during gay sex and indeed is ineffective at killing HIV, but this doesn't discount the fact that it has legitimate uses for vaginal intercourse.

It does indeed looks like the "scandal" is all about it's status as HIV prevention.... but it looks like it might have some negative impact beyond the HIV issue according to the CDC.
Last summer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a warning about nonoxynol-9, the spermicide commonly used in condoms and lubricants. Helene Gayle, M.D, Director of the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention at the CDC, wrote: "N-9 has now been proven ineffective against HIV transmission -- the possibility of risk, with no benefit, indicates that N-9 should not be recommended as an effective means of HIV prevention."

So how did the CDC finally reach this conclusion? Research, of course. Seems that from 1996 until May 2000, UNAIDS (United Nations Programme on AIDS) sponsored a study of the effectiveness of a gel which contained 52.5 milligrams of nonoxynol-9 compared to an inactive placebo gel. The study was conducted in several locations in Africa. Nearly 1,000 HIV-negative, female, commercial sex workers were enrolled in the trial, and all women were counseled to use condoms consistently and correctly. In addition to condom use, the women were asked to use a vaginal gel each time they had intercourse. Half of the women were provided a placebo gel and half of the women received an N-9 gel. None of the women, or the researchers, knew which product each woman received, and all of the women were informed of the possible risks, benefits, and unknowns involved in the study.

By the end of the trial, researchers found that the women who used N-9 gel had become infected with HIV at about a 50% higher rate than women who used the placebo gel. Worse, the more frequently women used only N-9 gel without a condom to protect themselves, the higher their risk of becoming infected. Nonoxynol-9 did not protect the women from HIV infection and may have caused more transmission. Women who used N-9 also had more vaginal lesions, which probably increased the chances of HIV transmission.

KINKY Robert Garnett boiled to death after snorting a potentially lethal dose of cocaine and putting on a rubber suit, an inquest heard yesterday.

His body temperature soared, causing his brain to swell as he wore a fetishist-style gimp outfit seen in the film Pulp Fiction.

The 35-year-old McDonald's burger bar manager - a separated dad of one - was found in his bedroom after relatives had reported him missing.

Medical experts said Mr Garnett, of Lambeth, South London. had hyperthermia leading to a build-up of brain fluid.

Pathologist Dr Peter Jerreat told the hearing at Southwark: "The rubber clothing caused excessive overheating.

"The toxicology reports revealed a potentially fatal level of cocaine.

"The contributory factor to his death was the presence of cocaine."

Verdict: Accident
Hope for rynner:

Who's your granddaddy

From correspondents in Moscow

March 20, 2006

A 75-year-old grandfather has become the newest star of Russia's growing porn industry, after wandering on to a film set by mistake, thinking it was a muscle man show.

David Bozdoganov has since starred in the films The Old Neighbour and Handyman at Work.

Director Alexander Plahov said: "We were auditioning for a new film and had a number of couples on stage simulating sex when I saw an old guy standing at the back.

"I wandered over to ask him to leave when I saw this massive package straining against his trousers.

"I thought, now this could be an original idea. And I was right: all the movies we've made with David have been huge successes."

The beast with two backs - and a walking stick. But not everyone is delighted. The priapic pensioner apparently believes in the beneficial powers of garlic and his female co-stars have complained about his habit of rubbing it on his genitals before filming action scenes.,10117,18531351-13762,00.html
Darts of pleaure indeed!!

'Love darts' double snail's chance of offspring

* 16:46 20 March 2006
* news service
* Roxanne Khamsi

Love's arrow may have helped Cupid's match-making, but it was never slathered in mucous. Yet to double their chances of paternity, some male snails fire slimy darts at their would-be female mates.

“Snails that hit their partners with a dart are able to father more babies,” explains Ronald Chase of McGill University in Montreal.

The so-called love darts are wielded by a number of molluscs, including the brown garden snail (Cantareus aspersus) where it sits on the right side of its body, adjacent to a mucus-producing gland.

A male snail passes approximately 5.5 million sperm to its partner in a single mating, Chase says. But he adds that only about 1400 sperm of these millions survive the attacks of enzymes, which digest the sperm within the female. Furthermore, snails mate promiscuously, so one sperm donation does not ensure fatherhood.
Hacked off

Chase and colleague Katrina Blanchard set up an experiment to test the idea that pricking a mate with a dart raises a male's chances of siring offspring. This involved 38 female brown garden snails, each paired with two male partners that had each had their darts surgically removed – the darts take a week to grow back.

Before mating with one partner, the female was injected with inert salty water, and before mating with the other an injection of the mucus associated with snail love-darts.

The researchers used genetic analysis to reveal that males who mated shortly after the mucus injection were twice as likely to sire offspring as those who mated following the saline injection. This was true regardless of the order of injections or mating.

Chase and Blanchard found the mucus appears to cause certain ducts in the females to contract, and they think this could stop the delivery of the enzymes that digest the sperm. But the substance within the mucus that does this remains a mystery.

Journal reference: Proceedings of the Royal Society B (DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2006.3474) ... pring.html
Squirrel sex study drives Ontario Tory head nutty

Last Updated Mon, 20 Mar 2006 17:01:00 EST
CBC News

A $150,000 grant to study the mating habits of flying squirrels should be stopped in mid-flight, Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory says.

The provincial government recently committed to fund the Laurentian University study, which will examine the effects of global warming on the procreation of northern flying squirrels.

Tory says the decision, in a province where health-care costs are spiralling, is out of touch with the needs of Ontario residents.

"Funding for research on the sex life of the squirrel is not more important than funding more nurses," Tory said, calling the project "trivial."

Tory acknowledges that academic freedom is important, but argues that the government and the public shouldn't have to support this particular research.
Given the choice, Tory said, taxpayers would redirect the squirrel study funding to health care, balancing the budget or cutting taxes.

The ecologist heading the study says Tory doesn't know what he's talking about.

"It's complete crap," said Prof. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, who is based in Sudbury. "It's pretty clear that he is trying to score political points.

"My research is not a Dave Letterman joke."

Ecologist restless over funding issue

Last September, Schulte-Hostedde received one of 64 Early Researcher Awards from Ontario's Ministry of Research and Innovation. The newly created awards support the hiring of graduate students to help researchers.

Schulte-Hostedde says he has lost sleep since hearing about Tory's comments, and fears the government could pull the plug on his funding.

He plans to use it to hire five graduate students who will help him mark squirrels with ear tags and track their progress.

Schulte-Hostedde began studying squirrels in Algonquin Park several years ago. His new study will examine how wildlife adapts to environmental influences. It will focus on northern flying squirrels because of their abundance, but the ecologist also plans to study fish, insects and other animals.

The project has also received $110,000 from the federal Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. ... 60320.html
Aichi's festivals let it all hang out

A certain sector of Aichi Prefecture, says Cyzo (April), is packed with sordid Shinto shrines and brazen Buddhist temples dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh.

Aichi, the monthly notes, is home to Mama Kannon, the only Buddhist temple in the country devoted entirely to the worship of women's breasts. The same prefecture is also home to the Tenteko Matsuri, a festival featuring a procession where one of the participants carries a phallic-shaped radish and grinds and thrusts their hips in time with the beat of a drum.

Cyzo points out that Aichi is also well-known for the internationally famous Tagata Jinja fertility festival, where a huge reproduction of a male organ is paraded through the streets atop a shrine.

Perhaps the most outlandish of all Aichi's flesh festivals, however, takes place each March 15 in the city of Inuyama. It's the Onnagata fertility festival, one of the few in the Japan to deify the female genitalia -- an extremely rare feat in a land where other graphic depictions of the same object are usually treated with Orwellian standards of censorship.

The festival itself centers on a parade. Shrine priests and shrine maidens ride, for some reason, in a convertible that heads the procession. A flattop truck follows closely behind their vehicle.

On the bed of the truck is a huge work of art which, at first glance, bears a close resemblance to Otafuku, the ruddy cheeked Japanese goddess of mirth and merriment whose name literally translates as "plenty of fortune".

Closer inspection, however, reveals that Otafuku's mouth is actually an extremely accurate depiction of a woman's privates. In some ways, the festival is literally a centuries-old Japanese version of a "Vagina Monolog."

Up until a few decades ago, Cyzo says, there was little effort made to conceal the body part in a work of art and the areas where the festival was held were festooned with flags covered in pictures of pudenda.

A portable shrine made to look like the same organ featured in the festival, but postwar values deemed that to be going a bit too far. Organizers decided to go for what the monthly calls a "more sophisticated erotica." (By Ryann Connell)

March 22, 2006 ... 8000c.html
Reality play

For this San Marcos sex-doll maker, it’s about quality

by Paul Hormick

Eric Schlosser, in his recent book Reefer Madness, claims San Diego is one of America’s finest cities for producing pornography. Whatever it may be—softcore, hardcore, fetish porn, gay porn—it’s made here, and made here in spades. Maybe it’s the sun or the large military presence; whatever the reason, San Diego has some sort of erotic vibe that goes past what you might find in the rest of the country. And maybe that’s why RealDoll, the 21st-century version of the blow-up doll, or what’s called a sex doll, makes its home here.

I recently toured RealDoll’s headquarters and factory, an exceptionally nondescript building in San Marcos with no sign—not even a decal on a window—that might clue you in to what the company is or what is manufactured within. In the front office, Shelly Couture, a tall, friendly blonde with pretty blue eyes, greets me as my guide. She’s the spokesperson for the company, and before advancing past the front office, she photocopies my driver’s license.

I ask about photocopying visitors’ licenses and their low-profile, Cheney-esque undisclosed location. Is it because they’re afraid that someone on a moral crusade might vandalize their business? Couture assures me that the security is for proprietary reasons. “There are all sorts of people in Japan and China who are trying to steal what we do,” she says.

We walk back to a small room. If Madame Tussauds had an X-rated section, it would look something like this. Three dolls are in various stages of undress in Frederick’s of Hollywood-style lingerie. The fourth doll hangs from a metal stand and is dressed in jeans and a halter. The other dolls look normally proportioned, but the one in jeans has breasts the size of the Louisiana Purchase. She also has the large eyes and other features characteristic of anime, the Japanese style of cartoon and animation.

“See, she’s fully articulated,” says Couture, as she moves the doll’s arm up and down. I grab the arm to see for myself. The feeling is somewhat like flesh, albeit cool. Although the doll has a metal frame, there is no feeling of bone, the firmness that people have around their wrists and shoulders. Squeezing the arm is like squeezing silicon rubber, which makes sense because, well, that’s what the dolls are made of. I move the arm, and it does indeed move in a fashion of a real human arm.

“Of course, we recommend warming the dolls before use. We suggest using a heated blanket. And to warm things up down there,” Couture says, gesturing toward the doll’s crotch, “we suggest a warm-water douche.”

The dolls aren’t made like mannequins, with the limbs and head added to a torso. Instead, the dolls come from a single pouring of silicon rubber over a steel “skeleton,” the skullcap and face being the only main features of the doll added later. They therefore have no seams or breaks at the joints; the rubber remains smooth, like real skin.

On display above the anime doll is a row of doll faces, all of them with an expression of blank wonder. With their jaws lowered and mouths open in an “O,” it’s as if they’re a chorus ready to sing the first line to “Oklahoma.” The RealDoll website claims that the orifices are designed to produce suction, the mouth giving the most suction of all, when used.

“The dolls come with 16 faces and 10 body types, with skin tone going from my complexion,” Couture says, pointing to the fair skin under her blonde locks, “to African-American. We’re the only manufacturer with this kind of variety. There are other manufacturers of dolls like these, but each company will only manufacture one kind of doll.”

After choosing the features and body type, customers sometimes ask for additional customization. “We can add permanent makeup, if you like,” says Couture. “But a lot of people like to do that for themselves. It’s part of the process.”

One customization possibility is making the dolls to resemble famous humans or a person—such as a girlfriend or wife—a customer knows. “Of course, we cannot make an exact replica, for legal reasons.” Couture says. “If it’s someone that the customer knows, we get permission from that person or that person’s estate.” She then lists some names of pinup and porn stars that have been requested to be made into dolls.

Although I have a hard time thinking of the subject coming up in dinner conversation, Couture says most of the marketing of RealDoll is by word-of-mouth. “Our market is mostly 35- to 65-year-old men with disposable incomes. One customer has bought every [type of] doll we make.”

But it’s not only men who buy the dolls. Some couples have bought dolls, and some women have bought them for their husbands and boyfriends. “One woman came to us with her tax return and, knowing that she was going to be away for a long time, bought one for her husband so he wouldn’t be fooling around on her.” She adds that the dolls can be used for more than sexual gratification. “You can cuddle up next to it instead of a body pillow. It becomes part of a lifestyle.

“Some of the men who have bought our dolls are, well, vertically challenged,” Couture says, “It’s hard enough being a man in this world, but just think how hard it is for a short man.” Other customers have been burn victims or others who have become disfigured.

The dolls are sold all over the world, half of which are sold here in the U.S. The other major markets are Japan, the U.K. and Germany.

Couture walks me down to the lower floor of the building where the dolls are made. At the landing, immediately to my left, is a line of dolls suspended from a moving rack, like what you might see in a slaughterhouse. The dolls are headless, but the torsos look real enough to make the view a little disconcerting. The variations of the doll torsos take them from 5-foot-1 to 5-foot-10 and from 62 to 115 pounds. The cup sizes for the breasts on the dolls range from A to triple F.

RealDoll started with Matt McMullen, a sculptor by trade. He wanted realistic human figures that could hold a pose. All of the torsos start out as clay sculptures made by McMullen. After he sculpts a doll, a mold is formed around the clay figure. When the mold is separated from the figure, the original artwork is destroyed in the process. In one section of the production floor, the molds lay open, some of them holding the metal “skeletons” in them. When the dolls are first taken out of the molds, the silicon rubber is still pliable and a little sticky. “This is when we affix the pubic hair,” Couture says, “when the hair will naturally affix itself to the body.” Small tufts of synthetic hair lie between the legs of the dolls farther down the line. For the dolls’ heads, wigs of synthetic hair are attached.

Couture walks me over to a corner of the room to a shelf holding the only other body parts added to the dolls. Rows of silicon teeth, tongues and labia lay in front of me. Couture tells me that there are several different labia, but I don’t examine them closely enough to notice. I pick up one, and it feels sort of like a gummy bear.

Every bit of a RealDoll is made at this San Marcos facility, and there are no plans to move production to Mexico or China. Couture believes the quality of the dolls would suffer if they moved production offshore. “We are the Rolls Royce of this industry,” she says. “It’s not all about the buck. If the quality goes out, I’m gone.”

She’s fairly emphatic when she says this, adding that RealDoll is recognized for its quality and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

It takes about 90 hours of labor to make a doll, and the factory turns out about one doll a day. Of course, if you’re buying a Rolls Royce, they don’t come cheap. The dolls sell for $6,499. Any additional customization costs more. As their website will tell you, you can’t get a RealDoll at any retail outlet, even some of your finer adult bookstores. They are sold directly from RealDoll from online orders. In addition to the 13-page care guide, RealDoll provides after-sales support for things like minor repairs to the silicon rubber.

Customers also get an accessories kit that includes antibacterial soap.


© 2003-2006 Southland Publishing
Wow! I've just finished reading through all the posts in this thread and find it somehow reassuring. No matter what my own.. ahem.. little kinks may be, none of them are on a par with what is mentioned above.
Way, way back in the thread there was a mention of "strange insertions" - which reminded me of something I read in a magazine many years ago. I went hunting through my cupboards and actually managed to find the magazine in question (I kept it for the articles :oops: really!!).
From Fiesta (a UK "top-shelf" publication) "Girls in Uniform Special" c. 1985..

Very Finny

A woman dressed as a Traffic Warden was admitted to a Manchester hospital to have a fish removed from her vagina.
"It was a mullet," a doctor told the medical school magazine. "It went in easily, but when she tried to get it out the fins expanded and pricked her."
"I have no idea how it got there or why. We don't ask questions. We get to remove all sorts of things from vaginas, from hairpins to hair brushes.
"I don't know if she is a real traffic warden, but if she is I'd like to see her face if I catch her ticketing my car!"

And from the same publication..

Say Hard Cheese

Flo Jo lookalike, Sally, a nude model, admitted that she performed for members of a "camera club" in various states of undress, posing as the great American athlete.
"We did the usual semi-nude stuff in the dressing room and then went outside to do pictures of me in the starting blocks.
"I just felt sexy and yelled: "anyone who can catch me can have me", said Sally.
She denied that there was collusion with her fiance Desmond who collected all the hastily dicarded camera equipment as members raced off up the track.
"That was something he did on his own, the thief," she said.
Sally denied that she allowed club members to catch her to give Desmond time to make his getaway.
"Some of the old boys are very fit," she said. "Besides those tight shorts rubbing between my legs made me really sexy and that slowed me down."
The case continues.

and again..


The discovery of a priest and a young choir boy lying together half-naked, drunk, and surrounded by used condoms in a local park shocked suburban Toulouse in June.
Local people didn't know whether to be more or less shocked whenit was discovered that , inside the full ceremonial religious robes were a respected local notary and his wife.
"It is nothing to be ashamed of," M.D. told the hearing. "It is simply a method of relaxation between my wife and myself. Of course we regret that others got to witness it. It was a warm night, we like to make love outdoors and, of course, we had far too much to drink. For this I apologise to the town.

and finally..

Naked Justice

A Pittsburg man who dressed as a judge every Friday night and 'tried' his wife for 'domestic misdemeanors' found himself face to face with a real judge on Monday.
"He always finds something I'm guilty of," said wife Maybeline (36), "then he'll sentence me to some kinky forfeit and we'll have sex. He's kinky, but he's cute and it gets us both hot so why not?"
Why not, may turn out to be a prison sentence. Because this time justice went too far. Al 'sentanced' his wife to walk naked down a stretch of highway running past their home, which is much used by trucks late at night.
He took her half a mile up the road and undressed her, taking her clothes. He then followed at a discreet distance on his bicycle to ensure she kept out of trouble.
Unfortunately his judge's robe became inextricably jammed in the chain and gearing. After struggling to free it he realised that his naked wife was out of sight and threw off the robe to run after her - stark naked, as he wore nothing underneath.
He was reported by a shocked female motorist and arrested.
His wife, meanwhile, got safely home.
"The truckers loved it," she recalled. "They whooped and whistled and some slowed down. But they didn't stop, those guys don't stop for anything!"
In court Al infuriated the judge by repeated requests for details of his outfit. When asked: "do you normally go out dressed in nothing but a robe?" He answered: "Sure. Why not? What do you wear under yours?"

And while I'm here :)

Not exactly "Strange Sex", but it seems to be somehow appropriate to this thread.
From "Metro" (free UK newspaper) Monday, March 27th 2006...

Let's see if this will slip you up

A vandal who went on the rampage cut off his penis and threw it at officers who were chasing him.
Jakub Fik, 33, smashed up car windows and broke into a house after an argument with his girlfriend.
Officers managed to stun him with a Taser before taking him to hospital where doctors reattached his penis. Fik, of Chicago, was charged with assault and criminal damage.

I suppose he should be grateful that it wasn't assault with a deadly weapon. :lol:

I'll get my coat...

Can anybody tell if this actually existed?

It's NOT WORK SAFE from Issue 2 of Dyxploitation: Jiggle Feminism
1969 -
The year of the Stonewall Riots - a secret society of free-wheeling groovy chicks get together some video recording equipment and start producing a program for brand new Manhattan Cable Public Access TV. Naked Truth was an unapologetic look at lesbian life; a way-out swinging celebration of Sapphic sexuality, 60's style!

Roots of Cable Access

Long before the home-spun fun of Public Access TV became a staple of Manhattan life, this secret society of early techno-babes were cranking out "art house" style television for their own entertainment. There was the added revolutionary purpose of using the show to help "convert" "straight" women. Of course, as we know in our more enlightened time, this is silly, since there really is no such thing. Still, these right-on gals were onto something. Something our current day TV programmers would do well to latch on to.

Techno Factoid:

Since the cables for cable tv hadn't actually been laid yet, Naked Truth was broadcast from a super secret studio on East 23rd Street through telephone lines to a pirate transmitter in the darkest recesses of the Lower East Side! Members of the Naked Truth Society could pick up the signal on specially converted TV sets. The decoder kit was available under the counter at all the hippest book stores, cafés, and nightclubs. All very clandestine and groovy!

The weekly show Naked Truth featured hip, attractive, mod girls doing what they liked to do best - get down! No unnecessary plots, no pretenses, just girl/girl action brought to the comfort of your home!

Celebrity fans of Naked Truth included members of the so-called Mouse Pack. Those ring-a-ding dykes, Jackie Susanne, Ethel Merman, and Moms Mabley, never missed an episode. Nor did any other of New York's glitterati. On Sunday nights at midnight, the fronts of bars would empty out as patrons filed in to watch secret backroom TVs tuned to the exclusive Channel J.

Now, Channel J seems to have actually existed, but I can find no other proof of this show... and it seems dang unlikely... but just barely possible.
What is he talking about!!!!

Doctor fired for 'anal massage' technique

Published: 4th April 2006 10:57 CET

A Swedish doctor who has previously been cautioned in Sweden for using a controversial 'anal massage' technique to cure various kinds of pain has been fired from his job in Norway - for the second time.

A council in the Nord-Tröndelag area dismissed the doctor after only two weeks, when they realised that he was the same man who hit the headlines last year when another local authority fired him.

The man, who also runs a private clinic in Gothenburg, described his dismissal as part of a witch-hunt against him, and said that his technique is successful.

Several years ago, the man was warned by Sweden's Medical Responsibility Board (HSAN) on at least three occasions, after treating an elderly woman's headaches and back pain with his method. At the time he was working in the Stockholm area.

The Norwegian counterpart to HSAN has already had cause to warn the man after he delivered a load of Swedish jokes to a group of Norwegians who were mourning a death.

The man considers himself misunderstood.

"I have a personality disorder, or rather a syndrome, a form of Aspergers. Just like Bill Gates or Einstein, for example," said the man in a recent interview with Aftonbladet.

"I have made it impossible for myself within the healthcare sector because I behave childishly sometimes. I am different, but cleverer."

HSAN examined the research literature which the doctor used to support his use of his anal massage technique, but found that his treatment contradicted "scientific, tried and tested experience".
Mother's legislation battle revived

Bill on rape after death to go before committee today

Hank Shaw
Capitol Bureau Chief
Published Tuesday, Apr 4, 2006

SACRAMENTO - It took nine years to find Deborah Ann Whitlock's murderer. It took less than 15 minutes for the Assembly Public Safety Committee to kill a bill that would have criminalized the foul act he performed on her corpse.

That was six years ago. Now Assemblywoman Barbara Matthews, D-Tracy, has revived a version of that bill, first championed by Whitlock's mother, Jacque MacDonald. The bill would balance a quirk in California law:

Rape the living and you can get eight years in prison. Rape the dead and you'll see only 16 months behind bars. Matthews' bill would add the chance of life without parole for murderers who have raped their victims' corpses.

Matthews presents her bill before the Public Safety Committee today. MacDonald said she isn't sure she can bear appearing before that panel again.

Six years ago, then-Assemblyman Dennis Cardoza, D-Merced, carried legislation inspired by Whitlock's case that would have allowed prosecutors to seek the death penalty for murderous necrophiles. Murderers who rape their victims before killing them already can face death. Whitlock, 32, was stabbed to death in her Modesto kitchen in 1988 and then raped by Scott Avery Fizzell, who is serving 31 years to life in prison for the murder only.

MacDonald asked the committee for justice: "The system I had believed so strongly in had let me down. My wish for all of you is that you never walk in my footsteps."

Cardoza's bill was chopped to bits by the grinder of death-penalty politics. Everyone from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Catholic bishops to the Quakers opposed expanding the death penalty, and the Public Safety Committee has been stacked with death-penalty opponents for years.

"It's all about the death penalty," said Cardoza, now a congressman. "It gets pretty bizarre when the Catholic bishops and the ACLU join forces to kill something that I think was so sensible."

Cardoza's bill died on a 3-3 vote. Calaveras County Republican Rico Oller was one of the "aye" votes.

Although the Assembly Public Safety Committee's members have changed since 2000, its ideology has not.

Three of the four Democrats on the panel are among the Assembly's fiercest foes of the three-strikes law; Matthews' bill would add a "strikeable" offense to the California Code, something the committee rarely allows. The three-strikes law mandates a sentence of 25 years to life for most offenders with two previous serious convictions.

Matthews' bill might run up against California legal precedent.

A 1988 state Supreme Court case saved a murderer-rapist from the death chamber because he had left his victim'sapartment and returned later to have intercourse with the corpse. Rape must involve coercion, the court found, and a corpse cannot be coerced.

"A dead body is incapable of feelings or outrage; therefore, it seems that the punishment for sexual penetration of a dead body necessarily must be less than that of rape," Public Safety Committee staffer Kathleen Ragan wrote in her analysis of Matthews' bill.

Outside opposition to Matthews' bill is led by a group called Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety, which has former state senator and noted three-strikes foe John Vasconcellos on its board of directors.

This group suggests that murderers who rape their victims' corpses ought to receive treatment for mental illness instead.

"Such an offense is so far outside of the realm of reality for an overwhelming majority of murders - so outrageously abnormal - that it is an anomaly which ought to be treated as a mental health issue long before it is addressed criminally," the group's lobbyist, Matt Gray, wrote in a letter of opposition.

California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, another opposing group, appears to have mistaken Matthews' bill for legislation outlawing necrophilia - sex with the dead. Such legislation passed in 2004. Matthew's bill deals only with murderers who commit necrophilia.

The group's lobbyist, Ignacio Hernandez, worries in an opposition letter that those who handle the dead, such as paramedics, coroners and law enforcement officers, could be prosecuted under Matthews' bill.

"AB2261 is so broadly put that any kind of manipulation of a corpse could be construed as sexual misconduct," Hernandez wrote. "Sexual misconduct is so often in the eye of the beholder, not the actor."

The Public Safety Committee meets today beginning at 9 a.m. A webcast of the hearing can be heard at Click on the room number under the committee's name for the audio.

Details of the bill, AB2261, can be found at ... 40329/1001
I guess although this could also fit in the Penis-cutting thread, I thought it better suited here:

Castration case takes yet another odd twist

WAYNESVILLE — A man charged with castrating others inside a sadomasochistic dungeon had logged onto Internet the day before his arrest looking to add to his “stable of slaves,” according to a Web site that deals with sexual domination.

Richard Peter “Master Rick” Sciara is shown in a full-length photo wearing black leather chaps and a vest in an advertisement on He posted similar advertisements on two other Web sites.

“This is NOT a game with Me, I live this lifestyle, have currently 1 live in 24/7 slave, whom I Own,” he said in his ad. “Looking to train other slaves and to add to My stable of slaves also. Am always open to giving experiences and expanding limits, but only with Male slaves and subs (submissives).”

Authorities arrested Sciara and two other men — Michael Mendez, 60, and Danny Carroll Reeves, 49 — Thursday on charges of castration without malice, practicing medicine without a license and conspiracy.

Investigators say the men lived together in a home on Peace Mountain Road in the Allens Creek community and are lovers who had a master-slave relationship.

The men received court-appointed attorneys during their first court appearance Monday.

Sheriff’s investigators said they believe the suspects operated on at least six men from across the nation and abroad from June 2004 to November 2005 in a room off their carport that the participants called the dungeon.

They said they believe the victims willingly participated.

In a search of the house, investigators said they found items including a coffee can with bloody scalpels, a silver tin marked “used instruments,” intravenous supplies, syringes, needles, bandages, an electric shock paddle and a video camera and tripod.

In another first-floor room, the investigators found a Physician’s Desk Reference book along with stacks of CDs and a computer.

Sciara might have learned surgical skills while working as a physician’s assistant in Kansas, although he has never held a medical license in that state, according to its health board.

A 1996 city directory for Topeka lists him as a physician’s assistant at the Colmery-O’Neil VA Medical Center, The Capital-Journal of Topeka, Kan., reported Monday.

Sciara and Mendez moved to the county from Kansas. Reeves is from Atlanta.

In addition to the operations, investigators believe men came to the house to learn “slave training.”

One of the men arrested filmed himself performing a surgery. Investigators said they found the DVD when they searched the home on Wednesday.

Investigators would not say whether the DVD was made for sale. They also would not say whether anyone was paid for the surgeries.

Sheriff Tom Alexander, after the hearing on Monday, said investigators have more questions about the activities at the house. He said the investigation is continuing.

“I don’t know why it was done,” he said of the castrations. “I can’t speculate on why.”

He said he has not had trouble with the men in jail. They are in the general population at the county’s Detention Center.

District Attorney Michael Bonfoey said the castration law was likely written to protect sex offenders against vigilantes.

He said a case of castration without malice is extremely rare. Consenting to castration, he said, is not a defense under North Carolina law.

Not something you'd reall want to have to admit to in court:

Man denies lewdness, claiming missing part

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Joseph "Donald" Scordato offered a rare defense when Ridgewood police charged him with masturbating in public.

"That's not possible," the 81-year-old man told police after his arrest in September. "I don't have a penis."

Scordato, of Paterson, appeared for his arraignment Monday in state Superior Court in Hackensack on one count of lewdness.

Brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, he fell asleep while he waited for his case to be called. He said he wasn't able to hire a lawyer because he was in the hospital.

State Superior Court Judge William Meehan instructed him to get a lawyer before his next hearing on April 24.

"Can I represent myself?" Scordato asked.

"Then you will have a fool for a client," the judge replied.

Authorities say Scordato parked his car across the street from a movie theater on Cottage Place on Sept. 16, unzipped his pants and began masturbating in the middle of the afternoon.

A beautician working in a nearby salon saw him as she walked past the car and called police, Assistant Bergen County Prosecutor Dave Calviello said.

Scordato had pulled away when police arrived but was stopped shortly afterward, Calviello said.

When confronted by detectives, Scordato denied that he was masturbating in plain view, according to a Sept. 16 police report.

"I have dry skin, and I have to itch it a lot," he was quoted as saying in the report.

Scordato was indicted three weeks ago by a Bergen County grand jury on a charge of lewdness. Exposing intimate parts in a public place where children could be present is a fourth-degree crime -- carrying as much as 18 months in state prison.

Matthew Winthrop, a caretaker who wheeled Scordato into court, said Scordato was innocent.

"He is a very good man," Winthrop said.

Asked how he felt about the charges, Scordato uttered an obscenity and said, "Let's get out of here."

Records show Scordato was arrested in 1997 for a similar offense and convicted of fourth-degree lewdness. He was sentenced to three years' probation and was ordered to attend sex-offender counseling.

Calviello declined to comment on how he will counter Scordato's defense.

"There is no information that would lead us to think that he is missing any body parts that men his age typically have," Calviello said.

Seems straightforward to me. Get a doctor to do a medical exam. Either he has a penis or he doesn't.

Likewise with the skin condition.

And while I understand it's an old adage, should the judge make such a potentially prejudicial comment about the conduct of his own defence? Sounds like grounds for a mistrial to me.
Man Arrested For Sex With Dead Woman

POSTED: 6:37 am EDT April 13, 2006

ATLANTA -- Authorities say a man was indicted on charges of having sex with a woman after she died.

Parker Clayton Ward of Forsyth County could face between one to ten years in prison after being charged with necrophilia.

Forsyth County sheriff's deputies said the woman's boyfriend became concerned when he couldn't contact her. Authorities said the boyfriend then called Ward and asked him to check on her.

The 54-year-old Ward notified authorities that the woman had died. But investigators became suspicious from the body's position and found the victim's clothes bothered by someone.

Deputies also found empty bottles of pills next to the victim.

When confronted by authorities, Ward admitted he had attempted sex, but denied knowing the woman was dead.

Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press.
This is juat bizarre - how needs SRA when people are this screwed up:

Jury convicts stepfather in syringe rape case

Ohio man accused of impregnating stepdaughter guilty on all counts

Updated: 5:47 p.m. ET April 17, 2006

AKRON, Ohio - An Ohio man accused of impregnating his teenage stepdaughter with a syringe eight years ago was convicted Monday of rape.

The jury in the retrial of John Goff, 44, of Stow, found that he forced Shenna Grimm to be inseminated with his sperm when she was 16 because her mother could no longer conceive.

Jurors also convicted Goff of sexual battery and child endangering, said Jason Adams, an attorney in Summit County Common Pleas Judge Judith Hunter's office.

Goff was convicted in 2002 of the same charges and sentenced to 20 years in prison, but last June an appeals court overturned the convictions, saying a detective's testimony about statements by Goff's wife should not have been allowed.

The jury in the retrial deliberated about three hours on Friday and broke for the weekend before reaching a decision late Monday afternoon.

Goff's defense lawyer, Jerry McHenry, declined comment because sentencing and designation of Goff as a sexual offender are still pending before the court.

Bill Canterbury, a spokesman for Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh, said Goff cannot be sentenced to more than the 20 years he got in 2002. He's been in prison since then.

"He'll get credit for the years he's already served," Canterbury said.

No sentencing date was set. The sexual offender status hearing was scheduled for April 26.

In the 1990s, John Goff and his wife, Narda, campaigned for a tougher state rape law. Their activism was sparked by the acquittal of a man accused of molesting Grimm. At the time, the law required intercourse for a rape charge.

John Goff's conviction in 2002 came under the tougher state rape law.

© 2006 The Associated Press.