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  1. A

    The Roswell Incident [1947]

    Roswell Revisited (don't yawn...) Could somebody please tell me what really did happen at Roswell? I tend to vascillate between something strange and something banal. I've heard that the material displayed in those famous "it's only a weather balloon!" army base photographs really is the...
  2. Bigphoot2

    Mummified Roswell Alien Found! The 'Roswell Slides' Hoax (2015)

  3. A

    The Ourang Medan Mystery (Derelict Ship / Dead Crew)

    if we're mentioning derelicts how about the Ourang Medan? well spooky
  4. A

    Secret Nazi Base In Antartica & Operation Highjump, Etc

    I think I read this in "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper, but I'm not quite sure. Basically, the story reads this way. During WWII, Hitler dispatched soldiers, scientists, etc. to the South Pole for various reasons. As it became more evident that the Allies were going to be victorious...
  5. A

    Kenneth Arnold's 1947 UFO Sighting

    This seems to be a somewhat overlooked area in the field of UFO's, but I believe a strong case could be made that at least some of the UFO cases reported in the late 40's and possibly even later, were actually sightings of either recovered German prototypes, or all new aircraft built from German...